Top Qualities To Become a Successful Blogger

This post describes the top qualities to become a successful blogger for the newbie bloggers.

Last week, I received a mail through from a guy saying that “I found your blog in Google search, and it has some useful information. I am an engineering student and good in writing tutorials in computer programming. I want to share my knowledge through blogging. Let me know about the qualities that a blogger should possess”.

I humbly replied to that mail with few lines and disclosed some useful resources to him. I was very impressed with his mail because he didn’t include any queries about making money with blogging. I believe that he will become a successful blogger soon and decided to write about the leading qualities that the bloggers should hold.

People consider blogging as a business to make money online. I agree with this concept; even I started blogging to meet some monetary benefits by sharing my acquaintance. But I strongly say that the bloggers should have a set of qualities to become a successful blogger.

Let’s discuss some blogging aptitudes to become a successful blogger. As it is the post for the newbies, I am starting here with the basic question,

What Is Blogging?

The process of writing and publishing posts for a blog is blogging. It is the best way to share your knowledge on fascinating topics with others. Some people are making use of it to get financial benefits, and others are doing it as a hobby.

If you’ve started blogging to make money, then you should have the below-listed qualities to become a successful blogger.


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10 Qualities To Become A Successful Blogger

1. Learning and writing skill

A blogger should be a learner and a good writer. If you see the successful bloggers, they never stop off learning, and that might be the reason they keep on being successful.

So, you need to learn the new blogging stuff to withstand in the Blogosphere. Although the ready-made articles are available for the blogs to update, you’ll be missing the personal touch in blog posts, and so it is better to write by yourself for your blog. 

Read and write more blog posts to advance your scripting skill.

2. Creativity and Proper planning

A blog is like a diary, and you can express your creativity while creating the blog posts. This would be unique and stand out from the thousands of articles. Proper planning is bringing the different blog post ideas for your blog. This is possible if you like to read other blogs and take part in blogging communities.

Proper planning is bringing the different blog post ideas for your blog. This is possible if you like to read other blogs and take part in blogging communities.

So, if you plan properly along with your creativity, I am sure that you would have an ability to create viral posts and soon become a successful blogger.

3. Curiosity and consistency

Curiosity is the needing quality as it let you do an enhanced blogging. If you are curious in your chosen niche, then you would visit other blogs to expand your knowledge. This quality helps you to construct excellence blog posts and also allow you to comment & guest blogging on the blogs of your same niche. 

You should understand that consistency is imperative in blogging to get more traffic, authority and Search engine optimization benefits.

If you’re inconsistent, then it is tough to get love from search engines. i.e it is hard for your blog to hold top place in search engines. Just imagine, if your curiosity is mingled with consistency, then? Definitely, you will become a successful blogger quickly.

4. Patience & Persistence

Patience is a dynamic quality of blogging. Even though, you are brilliant in creating the blog posts, and if you don’t have patience, then it is harsh to thrive in blogging. Persistence is nothing but the strength of mind which helps you to avoid the thoughts of “quit blogging”.

Both patience and persistence are needed in the early period of blogging to get a good reputation in your niche field.

5. Interacting & Helping

Both interacting and helping are the good qualities of a blogger that would assist you to gain more blogging friends and visitors for your blog.

If you interact with pro bloggers and influential bloggers humbly, they will help you to solve your problems, and even they share your blog posts on their network which would increase the visibility of your blog.

6. Niche & SEO knowledge

Having knowledge in your chosen niche and SEO is the indeed quality of a blogger. If you know sufficient information about your blogging niche, then it is feasible for you to update your blog. Some bloggers commit a mistake in choosing their niche with trending topics, not their fascinating one and this is the reason for writer’s block.

To rank well on search engines, the basic SEO like keyword research, on-page, and off-page optimization should be done.

7. Targeting & Understanding The Audience

Blog audience helps to grow your blog and so it is essential that they should be targeted. Some effective products from Google like Keyword planner, Trends, Google Analytics could be used to find your target audience.

