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Are you looking for some best SMTP alternatives 2022 to deliver the emails in a reliable manner? Check the best list to create communication with your business customers and establish your reputation.

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) uses a server to send, receive and transfer the Email between the sender and the receiver. Unlike email API, it is used only for email transfer, not to control the application.

We can send bulk emails and transactional Emails quickly with SMTP servers. The SMTP helps to scale the monthly email transfers and the email delivery speed.

We can integrate the SMTP server with web API and restful to access comprehensive email reports on its delivery. The SMTP relay helps for detailed reporting and proactive monitoring for email transfers.

It helps send high-volume Emails in business processing such as marketing events and product promotions. ISP helps to monitor the spam emails and maximum delivery rate for email transfers. The insecurity over SMTP needs to look into SMTP alternatives.

Downsides of SMTP Email Servers

SMTP emails can help to send emails without their business servers. Mainly these email servers are used to send bulk marketing emails to various destinations.

  • We may receive some vulnerable attacks when using SMTP relay alone for email transfers. It needs more security over email hacking.
  • Some firewalls can block the common SMTP port used for email transfers.
  • SMTP server provides less control over the email transfers and their acceleration while sending bulk emails.
  • It requires a tracking system for knowing about the successful email transfer over multiple destinations during email marketing.

These downsides of SMTP relays need email API, ISP, and then Restful API integration or other Email triggering features in the SMTP alternatives.

Top SMTP Alternatives To Pick Best Email Service

We have many email services provided with Email API, Web API, restful integration. That overcomes the downside of SMTP servers, the bulk email transfers with higher security.

They help email marketing campaigns with analytics and tracking ability for every Email sent in the campaign. These email marketing services help build relationships with customers by storing the older communication history.

1. SendGrid

The SendGrid is the best SMTP server alternative for business email marketing requirements. It provides some trusted email transfer services with email API and SMTP services. In addition, email automation, design, templates, statistics, and deliverability insights offer the best email communication service for businesses with their marketing activities.

This best SMTP Alternative can be integrated within five minutes in any host using multiple coding languages such as PHP, Python, Node.js, etc. The email API, authentication, and response messages help the Sendgrid integration secure with different hosting services.

It uses cloud-based email servers with MTA for email transfers and its control. In addition, we can use SendGrid’s mail transfer agent for client API and SMTP servers to deliver emails over multiple destinations.

Features of SendGrid

  • It is a developer-friendly email server we can integrate is client API and then SMTP using more than 7 languages.
  • Sendgrid uses dynamic email sending and receiving templates with good email validation methods.
  • It has many tools to optimize email delivery.
  • The scalability in email transfer helps to send bulk emails quicker during product marketing.
  • It provides the best email services for marketers, enterprises and ecommerce services.

2. Elastic Email

Elastic Email is an SMTP alternative to send emails with multiple services. The elastic Email provides an email API engine for best email transfer and delivery. Apart from that, it has email marketing, email verification, and automation of Email to run different campaigns.

Moreover, It uses many plugins to speed up mail transfers and tracking. Email marketing helps to send emails, newsletters and automate email campaigns quicker. The email API uses a robust email engine with quicker integration to our business using restful API and SMTP. 

Features of Elastic Email

  • It helps grow the email list with software integration with landing page crafts in a minute.
  • We can maintain meaningful relationships with existing customers through better communications.
  • It provides tools to analyze the reports of A/B test, email delivery, open rates and then tracking.
  • The mail delivery agent helps create our email system for business service with elastic Email.
  • Best 24×7 support is available from the experts of elastic Email.

3. Ongage

Ongage is one of the best SMTP alternatives for sending and receiving emails with the best control. It securely uses email API, SMTP relay, and mail transfer agent to deliver multiple destinations.

It is not just only a simple mail transfer service. Moreover, it provides email marketing, CRM, CDP, and data warehouse. So Ongage helps to track the deliverability with reports. We can scale the multiple features of Ongage such as segmentation, marketing dashboard, campaign management tools, onboarding, etc.

