Earn Money From Data Entry Online Jobs

If you are looking for easy ways to earn on the web, this post will help you to make money from data entry online jobs that require no investment.

The era of the internet has opened up new frontiers of earnings for students and ordinary people with skills and interests that they already have.

Yes, advancements in technology have completely changed our working style. We can work from home and make a steady income without any glitch.  

If you would like to devote at home for the family constraints, then you can work with several types of data entry jobs online and earn your income.

Most of the data entry work at home does not require any specific skills & educational qualification and thus it is considered as one of the good earning options for the students and homemakers. 

If you have a regular day job, I would advise you to start the data entry work at home in your spare time and check how it goes. Once you gained confidence in making a residual income with home based data entry jobs, you may quit your job and be your boss.   

Without further ado, let’s discuss the essential information to earn money through data entry online jobs from home so that you will come to know the requirements and various earning opportunities in this field.   

What Exactly Data Entry Online Jobs Are?

Every business wants to have a better online presence, and hence, they need to outsource work for smooth functioning.

Preparing & organizing data, checking for errors in bills & documents, copy-paste data, filling up of captcha, reformatting data, necessary data manipulation, audio/image to text conversion, giving feedbacks and captioning are some of the different kinds of data entry online jobs to make money at home. earn from data entryThe people who do these jobs are called data entry specialists and get paid per task or on a contract basis. They possess good typing and communication skills to work as a data entry employee.

Data entry workers are needed in almost every type of field! People are getting hired in

Product/service companies – To collect & organize data (feedback/complaints) from customers for better management. 

Financial based concerns – To enter personal information, bank transactions, tax, loans, and other financial details.

Hospitals and other medical-related organizations – To input the details of patients, update their medical files, check insurance information and so on.

Insurance firms – To capture the insurance claim forms in any format and deliver the required output format.

Other corporations – To record catalog orders, billing, process incoming emails, re-edit data, etc.

Requirements To Earn From Data Entry Jobs Online

Here are some of the things to consider before diving into any online data entry jobs as they would help you to make a reliable income with fewer efforts.  

  • Own a branded personal computer with Antivirus protection and secure internet access.
  • Make sure to work in a consistent manner on a regular working schedule by spending 4-5 hours a day.
  • Practice to type fast (70 – 80 words per minute) and enhance your listening ability.
  • Learn to use office applications like spreadsheets and word processors. 
  • Train to pay attention to detail and work with a high focus to deliver accurate results.

How Much Does A Data Entry Job Pay?

The amount of money that you can earn from data entry jobs completely depends on your skill level and the quality time you can devote to the jobs.

Moreover, it depends on the type of data entry job you choose to work. Some of the data entry services enable you to work directly with the companies or clients and hence you will get paid as monthly salary or pay per word.

Other regulatory management companies hire you to complete assignments and pay you for the services on an hourly or task basis. These management services will train you (often for free) to use their software and then give you assignments to make income at home. 

You can earn from $0.25 to $10 per task (approximately $300 per month), but the earning potential can be increased with your experience. In developed countries like the United States, people meet real monetary benefits by working with data entry jobs online and getting paid on an hourly basis. 

Types Of Data Entry Online Jobs To Earn Cash

Check the top data entry jobs to make money from home without investment!

make money from data entry

1. Form Filling Jobs

Form filling falls under the data entry jobs at home category, and it is one of the easiest home-based jobs one can do without investment. You just need to enter the given data on the online forms. Sometimes, you may get survey forms to provide your feedback on newly launched products.   

2. Online Ad Posting Jobs

Ad posting jobs are zero investment data entry works that have a recurring income. You are required to post the given advertisements on classified websites. You will be provided with the ad posting details and list of sites to post your ads. You also earn the commission when someone buys the product through the ad you posted.

3. Basic Typing Jobs

If you have a decent typing speed, companies are ready to hire you as a computer typist to perform basic typing jobs. These are online data entry jobs without investment and can be a good source of additional income for homemakers and students. 

4. Transcription Jobs

The three primary online transcription jobs are medical, general, and legal. Here the data entry experts use headphones and word processing software to convert the voice recorded files into text. 

5. Captcha entry jobs

Captcha entry job is one of the easy ways of generating income online. Even though it is a low paying online job, data entry work is simple as you just need to enter the text given in the text image. Companies need CAPTCHA to prevent robots from accessing their database.

6. Payroll Data Entry Operator Job

Many payroll services hire people to prepare monthly salary sheets, PF, income tax deductions, and professional tax laws in excel files or preferred format. 

Beware Of Data Entry Scams

Being the easiest and low-skill required job, data entry is providing opportunities that are crossing the success and availability count of any other skilled jobs these days.

The unlimited online earning opportunities that data entry jobs offer have brought some risks for the home-based workers and for those who look to earn online.

The scammers bait these data entry aspirants who are willing to make their living independent. Some of such websites or scammers attract interested people with the unusual promise of earnings and rewards.

