6 Interesting Social Media Trends For 2019

I landed on Nirmala’s blog to discuss some interesting social media trends for 2015 which would help you to run the successful marketing campaigns over there.   

Make no mistake; 2019 is approaching – and it’s approaching fast.

Another year is coming to an end but for social media, it is just another year.

For those who are in the social media sphere, you know that 2018 is just the starting point for an awesome journey for visual marketers.

In this article, I’ll share with you 5 social media trends to watch out in 2015 and beyond.

6 Emerging Trends in Social Media 2019

Social media integrates with every aspect of our life and thus it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest social media developments. Below are the attracting social media trends that will stick around in 2015.


1. Retargeting and Remarketing is just getting stronger

When Facebook rolled out remarketing and retargeting tools for their advertisers, it literally (and I mean LITERALLY) took the world by storm.


It made many of us realize that the fact is simple; it is always easier to sell a product to your existing customers than to a new one.

So what did (nearly) everyone do?

Marketers and businesses scrambled to their mailing list, customer lists or any lists they could find and started to utilize them.

The results were clear. B2B’s and B2C’s are able to generate more revenue simply by retargeting and remarketing to their audience.

2. Leveraging the power of content distribution services

There are over two dozen social media platforms out there as we speak right now. How much time do you have to spare to get involved in every platform you can think of?

With content distribution services, you can easily share, schedule and even auto-schedule posts throughout the day on separate platforms.

In return, you are guaranteed a higher social reach and productivity level.

Here are 3 examples of social content distribution services that you can start using today.

3. Shotgun vs. Rifle approach in social media

According to Jay Baer from Convince and Convert, the Shotgun approach is probably the best bet for social media marketing in the coming years.

While I have written something about the Shotgun Approach vs. Rifle Approach, here’s a quick breakdown of both:

Shotgun Approach
– Bigger reach

– Higher chance of going viral

– Higher chance for a better return on investment (ROI)

– Much more marketing cost needed

– Time taken for marketing needs is higher

Rifle Approach
– Reaching out to specific targets

– Involving in particular social platforms only

– Easy goal measuring

– Lower chance of brand awareness

– Targeting to a smaller niche/people

It is important to understand that both the approach above are excellent depending on the industry you are in. There is no ‘best approach’ – if that’s what you’re looking for.

4. The value of followers’ engagement

The next social media trend that will dominate in 2015 is the engagement level. Brands nowadays are going all out to reach their fans and engage with them.

Compared to years back, brands were focusing on the number of likes, reshares and comments.

For me, a simple like and re-tweet are NOT enough to build a brand. In fact, the only way to get your branding visible to others is by communicating with your followers.

The more communication = Higher engagements = Better brand visibility

5. Facebook is not the only trend in social media

To be honest, this puzzles me a lot. Bloggers are spending a lot of time on Facebook as it is ‘claimed’ to have good traffic and brand visibility.

While there is no denying that, most of them don’t realize that the Facebook algorithm is changing over time.

Gone were the days where you can reach thousands of organically without using Facebook ads.

Since last year, Facebook ads been taking over our timeline more than you can ever imagine and if you are running a brand, that’s great nice if you have the budget to run several Facebook campaigns.

But what to do when you have no budget (or not willing to spend on Facebook)?

You reach will be severely limited. Period!

Again, this doesn’t mean that you should not use Facebook to promote your post. You could, but you should also look at other opinions on the table.

6. Visual marketing

When you talk about social media trends for 2015, this is PROBABLY the only trend that is growing.

Let’s take some examples here:
• Over 25% of Fortune Global 100 companies have a Pinterest account

• Pinterest represents 17.4% of social media revenue for e-commerce sites (April 2012)

• Sony shows that Pinterest drives 2.5 times MORE traffic than Twitter in 2012

• Survey says that 67% keep up with the latest trends on Pinterest compared to Facebook

• Survey says that 43% associated with brands on Pinterest compared to Facebook

• Pinterest is NOW the 3rd most popular social media platform in the USA alone

Now, what do you think about visual marketing?

I certainly remember those days where sharing a link, some words and call-to-actions would drive traffic from your social media post.

Nowadays, you can say goodbye to that. You need to have images and sometimes, pictures like the below can make things go viral instantly.



Over to you

What do you think the latest social media trends would be like in 2020? Hit the reply button below and let’s discuss further!

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