Features of Ongage

  • It uses behavioural, geographic, psychographic and demographic segmentation with emails.
  • High-end personalization is available to send Email with controllability.
  • It uses multiple campaign management with tracking and analytics.
  • We can study analytics by metrics from SMTP, ISP, contacts, and list fields.
  • The flexible, robust API helps analyze multiple lists with ongage CRM data.

4. Mailgun and MailJet

Mailgun is the leading email delivery service with a powerful API. Moreover, it is the best replacement for SMTP mail delivery servers by sending, receiving, and tracking business emails.

Therefore, it is best useful for the developers with API first approach could help them easily integrate for different business requirements. The mail servers are available with maximum uptime, doing it a reliable service.

The Mailjet provides email marketing, transactional emails with email API and SMTP. Moreover, email builder, contact management, and analytics help it become the best replacement for SMTP. The Mailgun and Mailjet are best suited for small businesses and agencies with team services.

Features of Mailgun

  • It uses email API to set up inboxes in munities for different businesses.
  • The mailjet email marketing solution provides faster campaign running with better deliverable services.
  • Email verification can reduce spam emails and increase delivery rates.
  • The email delivery services are available for partner solutions and enterprises.
  • Email marketing, send-time optimization, SMTP, email parsing and transactional Email with a specific application is available with mailgun.
  • Best tracking and analytics for email campaigns are available with mailjet.

5. Amazon SES

Amazon AWS uses a simple email service (SES) to send, receive and transfer emails from many applications. We can use Amazon SES for marketing, transactional, and mass email deliveries during product promotions or campaigns.

The best SMTP alternative is to send and receive emails with scalable, flexible options. Moreover, It uses Amazon SES API, SES console, SMTP interface for email communication. The Amazon CLI helps access the SES API using a software development kit. 

Features of Amazon SES

  • It provides flexible deployment over multiple hosting with different IPs.
  • We can monitor the real-time analytics for email delivery with kinesis analytics.
  • Amazon SES uses the best authentication and reporting for secured email delivery to destinations.
  • The deliverability dashboard helps to analyze the email delivery issues with multiple metrics.
  • We can optimize the email delivery with scalability in feature inclusion on Amazon SES.
  • It helps analyze Email sending statistics and email delivery with bounces and open feedback loops.

6. Postmark

The Postmark is the best mail delivery system for application emails. It is the best SMTP alternative to send Emails with API and Simple mail transfer protocol. With unique email templates, it can help send messages streams, transactional emails, and inbound emails. The postmark uses as a mail delivery application in agencies, enterprises, and start-ups. It provides analytics and tracking for mail delivery with multiple services tools.

Features of Postmark

  • Faster email delivery with email API helps quicker communication over multiple destinations.
  • The 45 days of communication history and tracking over the Email used to build a better relationship with customers.
  • The API library helps manage email service with send, templates, open track and bounce handling. 
  • Postmark help to find the best insights within the dashboard.
  • The best analytics with bounce rate, email open and link tracking during the email delivery.
  • It provides simple integration to mobile-friendly email tools like stripo, craft campaign, mail coach, etc.

Wrapping Up The Best SMTP Alternatives 2022

By wrapping up SMTP alternatives, The SMTP servers help send, receive and transfer Emails over multiple locations. The security against spam and hacking has been lesser. Moreover, the controllability and acceleration to send bulk Emails over SMTP servers need API and restful integration.

When it comes to email campaigns running, we need analytics and tracking for the email delivery and sent emails. So we need SMTP alternatives. We have many email delivery and tracking services with email API and SMTP relays in the above list. Moreover, It helps send, receive, transfer emails for marketing and transactional emails.

The best tools integration can help track the emails for a better marketing campaign. In the end, The Sendgrid is the best SMTP alternative for email services to deliver over multiple locations with tracking and analytics. 

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