How To Choose A Shop Name?

Are you about to open a shop? Well, selecting the right store name is an integral aspect of the branding process. It communicates the business mission and style of the shop to potential customers.

There are multiple categories of business names for shop owners to choose from, such as descriptive and abstract. Regardless of the category you choose, the denomination is expected to be short, memorable, and SEO-friendly.

Nobody remembers long, complicated titles, which are challenging to pronounce or spell. If looking for store name ideas, the following tips might be of assistance.

1. Consider The Essence Of Your Business

The first step toward naming your shop is considering the essence of your business. It’s of vital importance to think about your business plan, range of products, as well as your target audience. Your shop name is supposed to convey a message, so make sure you decide what feelings and thoughts should arise in people when they hear it.

In the naming process, shop owners are also expected to determine whether their store names should be directly related to the products they sell. Another consideration is whether the denomination should include an abbreviation of your business structure, such as LLC or Inc. Remember to take the denomination length into account in order to facilitate the process.

2. Continue With Brainstorming

The following step of the naming process is conducting a brainstorming session, during which creativity is crucial. The more creative you are while brainstorming, the greater the number of ideas and possibilities to use. A single brainstorming session isn’t enough, as it won’t generate many ideas. These sessions can be conducted on your own or with a partner.

The purpose of brainstorming is to use various sources of inspiration and let your thoughts run freely. Most business owners look for inspiration in the competition by checking out the shop names of their competitors. There are multiple brainstorming techniques you can use, such as mind mapping, list-making, and word association. Click here to check out some brainstorming techniques for entrepreneurs.

3. Consider Different Categories

Another thing shop owners are advised to take into consideration in the naming process is the choice of business name categories. For example, suggestive names are almost identical to formulas, as these words are designed to evoke feelings and express vibes. When individuals hear such words, they have a clear idea of the products shops sell.

Moreover, if your store is specialized in selling a specific product, using the word that represents the product in the denomination will make sure the target audience is familiar with your business essence. Nevertheless, such shop names are relatively limited in case you plan to introduce new products in the future.

Shop owners looking for originality are advised to choose abstract names for their stores. For instance, you can find inspiration by exploring the names of animals, plants, musical instruments, words from foreign languages, etc. Also, you can coin a brand new word by combining two appealing words together. Some store owners are interested in choosing a word that’s meaningful, as most customers are impressed by a business name with a history.

Another alternative is naming the shop after yourself or another person who’s related to the business. A major benefit of using your own name for the shop is having no restrictions when it comes to expanding your product range. You will be able to expand your offer anytime you want without being limited.

Also, naming a store after the owner is considered wise if the owner is a reputable man/woman, a master of his/her craft in a particular region. The following link,, discusses the art of naming your business.

4. Make Sure It’s Short And Memorable

when naming your shop, the length and memorability of the denomination are incredibly important for its popularity. It’s paramount for people to be able to pronounce and spell your store name easily in order not to forget it.

Word of mouth is still believed to have a tremendous effect on business success. Nevertheless, individuals won’t be able to recommend your shop to their friends, relatives, or colleagues if they can’t pronounce its name.

In addition, online search results are affected by names that are challenging to spell. The chances of misspelling will be high, which means losing traffic. It’s vital for customers to be able to find your shop online, as your online presence is a key element for prosperity. Make sure the store title you come up with is no longer than twenty characters for potential customers to memorize it without any trouble.

Needless to say, business denominations have to be memorable so as to encourage word-of-mouth recommendations. The longer the denomination, the more impossible it is for people to remember it. Memorable titles have the potential to remain on the tip of the tongue of individuals, not in the back of their minds.

5. Consider Its SEO Friendliness

Another naming aspect to have in mind is the SEO friendliness of your shop name. Nowadays, business success is mainly based on the performance of companies online, manifested through their ranking on search engines. In order for your products to sell better, your store is supposed to appear in the top search results. Such a ranking is only feasible with the help of SEO.

Therefore, your store title must be SEO-friendly for users to see it first when searching for stores of your caliber. Make sure it’s unique to gain a better ranking on search engines. Remember to never select an identical denomination to one of your competitors, as your ranking won’t go up.

Additionally, keyword stuffing is not recommended, although it seems like an amazing idea to most store owners. The more keywords you squeeze into the denomination, the higher the chances of having your domain blacklisted.

Final Word

Your shop deserves a catchy, recognizable name. Do not make it too long or hard to remember if you want potential customers to have it at the tip of their tongues! Share your valuable thoughts, let’s discuss!

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