You can engage your audience by understanding them and provide solutions for their requirements through your blog posts.

8. Observing & Smart Working

Observing blog related stuff like traffic driving ways, tools to cross-post the blog content, link building, etc. would expand your blogging knowledge and do the experiment to implement these stuff. Most of the bloggers say that hardworkingly is necessary for blogging. But I prefer smart work by thinking wisely to do an enriched blogging.

If observation is blended with your smart work, then it would let you become a successful blogger effortlessly.

9. Managing and Marketing skills

Social signals like Facebook Likes, Tweets, +1’s of Google Plus and votes in community websites are significantly needed for your blog to get good SERP. So, you should stay active in social networks and top social bookmarking websites to acquire like-minded people for your blog.

Manage your social profiles effectually and promote your blog posts on popular social networking websites helps you to get more exposure.

10. Organized and Time Managing Ability

To become a successful blogger, you should well-organized with your blogging activities like publishing and promoting the blog posts, blog commenting, guest blogging, etc.

You could execute all these activities by implementing better time management.

If you still need some practical strategies to thrive in blogging, check this huge list of blogging tips that would widen your web presence for sure!


Blogging is not a one day game to see the result of your work. It may take several months/years to reach your goals. Instead of getting discouragement, try to practice the above-listed qualities to improve your blog by attracting more people to it. If you have these top qualities, then you would become a successful blogger soon.

I have most of the qualities that I have listed above and still learning some of it to become a successful blogger. I wish all the bloggers to do the same.

Do you have these blogging qualities? Did I miss any quality to become a successful blogger? I would like to discuss with you through comments!

59 thoughts on “Top Qualities To Become a Successful Blogger”

  1. Hello Nirmala Mam,

    You said that this post is for Newbies.. I’m blogging from past three years and still this post is informative for me.
    I have to improve my writing and marketing skills. Specially I wanna focus of List Building now a days.
    Hope to get it the concept very soon.

    1. Glad you find my blogging post informative Ankit bro 🙂

      It is good to hear that you’re gonna improve your writing and marketing skills for your blog. Yeah, you should be good in writing to gain permanent visitors and marketing is necessary to acquire the like-minded people.

      My best wishes for your blogging career, hope you’ll achieve some remarkable things soon 🙂

  2. Expecting something like this from you mam.

    Definitely you are becoming a successful blogger as you have mentioned helping point to become a successful blogger. You have helped lots of newbies those who are looking for grand success here.

    Doing friendship with other webmasters is always the key to get more exposure on our blog as well as our social network increase.

    Writing good, marketing better and interacting best leads to get successful blogging carrier.. 🙂

    1. Am really pleased with your presence Aman 🙂

      Glad with your appreciation and agreeing your views.

      Interacting politely with influential bloggers have countless benefits and am familiar with it.

      Thanks for sharing your blogging views, keep visiting here to leave your suggestions 🙂

  3. Really really a good article, I was new and not well known many issues. You make it here. Thanks. I frankly blogging made me to get habituated to Patience and persistence, I am poor in niche and seo knowledge hope i would improve it your tips maam. Let me ask you one question? I just want some quick and amazing tips to improve site links fastly? Could you please suggest me. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your visit here Tharun.

      it is tough to hear that you’re having poor knowledge in your chosen niche and SEO. It is imperative quality to get success in blogging.

      Coming to Link building, I prefer some genuine ways like blog commenting, guest blogging, forum and community participation, content curation and from social media.

      I suggest you to have the sufficient knowledge about your niche and then update your blog with unique content.

      1. I was really poor in on-page seo techniques. Any how i would consider your tips to improve my blog site linking. Thanks for your tips. Happy Blogging.

  4. I am doing blogging from last two years, but first year I not earn single $. After one year I got Google AdSense and now I am earning several bucks.

    Patience, is the one of the quality in each and every blogger must have because without patience you never do blogging.

