7 Best SERP Keyword Rank Tracker Tools To Use In 2022


Do you want more organic traffic to your web pages?. The best SERP keyword tracker tools help to improve the web page ranks in local and global searches. These tools help to find a potential keyword to beat our competitor pages. It is not only to generate traffic for a webpage but also to support market research with search volume and content availability.

The SERP keyword checker tools do keyword research and then it finds the difficulty and competitive nature to rank higher. It also tracks the current rank position in many search engines with previous historical data. Local search rank tracking is also available with the targeted locations.

The best rank tracking tools should offer the below things

  • Rank position tracking in local, global and competitor searches.
  • They should provide report with keyword position gap with history.
  • The keyword potential should be based on search volume and them PPC.
  • The task automation and workflow for rank tracking and reports.

Top 7 Keyword Rank Checker Tools

Generally, the vital part of content marketing is SEO. Many SEO tools provide site audit, backlink analysis along with Keyword rank checker and its tracking. The rank tracker tools analyze every SERP features for a keyword. They send reports to the website owner about the keyword rank position with metrics like search volume and difficulty.

1. AuthorityLabs Rank Tracker Tool

The SERP keyword rank tracker tool by authority labs is one of the best for many search engines. It provides local rank tracking and mobile rank tracking with daily reporting. We can also monitor the performance of both long-tail and competitive keywords at the targeted locations.

The geo location-specific rank tracking is available with the hyper-local city and zip code. We can track keywords in every county or language with Google, Bing, and yahoo. The desktop, mobile, and tablet ranking can also track with targeted keywords.

Features of AuthorityLaps rank tracker

  • It provides competitive advantages by providing competitor domains in tracking.
  • Mobile rank tracking is available to cover mobile users.
  • Global tracking is available by adding the domains and pages in any language.
  • Daily data reporting with rank checking.
  • Most accurate local search rank tracking available with state, city even with postal code.
  • Unlimited users can access to report teams and then clients.
  • White label is available for the report by adding logos, color palette, etc.
  • We can blend data such as search volume, rich snippets with google ads for PPC.

2. SEOPowerSuite Rank Tracker

SEO Powersuite Rank tracker from link assistant provides powerful keyword research with accurate rank tracking. It offers more than 24 methods for keyword research to find the best keyword for our web page and its Rank tracking. The rank tracking is available in the local and international searches.

The rank tracking with competitive keywords, keyword gap in SERPs are available in this tool. The SERP features clicks, impressions, and CTR are also available for local and global search engines. The Google tools can tell the search volume, difficulty in ranking, and expected visits for a keyword with its position.

Features of SEOPowersuite Rank Tracker

  • The search volume, keyword difficulty, and cost per click data is available from google ads can help to find potential keywords.
  • The filters are available for schematic grouping of keywords.
  • The keyword length can be used to right keyword to rank top in local searches.
  • A number of keywords rank positions can be tracked in a project with analytics.
  • Global search ranks tracking is available with 500 search engines.
  • Local rank tracking can be done with target locations.
  • The competitor rank tracking is available with positional fluctuation reports.

3. Ahrefs Rank Tracker

Ahrefs Keyword rank tracker provides ranking monitoring with chart performance reporting options. It helps to do keyword tracking with competitor keywords in a better way. It provides Rank tracking updates for mobile and desktop are over 150+ countries.

The keywords are imported from multiple countries to find the keyword ranking in targeted countries. The Ahref will send the data in regular intervals. The impression, average position, traffic, and ranking can be monitored with different positions. We can perform competitor rank tracking with rank position, search traffic, and SERP features as listed above.

Features of Ahref Rank Tracker

  • Ahref provides data from top search results such as search engines, social media, etc.
  • The keywords are tracked with the metrics like Ranking position, CPC, clicks and estimated search volume.
  • The rank tracking reports are available in the mail inbox.
  • The featured snippet, site links, top stories, image and 13 features are available for SERP keyword rank checker.
  • Free trial is available Ahref SEO keyword rank tracking tool.

