Grab Your Share at Stores With Student Discounts

In this post, I’ve consolidated the best online stores that offer student discounts. 

The World becomes technologically advanced, and most of the education institutions allow students to use cool tech gadgets to enhance the academic performance. Researchers proved that the electronic devices increase the student’s interest in learning and boost their reading comprehension.

Not only these, but digital devices also has benefits like building creative thinking, encouraging cognitive learning, progressing investigative skills and so on.

So, the parents show the keen interest in buying innovative tech gadgets for their children to improve their scholastic performance and ICT (information & communication technology) skills.

Students enjoy the best of everything as compared to working adults. We all relish the student days, and one thing is common to students in almost every era – Shopping. With growing online shopping trends, websites have come up with another allurement for students making them feel even more special.

The zeal to shop around online and offline often contradicts with low-budget and non-affordability. This is where some real good stores with students concern come to your rescue. You as a student can enjoy special prices at retail as well as online stores with student discounts.

Are you a student who often shows interest in buying tech gadgets? If you’re puzzling over a question “Where can I get student discounts?”, Then you may proceed reading the post.

Yes, to help you make the most of your student status, I’ve created an ultimate list for both high school and college students. Before checking the places that offer student discounts, I would like to tell about the ID proofs that may need to grab the best student discounts.

How to Get Student Discounts?

Student discounts are commonly awarded for 12 years and above age group students to improve/help their education and thus to use a student discount when you’re not a student is dishonest.

To unlock the student discounts, you have to meet some eligibility requirements. You may have to surrender any of the following students proof.

1. You may need to give School ID card/report card/tuition bill.

2. Any other proof of enrollment with your name, institution name, and year.

3. .edu email address.

4. International Student Identity Card (if you’re not having, you may get your card online)

5. School/college email and website details.

Now, let’s throw light on some of the most wished places that offer students discounts on electronic gadgets

Electronic Stores With Student Discounts

Check the popular electronic stores with student discounts to save money while buying the digital products.

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1. Apple 

Nothing can be as exciting as fetching discounts on technology and gadgets. Whether you are planning to buy a Mac laptop, Apple iPad, iPod shuffle or an iPhone, Apple offers special students discounts for you as a collegiate.

2. HP 

Hp offers academic discounts for students through Academic Purchase Plan (APP) where you could get 7% – 10% off for the usual cost of products. It is possible to get the student discount laptops to calculators in HP online store. 

3. Sony

You may not be aware of this special Sony store for students. Sony Education Store that offers incredible advantages for members of Sony Student Store. Offering discounts on the large range of electronic products, this is the best place that gives student discounts. You can avail up to 10% off on items available in this store. By creating a student account, you can check out the products faster and add the favorites to your wish list.

4. Dell 

Students can save up to 30% on selected items available at DELL stores. There are even special college student deals designed especially for students in Dell University.

5. Verizon

You may try to get the discount up to 15% off from Verizon wireless service with your school/college E-mail address. It is quite difficult to get qualify for any discount from Verizon. Visit Verizon employee discount web page and check whether it gives price reduction to your educational institution.

6. Norton 

You can save up to 50% as a student on various products like Internet Security, Antivirus, etc. for Mac, Mobile or Pc through Norton student discount.

7. Adobe 

Adobe creative cloud, Photoshop Lightroom, PDF tools and much more products included in Adobe student and teacher editions and thus you may clutch up to 80% discount on these Adobe stuff. Moreover, you can get all the modern creative desktop, mobile apps, and services at a great price from Adobe.

8. Microsoft 

Student discount from Microsoft is available for higher education students, school board and parents buying on behalf of pupils. Some products may need extra eligibility verification.

9. AT & T 

You need to submit your school email address to take advantage of applicable discounts and benefits. After validation, you’ll start to receive exclusive AT &T offers and discounts on your wireless bill.

10. Lenovo 

It is one of the best student discount stores which offers academic purchase program for a range of electronic gadgets. But this Lenovo student discount offer is limited only to students from The US.

11. Corel

Full or part-time registered students with valid photo identification can take advantage of Corel Education License program. No matter your school/college is publicly or privately owned, you may purchase education versions of the shrink-wrapped software here. Corel offers all the essentials for education, and you may get student discounts up to 96% off retail price.

Websites That Give Discounts For Students

Here are some websites that give exclusive offers for students to buy tech products.  

1. Amazon

We all know that Amazon is one of the largest online stores to buy anything. But did you know it has some excellent deals on the electronic gadget for you as a student? By availing high student deal, you can get a free membership for six months that include free shipping and up to 30% discounts on products.

2. Student Rate 

Studentrate is one of the online stores with student discounts which help them to save money in college. They give special discounts for its members and college & university students. You can enjoy T-Mobile +$50 credit back when you either get a new service activated or upgrade your device.

3. Best Buy 

This is another fantastic place to grab special discounts for students. Once you register yourself with your .edu email address, they will send coupons in your inbox which you can use at this online store.

