Why Web Hosting Needs To Be On Your Digital Marketing Strategy List?

Web hosting is a service that focuses on providing storage space for any website or application on the internet.

Hosting the website or application through web host makes it easily accessible as once they have been hosted on the internet, it can be accessed through any system irrespective of its location.

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Web hosting as a service can be opted by the organizations as well as by individuals for their websites or personal web pages. Websites and applications are being hosted on specialized systems named servers.

You, as a user, just have to choose the right web hosting package that serves all your goals and will expand your online business very shortly. These goals are listed in the following divisions –

  1. Storage space
  2. Bandwidth
  3. Controlling
  4. Budget

Once you are sorted with all your goals and requirements, you are good to go. Also, web hosting is available in these significant options-

This was all the essential learning regarding web hosting. But we want to focus on how web hosting is becoming so crucial for digital marketing.

SEO professionals all around the world have found the increasing demand and importance of web hosting in the field of digital marketing. But was this popularity a sudden or gradually grabbed this pace is the question that is still answered.

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Why Did SEO Professionals Feel The Need?

Since cloud technology been in the market, small and medium scale businesses shifted towards it. The market also gained that competition between big hosting players like Google or AWS and other medium scale hosting providers.

All of this together made this segment of the technology as one of the most rapidly grown industry and revenues flowing exponentially.

Along with these profound changes in storage technology, significant changes have been witnessed in the SEO domain as well. Gone are the times when building links, creating content, and siting maps were enough for SEO professionals to rank the website.

But now it requires far more than that due to an unprecedented increase in the competition. Currently, there are featured snippets, voice searches, and on top of that, a suitable web host.

The factors that can bring detrimental effects on the marketing and hampers SEO business are –

  • Slow website speed
  • Website downtime
  • Database connection failures
  • Spammers
  • Incorrect Top-Level-Domain (TLD)

Hence, all they ask for is that any website they are dealing with should open instantly in front of the visitors. One would not want the website they are trying to present in front of the visitors should be the fastest one possible.

This is because the fastest will appear more easily on the search and thus will rank better further although there are other factors too that appears in the picture.

First and foremost, the advantage that a web host brings to your website is the flexibility in regards to the website experience. Due to this, organic traffic increases on the website the very next day. And once organic traffic starts growing on any website, it increases the scope for other visitors too.

How Does Web Hosting Benefits Online Businesses?


After getting acquainted with the concept of web hosting and problems ongoing with the SEO professionals, let’s talk about the benefits that web hosting can bring in digital marketing in detail. Here are the benefits that web hosting brings to the online digital marketing business-

1. Uptime Guarantee

Uptime for any digital marketing business is one of the most important deciding factors for any online business. Whenever any SEO professional thinks of building an SEO friendly website, uptime is the thing that pops up in his or her head primarily.

But what is uptime? The best and definite answer to this is that uptime is the percentage of time for which your website is online and is accessible at the same time.

2. What Happens When Your Website Has Higher Uptime?

So higher the uptime, much less is the possibility for a visitor to visit your website and discover its downtime and going back to the search again. In simple words higher, the uptime of your website more excellent is the time-on-site on your website. This kind of guarantee on uptime is provided by trusted web hosting providers only.

To be on the safer side, select that hosting provider that assures 99.9% uptime. If we will translate this into time, then approximately 1.4 minutes of downtime daily and 8.8 hours in a year which is a great deal.

3. Location Of The Server

When uptime takes care of the accessibility of the content on your website, server location is responsible for the speed of that accessibility. Now here comes the role of the type of hosting service. Every kind of hosting service comes with a little difference in the speed of the accessibility.

A server on a shared server might not be able to meet the speed that a dedicated server hosting service and a VPS hosting will provide different speeds. However, it is preferred to keep the data centre located nearby.

This is tried and tested that farther the data centre location longer it takes for any website to load. This factor will definitely affect your SEO and can either boost the performance or just turn the table altogether.

Other Beneficiaries

Apart from guaranteeing uptime and boosting performance, web hosting does a lot more than that.

1. Automatic Backups

Keeping a website backup will never hurt anyone and in fact, very important during any adverse situation. Always opt for the hosting service that assures automatic backup without any added cost.

2. Flexible Hosting Plans

Most of the hosting providers have the provision to shift to some other hosting plan which very frequently happens once your business starts to grow. As your website gets that hold on the business, more and more traffic starts running in, and you will need a dedicated server for your site sooner or later.

3. Security

How can we forget the security factor that a web host brings to a website? HTTPS is an added advantage for the ranking of any website. For this, you just have to make sure that your web hosting provider is supporting SSL and is included in the cost of the hosting package.

These factors and benefits prove and validate the point of how important is web hosting for digital marketing. One cannot imagine ranking their website in the current tremendous cut-throat competition.

Author Bio

Swapnil Shukla is a content writer working with the SEO team at Go4hosting.com. She is a tech graduate and has a keen interest in writing about Cloud Computing, Server Hosting and Cyber Security. When she is not into a writing activity, she is either sleeping or playing mobile games.

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