What is blokube and why bloggers should join in blokube?

This post is for the bloggers and it is about “blokube.com” a blogging community (social bookmarking) website.

Every blogger including the newbies are very well aware of the fact that the traffic is imperative for a blog success. Writing high quality posts, blog commenting, guest blogging and social presence are the good ways to drive genuine traffic to a blog. Then what is the need to network with other bloggers though blogging communities? Do check the following reasons.


What is the need of taking part in blogging communities?

It is really good for a blog to get organic traffic too from search engines by using proper keywords. But due to last Google Panda update, many blogs were affected much, as they depended mainly on search engine traffic and there were no backlinks build in it. Now days, Google and other search engines are giving priority to the blog posts which have more social signals (Facebook likes, tweets, G+shares and comments) and so it is vital to get these through some honest ways.

Blog communities would help the bloggers to attain this by connecting the minded people and it would strengthen the blogging experience. There are many blogging communities available with which the bloggers can promote their blog/blogs and could interact with fellow & influential bloggers. So I started a separate category  “blogging communities” in my blog, to afford the details of some useful communities for the bloggers.

blogging community                                                               Image credit: flickr

I should start discussing it with the details of a popular dofollow blogging community “Blog engage”. It is a paid one and most of the bloggers would not be interested in paying money to join in a community. So I prefer a blogging community website “blokube.com” for the bloggers to get some advantages to do better blogging.


What is blokube?

Blokube is a great blogging community website designed to serve bloggers and internet marketers to exchange their ideas and to interact with each other. It is a voting website where the bloggers can vote for other content and help it to get published.

A young blogger named Devesh Sharma from India is the founder of this community and he started this in the year 2010. A moderating team is acting with anti-spambot software to make the article submission process easy and user friendly. He takes constant efforts to improve this community by adding new features and to make it easy for the blokubers. This social bookmarking website is performing well with thousands of registered users and holding the Pagerank 4.

blokube website

Easy submission process, attractive voting button and upright commenting system would make the registered users to enjoy more with this place of community. There is also an upgrade plan available for the registered users with which they could gain benefits.


Who can join in Blokube?

It is a lucrative place for the bloggers to get good exposure and reputation. Blogger who blog about Internet marketing, social media, web design, technology, wordpress, SEO/ SEM, blogging, affiliate marketing, PPC, writing, link building can join in Blokube. Education and personal developments blogs are also accepted here.


Why bloggers should join in Blokube?

Here are some reasons

1. To develop their intelligence.

2. To promote their blog posts and to get dofollow backlink.

3. To get exposure by building a social network.

4. To get good SERP and to improve traffic to their blog. 5. To catch its features like private messaging, chat and wall activities.

Useful information about Blokube


All bloggers should understand that the main aspect of blogging depends on blogging communities by sharing, engaging and interacting with other bloggers. Blokube is a place where the bloggers can gain their knowledge by reading various posts and letting other bloggers to read their post by sharing it. Also the bloggers can request help or guest posts from other users and these activities would finally ends in building a good relationship. Bloggers can make this social media network more valuable by joining and sharing the quality articles.

Are you a blogger and member of blokube? Do share your experience about this blogging community with me. If not a member, am suggesting you to join there to taste its benefits!

See you all in comment section 🙂

33 thoughts on “What is blokube and why bloggers should join in blokube?”

  1. Well written post Nirmala ma’am 🙂

    I’m going to join BloKube. It was developed by Devesh! I don’t know that.

    As it gives dofollow links to my posts, it will be helpful for me to increase Page Rank.

    Love to join blogging communities. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nice to see your reply for my post and am really glad that you’re gonna join in Blokube 🙂

      Many thanks for it and am sure you’ll get good improvement in traffic with active participation.

      Keep coming here 🙂

  2. Interesting Post Nirmala Ma’am, Thanks a tons for writting it. I really enjoyed by reading your advice. This post is really encouraging me to join Blokube. I really love your own writing kind very attractive.

    1. Thanks for reading my post and appreciating me Naveen 🙂

      Blokube is really good blog community and am already member of it. Glad to hear that you’re liking my writing style. I used to write with simple and clear words, so my readers could understand the stuffs much better.

      Am happy with your prompt arrival for my posts, keep doing it 🙂

  3. Thanks sister for let me know about a new Blogger community. Really impressive, I am also looking for some Blogger community to gain dofollow backlinks by promoting articles. I have register a account on blokube! 😀

    1. Welcome Bro 🙂

      Yeah, it is essential that the bloggers should involve in blog communities to thrive in blogging.

      Glad you’ve benefited with my post and good to hear that you’re gonna register in blokube 🙂

      Stay tuned here to read the magical posts 😉

  4. Blokube is indeed an awesome blogging community and i have always recommended it to bloggers to join. I have positive experience since i joined blokube, apart fro the advantage of others promoting your content, it also provides an excellent platform to exchange awesome blogging ideas and i have benefited from this much more. Thanks for assuring me of doing the right thing since i joined this community called Blokube.

    1. Great reply from you by sharing your Blokube experience with my readers, thanks Nwosu Desmond 🙂

      Am appreciating that you’re recommending bloggers to join in blokube.

      Thanks for adding value to my post by sharing your positive experience, keep doing the same 😉

  5. Hi Nirmala,

    Dev is a pro’s pro. I have known him for a few years now and he is quick to promote others in tribes, etc…no wonder he runs such a successful network in Blokube.

    Thanks for sharing the dead on review!


  6. Nishant Srivastava

    Blokube is the one of the best community for blogger and its free, developed by an Indian that makes me proud, devesh has done a great job with this website.

    I am using it from a long time, I suggest everyone to join this community, but these days they took lots of time to approve new members.

    Good post Nirmala!
    Keep Rocking

    1. Hi Nishant,

      Welcome here again and its really great to hear that you’re using Blokube for a long time.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with my readers and hope the moderators are taking time to check the genuine members to join this blog community.

      Am really glad with your appreciation, keep doing it 😉

  7. Thanks Nirmala for letting all of us know about this great community. I just joined blokube! and the best thing about this community is that you can exchange your ideas. Lovely:)

  8. Hi,
    well Blogging communities plays a vital role in blogging. We do have many benifits if we are members of such communities. I would like to be member in such communities but i can’t afford it 🙁 Coming back to post this post was nicely written 🙂 🙂

  9. hi there nirmala. i am a member of blokube which is why i am very familiar with it. the service is free but i am more active in blogengage than in blokube

  10. I’m in Blokube for quite a long time and I really appreciate the service. When BlogEngage went to paid service, I’d expected Blokube would rise much higher but the time shows that both Blokube and BlogEngage co-existed happily.

    Thanks Nirmala for this discussion.

  11. Thanks for giving some good informations.I am newbie to this blogging field.While reading your post i came to know about a new community Blog engage thanks for sharing this!

  12. I am also in Blokube. But I am inactive for a while. You remind me about blokube again. Now time to check it agian
    Thanks for nice sharing.

  13. Hi Nirmala Ma’am,

    Thanks for the info !!!, I just opened blokube.com and i want to register here, Unfortunately I don’t see any noraml register page here and I cliked on subscription for 1.99 GBP per month and payed off , and website didn’t re-direct me to register page of blokube.com. Instead its showing again the new page ( i.e. no where i can’t register myself here ).

    After that i contacted [email protected] to register my account , Hope t o get a reply from him .

    How do I exactly register in blokube.com.


  14. Nice Nirmala Mam,

    I never heard of a blogging community called Blokube. But after visiting this website, I came to know that it is very interesting. Mam, A small doubt, Do all the links in Blokube have dofollow tag ?

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