Those who think of starting their careers online will thus strike into those boasting lava and end up judging online through data entry is a myth or fake.

There are genuine earning opportunities if you wanted to earn the best for your efforts. Check out some of such website that offers real data entry jobs.

5 Legit Sites To Make Money From Data Entry Jobs

Below are the genuine work from home companies to earn from data entry jobs online without investment 

Capital Typing 

Capital Typing is an outsourcing company that outsources cost-efficient, professional virtual office support for their clients. They offer virtual secretary services that administrate the office work for individuals, professionals, and large organizations.

They operate extraction, research development, management, mailing, and marketing of the data and thus providing several opportunities for the aspirants. This data entry online company runs these operations with the principles of maintaining quality, capacity, and efficiency of the data thereby providing a challenging working environment for the data entry operators.

Axion Data

Axion’s data entry services help businesses turn their conventional data on paper into digital format. They can manage and work with millions of records delivering accurate data in turn-around time and within the cost. This legit company specializes in outsourcing data entry services in forms of data processing.

Axion offers cost-efficient and flexible data entry services that allow the client to choose the way the services they need to be delivered. Along with the regular data entry tasks, they do internet research works and report the data in a quick time.

The rechecking of working address, secure document scanning, and processing services provide boredom fewer data entry jobs at home for the interested candidates.

Hea Employment

Established almost two decades ago in 1998 by Marie Surles to provide assistant to job seekers and telecommuters, the home-based job listing and professional resume writing jobs, Hea-Employment had offered and helped many home-based workers find some legitimate work that helped them grow their writing and research skills.

This reputable firm works on the motto of providing the job for those with special needs right from their home. They believe that the skills and expertise have nothing to do with physical impairment. This company always welcome reliable, principled, dependable, and hardworking candidates for their requirement.

You may find reliable typing and data entry online jobs here, and you will adore their quick & easy hiring process for remote job openings. 

Mega Typers

MegaTypers is the best website to make money from data entry jobs. It manages a workforce to manage data entry services to private and governmental organizations. They help organizations convert their paper documents into an editable digital format. They also offer the image to text and voice to text transcription services to their clients thereby providing a variety of data processing jobs to the operators.

Assisting the visually impaired individuals to overcome internet challenges is a notable thing of this actual data entry company. MegTypers are best suitable for the homemakers, old parents, or students who wanted to work from home and make some additional income in the free time. 

Dion Data Solutions

DionData Solutions is a data management bureau with offices located nationwide in the USA. They offer data solutions for individuals and businesses mainly intended to help the homing parents with their children to support them financially by providing solid data entry work.

This company believes in ‘The American Dream’ and helps enthusiastic aspirants who want to peruse it being a citizen of America. This company trains their employees freely without imposing any hidden fees for the training. Only American citizens can apply for the data entry work from home jobs in this company.

Earn Through Freelance Data Entry Jobs

If you don’t want to work for a company or just wanted to find the work for yourself and earn individually, freelancing your data entry & typing skills should be the alternative option. In freelancing jobs, you don’t need to answer your team leader or give explanations to any other level of bosses.

As a freelancer, if you are hired to do a job, the one who hires you would be responsible for hiring, and you will not have to answer to any other person from the company most of the times unless your delegation management responsibilities are transferred over to another in the enterprise.

You can create your profile on freelance work providing websites to work with freelance data entry jobs and detail your skills in the profile to bring the clients and get hired.

Find Data Entry Jobs Online On Job Boards

If you are looking for freelancing jobs, you may search the job boards specifically rather than exploring the whole internet with the help of a search engine. Job boards will not only save your time but also narrows the searches and helps you find better jobs according to the skillset you are looking for.

Also, searching for jobs in job portals online will also ensure the genuineness of the work from home data entry jobs. It is advised to sign up for the premium plans of the job portals to get consistent updates on the online data entry jobs and other relevant notifications.




Final Words

Home-based data entry jobs become popular since the corporations, small businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations want to maintain an accurate database and getting rid of old handwritten documents.  In countries like India, the data entry jobs reached a new level of outsourcing. 

Small businesses collect opinions from the customers to improve their product/service quality, and some companies require people to publish their ads. Such kind of firms employs online data entry workers to perform various kinds of data manipulation and allowed them to work from home at their convenient timing.  

You may also find online data entry jobs without registration fees or specific requirements, but you should be competitive enough to make money on the web from homeAlso, you should understand the fact that the data entry jobs online are not going to make you rich, but if you’re interested in doing the typing based jobs, you may check the above-listed sites to make money from data entry work.  

Disclaimer: I have written this post to provide some helpful data to make money, and many of my visitors have asked the details of the online typing job. I don’t have any experience in performing online data entry jobs without investment.  

What is your opinion about data entry work without investment? Do you make money from data entry jobs online? Use the comment section to share your viewpoints. 

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