How To Successfully Use Twitter For Business?

If you are running a business, hope this post would give the answer to the question “How to successfully use Twitter for business?”

Thousands of online businesses are born every day. But only a small percentage of these companies get succeeded by using effective tools for promotion. Nowadays, social networks play a vital role in promoting the business and helps to target the relevant audience.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus are some of the popular social networking websites are being used by most of the businesses to expand its online presence and to get more clients.

Recently Twitter for business is getting prevalent as it helps to create a good relationship with customers, exchange opinions and permits the online activities to reach the success effortlessly. 

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Let’s get into the beneficial information use Twitter for business effectively.

How To Run A Business In General?

If you’re running a business, then

1. Have a simple and well-organized website design for the visitors in such a way that they should get their desired stuff at a glance.

2. Specify clear and precise information on your business in the website and update it consistently.

3. Engage your audience through comments, social media platforms or discussion boards and create a reason for them to come back regularly.

4. Respond to the emails/comments of the customers and maintain a high-quality email list.

5. Do not over optimize the website and create natural backlinks to stay safe from being banned by the search engines.

Why Integrate Twitter For Business?

Before checking the reasons to integrate Twitter for business, let me tell you some latest Twitter business facts.

1. Twitter is seven years old with more than 500 million registered users and 288 million active users.

2. More than 50% of Twitter users follow companies/brands/products/services and more than 40% of them learn the details of products/services through Twitter.

3. More than 90% twitter followers say that they follow a business on Twitter to get offers & promos, and about 40% of them will purchase from a brand they follow.

4. About 60% of Twitter users say that they are following the online business to share the ideas, show support for that business, get customer service support and to provide feedback.

5. Besides, a recent study shows that the promoted tweets boost offline sales by 29%, and more than 65% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from the brands that they follow them on Twitter.twitter-for-business                                Image credit:

Yes, twitters play a vital role in developing a business these days and check “What is the need of Twitter for business?”

Here are some reasons to incorporate Twitter into business.

1. Splendid networking tool

Twitter is an effective tool to meet the like-minded people & clients to talk about your business. If your customers are on Twitter, then it is an easy and fast way to convey the fresh news about your product/service.

2. Help to refine the business

By continuous communication with your potential consumers about your current business status, new updates, and future projects would contribute to improve your online business.

3. Get affection from search engines

Google and other search engines always like to give answers to the people, and it is working for the same. If you use Twitter for business with content rich answers to your client’s questions, then it is more likely to get good ranking in search engines.

4. Provide customer service

Twitter is the perfect place to interact with your patrons, educate them with more information about your business and help them to work out for themselves in a relaxed manner.

5.Create brand awareness

Execution of all the above steps in favor of your Twitter followers would certainly create a good awareness for your business and would help you to take it to the next level.

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Successful Tips To Use Twitter For Business

Below are some of the effective ways to utilize Twitter for business!

1. Construct a professional profile

Create a professional Twitter profile for your business with your company logo and website link. For better visibility and understanding, use your company name as the Twitter username and be sure to complete filling the profile with your precise business details.

People might look at your profile before started to follow you on Twitter.

2. Expose your Twitter account

After creating your attractive Twitter profile by changing the color and theme as per your convenience, write about the new Twitter account on your business website and ask the visitors to follow you on Twitter.

Include your Twitter link in newsletters, email signature, business cards, etc. to get exposure for your Twitter account.

3. Follow the exact people

I suggest you to spend some quality time to find correct free twitter followers and use the advanced search to narrow down the results. You can search by location, hashtags or words to get the like-minded people to support your business.

You need to follow the people who can capture your business information, and they should be the good listener, trustworthy and knowledgeable to extract your shared information. So, following the inappropriate people would not let you grow your business.

4. Engage customers with valuable tweets

Be sure to engage your exact customers with valuable tweets. If they engaged with it, they probably re-tweet and continue to follow you without any uncertainty. It is also good to share some useful re-tweets if you feel your followers will find interesting with it.

As it is a proper place for customer service, it is imperative to respond to your client’s inquiries to maintain the reputation of your business. Also encourage them to provide the feedback about your tweets and re-tweets.

5. Track the results and are the free twitter management tools to track everything on your twitter account.

To make improvements to your business, it is essential to use the twitter analysis tools to know about your competitors, follower’s activities, your engagement and achievements on twitter.

Bonus Tip

Think cleverly to get more twitter followers

You may follow some simple and effective strategies like tweeting business related images, running contents/giveaways, follow trends, using Twitter lists & Hashtags, integrating with other social networks, utilizing Hootsuite and Justretweet. These strategies would help you to attract more people to follow your business on Twitter.


Twitter for business is an effective social media marketing strategy which would boost your online presence, reputation and sales of products/services. Moreover, it is a viral medium to exchange the ideas and information with your customers and you could develop your business with it.

Following the right Twitter followers and tweeting the valuable materials helps you to take your business to the next level. Practice using some effective twitter tools & strategies with more twitter followers and use twitter for business successfully.

What do you think about using Twitter for business? Share your valuable thoughts and twitter experience through comments!

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