4. Zutrix Rank Tracker

Zutrix provides accurate rank tracking results with its SEO rank tracking suite. It uses complex algorithms, methods, and new technologies to get more accurate results. The real-time ranking ups and down are notified by emails. The keyword planner is available with competition score, CPC, last trends, and then search volumes.

Zutrix has a SERP keyword checker for mobile and desktop searches.  We can set up location-based rank tracking for local searches with SERP features. The real-time report is available via telegram, email, and slack as well.

Features of Zutrix

  • It has SERP features analysis with keyword tracking.
  • The domain authority, impression, and click through rate are also available in the keyword tracking.
  • The Geo-targeted SERP analysis with position tracking.
  • It has a keyword planner for search engines like google and even video sharing sites.
  • AI-powered accuracy is available in rank tracking results with sharable reports.

5. RankRanger Rank Tracker

RankRangers rank tracker tool is one of the best options for keyword rank tracking with SERP features. Pages, URL, rich snippet, and above-the-fold content are the best options to accelerate ranks higher up the order with previous tracking history. It provides organic search impact results with paid searches.

They offer keyword rank tracking in multiple search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. We can also get the video-sharing website results for keyword rank positions. The search gap analysis with competitors is available for the given keyword.

Features of RankRanger Rank Tracker

  • We can track keywords for both mobile and desktop searches.
  • The local search results are targeted using geolocation by the city even postal code.
  • We can find keyword rank tracking internationally for any market area.
  • Analyze competitors’ market in any devices and anywhere in the world.
  • It gives an easy way to identify the upward and downward trends for the competitive keywords.

6. Moz tools – Rank Tracker

The rank tracker tool from Moz tools provides the best SERP keyword checker with insights. Once we entered the keyword or URL in the Moz rank tracker, it will check the ranks and then keyword metrics. It gives detailed reports with SERP features. Moz tools provide instant ranking reports for our targeted Keywords.

We can track the keyword long-term using the Moz pro tool. Moz pro campaign is available to set up competitive keyword tracking for a long period of time with performance insights. The spot check option is available to check the current position of URL or keyword with a history graph.

Features of Moz tools Rank Tracker

  • The Moz local is available to check the local visibility in any targeted location.
  • It uses to perform competitors’ research with the most important keywords.
  • The rank tracking reports are quickly available to the customers with SERP features.
  • It will check the major search engines to receive the search data.
  • Moz rank tracker analyze keywords by search volume with much accuracy.
  • Moz tool provides keyword ranking difficulty score for SERPs.
  • Long-term keyword tracking is performed using the Moz pro keyword tracking tool.

Conclusion Best SERP keyword rank tracker tool

By wrapping up the best SERP keyword checker tools, it should provide rank tracking in local, and then global search engines. They also should have keyword positional tracking with competitors with charts from the historical data. The best SERP keyword rank tracker tool should offer mobile and desktop results.

The authorityLabs and Zutrix are the best keyword rank tracker tools because they come up with mobile search results and offer rank tracking reports for multiple user access. So we can analyze the rank tracking reports easily with team members and clients. So, which tool would you like to use it? Share your views in the comment.

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  1. Hi Nirmala,

    It was a great share! I think checking rankings is essential to ensure that your SEO and marketing efforts are paying off. I have been looking for some tools that will help me check the rank effectively. These tools will be great in my process, and will definitely help me track the rankings efficiently. Thanks a lot, for sharing about these tools, I will be checking them out and finding a great option for myself. I really appreciate you sharing this helpful list of tools.

  2. Very very informative article. The content delivers the same knowledge that you have mentioned in the title. Keep it up

  3. Good advice from Nirmala here,
    checking the keywords with different tools is really important and it truly plays very important role in selecting the correct keywords on which to work in the future.

    Well Done!

  4. Not all but some rank tracking tools give incorrect ranking reports. As a result, I feel like I have to go ahead and check the rankings manually using Chrome’s incognito browser.

  5. Hey mam,
    It was good to know about the best serp rank tracking tool.
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    You have listed down the top best tools.
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