4. Journeyed 

Journeyed is a leading software marketer which helps the students to get the technology items at an affordable cost with great service. It has the partnership with popular tech manufacturers Adobe, Microsoft, Symantec, 3D Connection, etc. to offer exciting deals for you.

5. Academic super store 

The academic super store provides amazingly low price tech products only for students and educators. As it has the partnership with top technology manufacturers, you could get full-version software titles at great discounts. Millions of students and teachers are saving big money on this website.

6. Student Beans 

This youth media brand is strictly for students that offers articles, product discounts, jobs and much more for them. It has thousands of online and instore discounts accessible with your digital student ID card.

7. Myunidays

It is the official source of student discount across the globe. Here you can get free & instant access to grab the deals by just verifying your student status. It works with some great retailers and thus you could get exclusive discounts on your favorite brand gadgets.

8. Student Universe

Even though it is a travel company which gives special travel offers for students, you can get best deals on electronic products too. You may sign-up by proving you’re a college student, shop online to your preferred stores and you’ll get cash back (discount) automatically after 3-4 days.

9. Save The Student

It is a UK-based site for students to offer money-saving advice. Recently, it had started student deals and student discount sections along with high-quality content for them. You may join in their student deals mailing list to receive daily student deals.

10. Global Student Discount

It is one of the great stores with student discounts on awesome gadgets and academic software. Likewise, you may get a list of best stores for student discounts and educational materials to make better buying choices.

11. Student Advantage 

Student Advantage is a leading student service provider which makes saving easy for them. Get the student advantage card here and start to save money on purchasing the national brands.

Final Words:

Students use digital devices to get typed reports, download books, do online research, etc. There are so my things I missed in my college life and students discount is one among them.

So, If you look the best deals and discounts for electronic products useful for students, you may make use of my above ultimate list of stores that give students discounts. Not only these, local stores and companies may have great deals for college & school students and thus, be sure to check around your city/town.

So, as a student, if you are short on cash or want to save as much as you can, these stores with special discounts for students can make avoid draining your pockets on your next buys.

What do you say? Did I miss to mention some stores with student discounts? If you have knowledge/experience related to best student discounts, please share in the comment section.

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  1. Well Explained Mam..
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    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Glad you’ve grabbed the details of online stores with student discounts through my post Rahul Suresh, keep coming 🙂

  2. Hello Nirmala Mam,
    my favourite is Amazon, it also helps me in for earning money as an affiliate. additionally i got other ways to save money with discounts through this post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Yeah Govind, Amazon has great deals in Amazon Student. If you’re a student, you may make use of it to get great deals. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Hi Nirmala Mam,
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    Not only in this post but in most of your previous posts you mainly suggested the multiple solutions of a problem and provision of convenience to your readers. In a way you are doing a wonderful job by suggesting more than many solutions in most of your posts.

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    Secondly this type of list posts is evergreen in nature. As we know student community is always in transition just contrary to professional and gender-based communities which never change their composition and just rise in number. So this post will be an important post for the student community forever.

    Getting students card online is an important step to get the online privilege as a student. I am sure most of the students still don’t know that to enjoy the online benefits of being a student they first have to be registered online as student.

    Thanks a lot for this very useful list post.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thanks for your long comment Mi Muba 🙂

      Good to know about your student life as a King 🙂 Yes, I too have many sweet memories on my school and college life but missed to grab these kind of offers as a student, wanna go back to student life again 😛

      Yes, you’re exact! Students are one of my targeted visitors and thus I would like to contribute some useful tech stuffs for them. I’m familiar with the power of convincing and thus I used to do it everywhere 🙂

      Having International student ID card is most important these day as it has a lot of benefits and so insisting the students to get the same through the provided link.

      Thanks Mi Muba for taking much interest to leave your views on my blog posts, means a lot 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi Nirmala,

    First of all its really a big list of shopping stores. But I think for Indians and specially for me Amazon is working really fine. It is giving lots of discounts and also good commission in comparison to other networks.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Gaurav,

      A warm welcome for you. Thanks for reading this post and yes, Amazon has exclusive discounts for students. Keep coming here to share your thoughts 🙂

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  7. Nirmala this is a superb post by you and it is going to be helpful for many students. As students can only do part time job and not full time one, they always keep searching for stores which offer good discounts especially for them….I really liked the way you have presented the info and listed out some of the best online stores..

  8. Hello Mam,
    I think the most popular website in india is Flipkart and Flipkart also has special page for students which gives students discounts. Here’s the link and there are many more websites that offer students discounts apart from yours list.

  9. Ohh great i never taught About seeking Student Discount because , it never even came to my Mind that the can give Special Discount for the Students. Thankyou Mam This info is really important for Students.
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    I knew about Amazon offering discounts to Students but all these sites too offer discounts is simply amazing.
    Thanks mam for publishing this post. I will now get my ID for discounts.

  12. I really didn’t know that, so many offers are available for students. Students should avail all these opportunity. Actually students should suggest there parents to read this article. They can save lot of money.

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