Do You Use Popular Hashtags To Market Your Business On Social Media?

This post would insist you to use popular hashtags on social media for marketing your business.  

I found a very interesting post on Google plus shared by a newbie blogger without hashtags, and I immediately suggested him the best way to use hashtags while sharing the posts in social media. He asked me its importance, and I replied that the hashtags helped to connect with the like-minded audience and target an exact market.

Here is a detailed post on hashtags and hope it would help you to recognize its significance and to use effectively in social networks. Let me start from its basics!

What are Hashtags?

Hashtags are content labels that help to track topics on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. which are preceded by the sign #. In simple words, Hashtag helps you to find information on the preferred topic quickly as they would redirect you to a page that contains all data that use the same word/phrase.

To categorize messages, the hashtag was suggested by Chris Messina in the year 2007 to use them on Twitter.

Why Should Use Popular Hashtags To Market Your Business?

I feel that many of the digital marketers unaware “Why hashtags matter?” and I’d say that the hashtag strategy is essential for every business to get social media success. Here are the main reasons


Use Hashtags For Marketing

1. Hashtags are searchable and act as content keywords.

2. It is possible to collect desirable data from the hashtag usage.

3. A business brand can be publicized and become trending matter.

4. Useful discussion with larger listeners to gain reputation.

5. Acts as a critical tool to improve business efficiency as it has cross-platform compatibility. (dispersal of same content in many social networks)

So, if hashtags are strategically used, it would certainly let your business to have the greater engagement for your brand. Moreover, expending a relevant hashtags will help visitors to find your message, even if they’re not following any of your social profile. Thus, you could market & expose your business to the new audience with hashtags.

Which Social Platforms Support Hashtags?

Most of the social media platforms allow using the hashtags while sharing the business information.

1. Twitter: Tweets can be organized, and targeted brand messages can be delivered by using popular Twitter hashtags. Likewise, trending hashtags can be found easily, and you can join in the conversation by clicking a particular hashtag.

2. Facebook: Hashtag support was introduced in Facebook last year (2103), and if you click any of the hashtags, you’ll be redirected to its feed. Hashtags can be searched in Facebook search bar like #yourhashtag.

3. Google Plus: If you want to get your business information to be noticed by search engines easily, you should use hashtags while sharing your business details in Google plus. The most impressive hashtag feature of G+ is that it includes relevant hashtag automatically to your shared posts. 

4. Pinterest: Pinterest follows the same hashtag approach like other social platforms and hashtags are bolded here. If you click on a particular hashtag, the search link will forward you to check all the target data. I’m sure that you could find a variety of new blogs/websites with Pinterest hashtags.

5. Instagram: To maximize your reach by networking with influential brand followers, use hashtags wisely on Instagram. If not, your target audience wouldn’t discover your business.  

Not only these, LinkedIn, Tumblr and some more social networks support the hashtag feature. 

What Types Of Hashtags That You Need To Know?

Hashtags are of many kinds and the most commonly used are

1. Content hashtags – You can use these common hashtags in your social media posts to improve SEO. They are not popular hashtags but related to your post content. Ex: #socialmedia #twitter #smartphone

2. Brand hashtags – These hashtags are specific to your own business to define it. It may be of your company name or tagline. Do a research, think and create a unique brand name for your trade.

3. Trending hashtags – These are great hashtags that are most talked by the people right now and constantly changing in real-time. If you find trending hashtags related to your business, you may use it in your social media marketing posts to get your message seen by a massive audience.

Do engage with people by using relevant hashtags on your content that gets shared on social networks.

How To Use Hashtags In Social Media Marketing?

If you’re a big social media user, you might be familiar with the term “Hashtags”, and they are created by adding # in front of a word/phrase. To join in conversations, market your brand, enhance promotion, take advantage on popular trends or to discover more content ideas, hashtags can be used in social media marketing.

Following details would assist you to use them correctly on social networks.

1. Select the exact words

To organize your business content and make it easier to find, you should pick the exact words to use as hashtags. For example, if people want to know the news related to a coffee shop they might use the term #Latte. Likewise, it is good to choose the correct words related to your business to use as hashtags. If not, they will consider you as a spammer that would spoil your relationship with them.

2. Pick short and specific hashtags

Keep your hashtags as short as possible because more complicated tags would confuse the people and moreover they might lose its search-friendliness feature. Also, the problem will arise when the long sequence of words runs without spaces. Similarly, you should use the specific hashtags to avoid losing in the broader conversation.

3. Choose easy to remember hashtags 

Using easy to recall hashtags would give clients a better idea about your business. For example, people might use the word #takeabreak to know about Kitkat and #DWTS used in thousands of tweets to talk about the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. You may create your hashtags and used it consistently across the various social network.

4. Use your hashtag on multiple social media platforms

As I stated early, most of the social media platform supports hashtag feature, you can utilize them to broadcast your hashtag and instil people to remember it when they see it on several times on different social channels.

5. Avoid overdoing hashtags

Even though hashtags boosts brand engagement, over usage would annoy your audience as they feel difficult to read your messages with more no. of hashtags and it looks spammy too. I used to see lot of people hash tagging every single word. It seems unprofessional and clearly states that they have no idea on what they’re doing. So use hashtags sparingly and I’d say that you’re safe with 2-3 per social media post because research says that the engagement drops for the posts that used more hashtags.

How To Get Popular Hashtags To Market Your Business?

Using relevant hashtags in your social media posts would help you to get more followers/clients for your business. But, unrelated hashtag practice results in fruitless business marketing. Thus, you need to research and find the applicable hashtags in your niche are searching for. Here are the some useful hashtags tools to get most popular hashtags to market your business.


Hashtag Tools

1. Find popular trending hashtags

If you want to recognize trending hashtags in your industry, you may use the following tools – It is the most advanced Twitter hashtags search engine to find Twitter hashtags trending to reach your audience. – To help the businesses by improving their social media branding, was founded in the year 2007. It is a paid tool that offers 24-hour trend graph for its users to get a list of popular hashtags. 

2. Get related cross-platform hashtags

To find best hashtags for multiple social networks, Tagboard is an excellent option.

Tagboard – It is a cross-network hashtag-powered social hub that has the live collection of social media posts with hashtags arranged in visual mosaic.

3. Discover powerful hashtags

If you wish to find hashtags influencers in your filed, then you may use Twitonomy.

Twitonomy – If you sign-up and upgrade to Twitonomy premium, you can get most influential & active users, top hashtags etc. from search analytics.

4. Catch perfect hashtags

If you are searching for best possible hashtags for your social media post, you may opt Right Tag.

Rite tag – This free hashtag tracking tool identifies the hashtags that got results and help users to reach beyond their followers.

It is also good to use, the first social hashtag search engine to sort out popular hashtags list and to bring all discussion at one place in real-time.


Hashtags offer a fantastic opportunity for digital marketers to categorize their business related social media conversations and get their information in front of accurate people. They attach several cross-platform rivalries and campaigns together and thus making it easy for the followers to combine their content to display elsewhere.

When you feel that you still need to become skilled at social media, including popular marketing hashtags would aid you to feel like a bit of unknown stuffs as they has immense marketing power. If you got practised to use them properly, then you could easily connect with the targeted customer and increase revenue & brand awareness of your business. So, never underestimate the power of hashtags to market your business as it has ability to get your message out.

I do have good experience while using hashtags on my social media posts. Do you use popular hashtags for business marketing? Have you reached targeted audience and brand exposure with it? Are you using any tool to get hashtag analytics? Discuss with me through your comment. 

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