6 Things That Can Destroy Your Blog

This is the very first guest post of Mymagicfundas.com and I am very happy to be the first guest blogger here. Many thanks to Nirmala for giving me this opportunity.

Now I am moving on to the topic and going to discuss the things that can destroy your blog whether you do intentionally or unintentionally. You should always avoid those things which can harm your blog in any means. All you need is to take care of few basic things and so that you would reach a remarkable place in the Blogosphere effortlessly.

Before I discuss on this topic I would like to ask few questions here:-

1.   Do you have a blog?
2.   Are you blogging regularly?
3.   Do you write Quality content?
4.   Are you getting the regular comment on your blog and you give the response to them?
5.   Do you have patience?
6.   Do you visit other blogs to update your knowledge and post comments there?
7.   Do you write good comments which add value to the post?
8.   Do you behave politely to everyone?
9.   Are you active on Social Media?
10.  Do you help the needy ones?

If your answers for all the above questions are YES then you are on right track and success guaranteed sooner or later. But if you are either lacking these elements in you or you are not doing most of the things which I have mentioned, then this is the matter of worry. You should know the things that can destroy your blog badly.

6 Things That Ruin Your Blog

 Okay, I am going to share few things that can destroy your blog and provide some helpful tips to avoid them.

things-that-can-destroys-your-blogImage Credit: Freedigitalphotos.net

1. Too Much of Ego

Ego is something in which a person considers himself superior to others. He thinks the rest are inferior in front of him. Ego always takes you away from your loved ones. In fact, it takes you away from most of the nearby people and leaves you alone.

Similarly, if you are blogging on a blog and you think you started treating your fellow bloggers as inferior then gradually you will be losing a lot of contacts and it would also affect your blog’s readership.

!No one likes an egoistic person, Be Good to everyone even to enemies!

2. Fruitless Content

You write blog posts for your readers so that they can educate themselves with the latest information, guides etc(whatever you share) so it’s your responsibility to provide the correct information which is written in standard English.

If you provide information which are not correct and written poorly then you start losing the readers which can destroy your blog because without any readers a blog cannot survive.

!Be Precise while writing content!

3. No Social activity at all

Here Social Activity means activity on Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and others. Staying active on social media sites is one of the most important work for all bloggers so I would suggest never show laziness to share your posts on social sites, connect with fellow bloggers, participate on others’ status(if that is interesting).

After Google’s updates, social media has become the next generation of SEO hence with making friends, branding yourself it also gives SEO benefits. So if you are yet to start the social engagement then start it today otherwise it will destroy your blog because when readers see there is not engagement over the blog post, they most of the times treat the post as useless and leave from there without reading even a few lines.

!Socialise yourself!

4. Not commenting on other blogs

Commenting on other blogs after reading the posts is not just a way to build links but it’s a way to build relationships too. If you are not reading and commenting on others’ blogs then you are missing a lot.

Suppose I am a blogger and I don’t know about your blog but when you come to my blog and read a post then comment on it then I naturally become to know about your site while moderating your comment and there are 80% chances that I will go to your blog and do some readings & blog commenting.

If you don’t want to do this then it can somehow destroy your blog in terms of getting new people to read your blog.

!Start reading and Commenting!

5. Not replying to comments on your blog

I just mentioned above that you should comment on other blogs so that you would build relationships as well as let others know about your blog. But what if you comment on a blog and you don’t get replies? you would be disheartened, right? And maybe you will leave commenting on that blog.

Similarly when you don’t reply to comments you get on your blog posts then gradually those readers lose interest visiting your blog and finally stop coming you which can destroy your blog for sure.

!Forget laziness and keep replying!

6. Unwanted Fears

Bloggers might experience some unwanted fears like “Am I a good writer?, What other bloggers think about my blog posts?, I’m writing the same topics like others, how to get blog post ideas? how to get love from search engines? and much more fears”.

I want to say that the unwanted fears will definitely ruin your blog and so its health would get spoiled. Reading numerous blog posts would be a better solution for all the above listed unwanted fears.

!Do read more and get ideas to write better!


Final words

There might be hundreds of things that can destroy your blog, but I have shared few of the basic things which you should take care. I would suggest you to be good, be hard working, be polite and be patient. You will get positive results and become a successful blogger soon. Avoid the above-discussed things and protect your blog from destroying.

 I hope that you never let your blog destroy and if you liked the post then please share your thoughts via comment section!

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