Top 5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Making Any Money

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I don’t think making money blogging is as easy as it sounds. If you want to make passive income from blogging, you need to create a sales funnel. Without having a sales funnel (the funnel that helps you turn your visitors into customers), you will rarely make a good income online.

Forget about Google AdSense; the days are gone where you can write tons of posts to bring more traffic to get more clicks to make more money. Google became smart, online readers became smart, they know what is an ad and what is content. Most online people don’t simply click on ads, so you won’t make much income if you focus more on making money from banner ads or Google ads.

Most online people don’t simply click on ads, so you won’t make much income if you focus more on making money from banner ads or Google ads.

So what’s the best way to make money blogging in 2017? And what are the reasons that most blogs are not making money online? Let’s figure it out in this post.

Why Your Blog/Site Is Not Making Money?

Here I’m going to share few strong reasons why your blog is not making any money and some of my tips on what can you do to improve your chances of making money blogging. Let’s jump into the details without much ado.


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1. You Have No Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is what helps you make more money online. Without having one, you will miserably fail to grab others attention to help them make money for you. Without a sales funnel, you are wasting precious time on creating content and promoting it.

You may ask, what does it mean by a sales funnel and how to create one. Let me explain it to you in simple terms.

A sales funnel is a funnel that helps you turn your normal visitors into subscribers into repeating buyers. Having a good sales funnel helps you make passive income. 

That means, you don’t have to worry much about making money by working more. Once the sales funnel is set up, you just relax and watch the sales going up.

But you have to create a great sales funnel that helps you make passive income and here’s how to create a great sales funnel for your blogs and websites.

  • Create specific content (don’t write everything under the sun).
  • Provide solutions to your visitor’s problems.
  • Create a product or promote a product that solves your audience needs (this helps you make money).

Here’s an excellent resource on how to create a great sales funnel.

2. You Don’t Know Target Audience

Without knowing who you are writing for, it’s a waste of time to write posts each and every day. You need first to define your target audience before earning money with your blog. Why?

It is where you will know the top ways to make money from your traffic sources. If you don’t know your potential readers and visitors, you will depend on random money making sources like Google Adsense, banner ads, product reviews, etc.

I don’t say the above-mentioned money making sources are bad to make money blogging, but you need to figure out best ways to make more money with less traffic and efforts. That’s why it’s essential to define your target audience.

Here’s how to define your target audience.

  • Know their age, gender, and country
  • Know their needs
  • Find out their problems
  • Find and analyze similar blogs, products, and forums in your niche

Finally, create content that suits your audience needs, this is how your will build loyal readers that help you make more money from your blogging efforts.

3. You Are Not A Marketer

 Marketing is the key. A Marketer is different, and a blogger is different. Most bloggers don’t make any money online because they are bloggers (aka writers), not marketers.

Only marketers know how to utilize their skills to create and promote their stuff to increase sales. Without right promotion, your blog goes nowhere.

So focus on learning on how to sell stuff online. Without that, you won’t make more money from online sources.

4. You Don’t Have A Brand

Making money online and building a profitable business is all about branding. How you brand defines your revenue and I’m not joking.

Observe any company or product, Google, Amazon, Apple, etc. every product that uses online to sell their stuff have proper branding. Would you ever buy something online from unknown sources?

This is the reason why you need to build a brand around your blogs. Branding creates trust. Only those people buy from you who trust you. So improve your trust rate by improving your branding.

Create a user-friendly design for your websites, hire a logo designer to design your website’s logo, make your site loading time faster and use essential WordPress plugins to boost your search rankings.

5. You Are Impatient

Making money blogging takes time. Observe any successful blogger who is earning money online, they all took lots of time to monetize their sites. Because they all know, once they have a good readership, money comes in automatically.

You have to remember this, don’t blog for 2 to 3 months and hope for making money online. It just doesn’t work. You need to put at least six months of consistent efforts into blogging before making money.

On a serious note, most blogs don’t make money in their first year. They will only start making once they go through their first year of blogging.

The reasons is mainly most new bloggers don’t know how money works online. So, the more time and efforts you put online, the more you will know how to make money blogging. So be patient, work hard and you will reap the rewards.


Making money blogging is not a tedious job if you know how to convince people to buy. If you focus on building loyal readers, develop a strong brand around your blogging network, connect with other influential bloggers and create a solid sales funnel around your blogs, you will start noticing the results.

Let me know your blogging experiences on making money so far. If you have any valid reason for why a blog is not making any money in 2017, please share it through your comment. 


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