Best Apps For Business To Take Care Of It Effectually

This post talks about the importance of using apps for business and some beneficial business apps for Android and iPhone that can be downloaded from the app store. 

Smartphones are becoming more powerful and suitable for increasing number of tasks by business people, social networkers and game players with a variety of existing apps.

Most of the professionals having smartphone, tablet or iPad and looking to improve their career through valuable apps. Hence, mobile apps play a vital role in business as a marketing tool to engage with customers in an interesting way. useful-apps-for-business

Discoverability of apps in the business field helps the corporate owners to reach more customers as they are designed to sell the products or promote their brand name.

Even though smartphones are being used for entertainment and gaming purposes, most of the business sector has reached the exponential expansion with constructive business apps.

Besides, modern corporate professionals could handle the various activities like meetings, presentations, services and sales through the apps designed specifically for business.

Let’s check the benefits of using apps for business and few valuable business apps briefly through this post.

Benefits of using apps for business

Few of the key benefits of  apps for business are

1. Most effective tool for marketing and selling products/service.

2. Increase exposure as the apps helps to link the business and on-going clients effortlessly.

3. No need to rely on a Desktop or Laptop.

4. Provide the clients with enhanced knowledge about the business.

5. Get stuff done faster.

Out of all, customer interaction and loyalty could be established well with best business apps and it helps to get a good edge over competitors.

Beneficial apps for business to use under various categories

Evernote, Mint, Dropbox, Skype are some of the well-known apps for business and here is a list favorable business apps for Android and iPhone to handle the business satisfactorily.


Asana   (For iPad/iPhone)

Asana is one of the best apps for business professionals to communicate, organize and track their work. The users can create & assigned tasks and it is possible to attach files from Dropbox with this useful application. Changes made in this app sync in real time and it is easy to navigate. As it is probable for the users to focus their team to connect well this productivity app, this could be used for business to advance its growth.

Google My Maps

Google My Maps is a great productivity app to create the personalized maps but apps like Maptive are taking it to the next level. For business owners who rely on lots of geographical data, creating customized maps is very useful. With only a few clicks, you can take a ton of raw geo-centric data and transform it into gorgeous maps and visualizations. Improve your bottom line by optimizing processes like route planning, deliveries, uncover valuable insights about your customers and more. And best of all, you don’t even need to download the app, you can run in straight from your browser.

Social networking

Bizzabo  (For Android)
Bizzabo is one of the best business apps to have an enhanced networking and conference experience. The users can discover future relevant events and they could get suggestions to meet suitable people. Interaction through messages and setting-up face meetings are possible with this app. Easy promotion tools and getting real-time social share analytics are the best features of this business app.

Hootsuite   (For Android)
HootSuite is the best social media management app to spread the business messages with an auto schedule feature. Managing multiple social networks from one place is the best feature of this app and it is exact for the businesses to integrate social media into their profession.

HootSuite For iPhone

To do

Wunderlist   (For Android)
To manage and share an effective to-do list for a business, Wunderlist is the best option to go. Adding comments, attaching files, assigning sub-tasks are attractive features of this amazing app and easy to maintain to a perfect to do list with it.

Todolist   (For iPad/iPhone)
Millions of people are using this perfect app to handle an active to-do list for a business. Here the list gets stored in the cloud and so accessing tasks when offline is possible. The users can automatically sync their task to all their devices and get organized with sub-tasks. Getting instant alerts for updates and tracking the productivity trends are the notable structures of this business app.


 Blue Jeans   (For Android)
If a business wants to have affordable and easy video conferencing, then they may use Blue Jeans app to go with a variety of video conference systems like Cisco, LifeSize, Polycom etc. Since this excellent app would let the users ensure productive and engaging meetings, they could skip the hassle or expense of dedicated hardware. 25 participants can join in a video meeting with this app and the users can arrange the desired layouts for them. Wi-fi and 4G/LET optimized are supported here and so it would be an upright communication app for business.

Hipchat   (For iPad/iPhone)
Business can perform group chat and send instant messages to their team members through this app. It has persistent chat rooms to send direct notifications to team members and it is also possible to preview & access shared files. As it allows the users to have a private, secure and safe communication with others, it could be used a perfect business app.

Team Management

Basecamp   (For Android)
Basecamp is an active project management app that could be used for business purposes to have the discussion and share the thoughts with the team members. Moreover, it will permit the handlers to upload files and check the projects from anywhere. Some highlighted features have been added to this productivity app to make this one suitable for business to manage the team.

Basecamp For iPhone   


TripIt   (For Android)
Businesses can organize their travel plans with this splendid app, TripIt that is available for both Android and iPhone. To create & access itineraries on anytime and to get destination details with directions, maps, and weather, this incredible application can be exploited by any business. Syncing trip plans with Google calendar or outlook and to share them over emails are probable with this travel app.

TripIt For iPhone   


Expense Manager   (For Android)
To manage the income and expenses of a business, Expense Manager can be employed. The users of this app can handle multiple accounts in multiple currencies and schedule & recurring payments. Budget and payment alerts, account transfer, auto-fill, customization of expense categories and much more prominent preferences available for this app.

Expensify   (For iPad/iPhone)
Expensify is the finest business app to create expense reports of a business quickly and easily. This app uses Smartscan technology to take the print of the receipt and select the expenses of the report that goes on. Elimination of manual entry, easy receipt capture, time & mileage entry, a lot of beneficial integration tools, Bank & Credit card import, multiple currency supports are some of the best features of this business app.


Wunderlist  (For Android)
Even though it is a productivity app, it can be professionally used for presentation purposes by a business. The users can sync all their devices to perform their chores from anywhere and they can attach any types of files like photos, videos, PDFs, presentation decks etc. Since this app has the capability to do unlimited tasks, business proposals could be done with good presentations without much stress.

Slideshark   (For iPad/iPhone)
Slideshark is a worthy app to display presentations from iPhones. Demonstrations with animations, colors, graphics and hyperlinks hypes are conceivable here and so it can be utilized flawlessly by businesses. Broadcasting the presentations over the web in real-time and sharing & tracking those online via email or social media are the best features of this amazing app. Moreover, it has some advanced presenter modes and multi-user content distribution options to work with the business positively.


Printershare   (For Android)
To take instant printouts of PDF files, bills, invoices etc. this helpful app for business can be operated. Likewise, printing of images, emails, contacts, messages, data from SD or cloud storage devices can be attained through PrinterShare. It supports many types of printers and the users will get premium features with its pro version.

Printdirect   (For iPad/iPhone)
Printdirect is the perfect app for business with iPhone to set up a printer for printing. This app would let the printer print all types of documents even with WiFi/wireless printers. Some tremendous features like web page printing, effective file management, and cloud services mark this app suitable for business and it has dynamic printing resolutions.


Since smartphones tighten its grip on the world, most of the business concerns are looking for ways to involve apps into their working area. Some businesses are creating their own mobile app to make their employees work with involvement. Additionally, companies show more interest in downloading suitable apps for business that are easy to steer and specific to their needs than websites which are difficult to navigate.

To improve the efficiency of the business in terms of ability, quality of work and speed, the listed apps for business could be used at free of cost. I hope these affordable apps would help you to grow your business at ease. As apps run faster and can offer a more attractive interface, the customers of any business may get a better experience with them. 

What is your opinion about the above-mentioned business apps? What are your preferred apps for business? How they have made you lead a successful business? Let me know all the details through your comments.

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