Why Should You Get A Paid VPN Service?

You might be familiar with the VPN services that gives you unrestricted access to the blocked or censored websites on the internet.

Well, it’s just the common reason that most of the netizens use the Virtual Private Network and there are a lot more advantages of the service including anonymity, safety, and security.

I have already written the basic details of VPN service on my other blog. Hence you might be knowing that the VPN is a freemium service which is available in both free and paid versions.

If you are in a dilemma to choose between VPN service providers, then try to understand that it’s better to turn to a popular and paid service provider than choosing least known or free services.

It can be elaborated explaining the reasons to choose the Paid or Premium VPN version which could be used both in less-secured Wi-Fi hotspots like hotels, restaurants, cafes, malls or airports and in offices for business purposes.

Before paying for the VPN, every user must assess their needs and the best way in which they can do same is by understanding their own priorities and reasons to buy one.

It becomes even more difficult when you need to choose from the attractive VPN options shown in the Google search.

Why Is The Premium VPN Better Than Free VPN? 

Now, let’s have a look at the primary benefits of buying the premium VPN service! 


#1 Connection Stability

The paid VPN should provide stable connectivity, after all, hence saving your time from data-loading issues, loose connection and abrupt loss of connectivity.

With most of the premium services is generally more advanced and capable to meet the customer needs.

#2 Connection Speeds & Limitations

Most major VPNs will have high-speed connectivity indulging the ISPs connection speed and making it bit faster and smoother so that the user can browse the internet without any flaws.

Worthwhile, it also doesn’t have any bandwidth limits hence you need not have to worry about how long you’re going online.

No one will pay for a low-speed connection that reduces your efficiency, the best VPN service should ensure high-speed connection supported by high-performance server cluster located in a variety of location.

They don’t have the restrictions found for free VPNs like poor regional availability, login queues, data limits other than the usual speed, connection limits.

#3 Maximum Encryption & Best Protocol security

The paid VPNs sticks to latest and advanced technology encryption that encrypts all the user web traffic with the best techniques including the class 256-bit AES Encryption.

The Best VPN found fore that they don’t latest and best protocol like OpenVPN, L2TP/ IPsec, which had a significant improvement over old PPTP.

Most likely found the OpenVPN has a high-security level with low processing overhead but doesn’t support the Android or iOS.

Whereas L2TP/IPsec lacks in speed and open security audits found for OpenVPN but evidently it supports the Mobile Operating System like Android or iOS.

The VPN providers shouldn’t be using outdated Protocols and Encryption method which is prone to siphon the user traffic by reverse engineering methods causing to locate your geo-location.

#4 100% Anonymity

Anonymity is the major characteristic of the Virtual Private Network, such that the service shouldn’t record any of the user information regarding the usage statics or connection.

The major motive of the non-free VPN host is very much clear that they intend to provide high user privacy even though they admit that they do the service for money.

They are completely free from the unlockable ads seen in the free VPNs.

#5 Better Service Quality

Most of the Premium Virtual Private Network providers generate a direct source of revenue from their services rather than selling ads like the free VPNs.

Such that, they are obliged to ensure the customer feedback otherwise they will lose their value and outshine their competitors.

Thus the Premium services offer a high selection of servers, faster and maximum server uptime. They also retain all-day customer support over 24×7 live chat and email which is absent for the free VPNs.

#6 Cross Platform

Now day’s people using cross-platform became so common, so that if you are going to purchase VPN make sure that it supports not just your PC.

The premium VPN should have access to Mobiles, Tablets, and other major devices. Also make sure it does have the extensions for popular web-browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Other User-Friendly features

The paid VPN shouldn’t lack options, and it should be convenient for the user to use it on a regular basis.

The major for a sure that should have is a Kill Switch for the VPN, makes the service good that it can quickly exit from VPN and dump all the traffic and get into the regular internet.

Double Data Encryption is the newest feature that found for the VPN which provide ultra-security on the network which twice encrypts the data and ensures more privacy.

Interim it is also very important to test the VPN before purchasing a long-term plan.

Most of the Free VPN Providers will ask you for a paid upgrade to the premium version, henceforth rather than securing your connection, they will pry into your web traffic.

It can be more hazardous when they snip your private information like your IP or the websites you have visited, tracking your geo-location and the duration of VPN service usage.

Conversely, the paid VPN services ensure more safety and security keeping the cost much cheaper with more features.

Thus choosing Premium VPN has more advantages than you think to confiscate above issues of the free VPN services in the market.


Paid VPN services are well worth the money much similar to investment endowing more value and features that you will never expect to get.

Further, it’s all about the trustworthy, reputable and recommended service provider with maximum VPN features in-house.

Recently I have bought the best VPN service provider, NordVPN; it is good. I’m suggesting you have a look at its pricing and features. 

So, do you agree with my valid viewpoint in getting the premium VPN service? Any thoughts? Let’s discuss in the comment section. 

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  1. Hello Nirmala Mam,

    VPN is really a great way to protect yourself from potential threat by hiding your real IP. In terms of security paid VPN services comes with great security features while in free VPN there are a limited or no security options. Thanks for sharing these great tips and insights here.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

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