    One example for you, One of my publisher who’s advertise on my blog since March 2013, now It’s September still they are not paying signle Rupees. And they are one of the leading newspaper company in India.

    1. Thanks for sharing your earning experience with me Nikhil 🙂

      If you blog for fun and hobby, you’ll enjoy it. But If your goal is to attain some financial benefits through blogging, then you must have the quality “patience”.

      It is good that you’re earning from Adsense 🙂

  5. It is really a very informative post i am agree with ankit, this post is not only for younger one but also it is for elder one also :P. well you had covers the top basic skill to be a successful blogger. I personally feel if we are hardcore passionate about blogging than this all characteristics will be just an outcome.. thanks this post is helping me a lot ^-^.

    1. Hi Umesh,

      Thanks for your comment and glad that you found my post useful 🙂

      Yeah, even the pro-bloggers are missing some qualities now a days, as they are in a situation to earn money through blogging.

      Keep coming here to share your opinions 🙂

  6. Really nice article. I too many times think about quitting blogging because of less traffic and comments. I do lot of research and hard work before posting anything on my health blog.
    I got the answer here, Patience and quality writing is the key.
    Keep guiding!!

    1. I can’t agree with you Mumammad 🙁

      Even though you are consistent, but your writing style is bad or resembling like other bloggers, then? It is hard win the readers heart.

      I am saying that a blogger should be a good writer! What do you say?

  7. Hello mam
    i am a frequent reader of your blog. I started blogging about 2 months ago . My website is . Till now i am unable to grab good amount of visitors . Although i always post unique content but i am unable to generate satisfactory income. Please help….

    1. Am pleased that you’re my regular visitor 🙂

      I clealy explanied in this post that blogging is not a one day to know your result. It may several month/years to get traffic and all.

      So, keep blogging and update your blog with unique content 🙂

  8. Great article Nirmala mam 🙂 I agree with each and every point of your’s and I think now I have to work on time management and also increase the quality of writing 🙂

    Again thanks for the post 🙂

  9. Awesome Tips for bloggers..Nirmala You have written this post very well and you have organized the tips very well..I think that new bloggers should always follow such tips for getting success with blogging..Keep guiding new bloggers in this way…

  10. Hi Nirmala,

    Great tips for anyone who runs a blog not just newbies.

    I think that time management plays a huge role in whether or not we are successful.

    Many people try to do blogging while working a job or doing other life things. If they don’t learn how to manage their time, chances are they will never become successful.

    I’ve learned a lot of things and met a lot of great people just from visiting different blogs. So I think that reading other people’s blogs can definitely help you improve your writing skills and keep you updated on your niche.

    Thanks for sharing…have a wonderful day.

    1. Am really glad with your arrival and comment Susan 🙂

      Agree with your views. Managing time is most important in blogging to complete the imperative tasks.

      Yeah, writing skill can be advanced by continuous reading.

      Thanks for your comment, keep visiting here to share your thoughts 🙂

  11. H Nirmala Santhakumar !!!
    🙂 yup Nirmala, These all are real nice & important question to know about Blogging as well as Become a Successful Blogger! Basically Nirmala there are many question but these are the most useful & important question to know about Blogging & definitely these will make become a successful Blogger.

  12. You have written everything already. Hunger of learning, patience, hardworking, Consistency these are the basic qualities every blogger should have in order to taste the success.

    Nice post.

  13. Wonderful post Nirmala.

    Am blogging for more than four years, till now i am learning about blogging. At first, i started blogging to make money, but now it becomes passion for me.

    The way of narrating the qualities of blogger is interesting. This post is not only for newbies, it will also helpful to bloggers like me. Thanks for sharing your view with others.

  14. Great writing Nirmala 🙂

    No Doubt, Learning never stops and for a blogger it is important to learn and update his old knowledge with the latest and useful one.

    Another most important factor – Patience.

    One should have lots of patience & creativity if you want to earn something from your blog.

    Thanks for sharing such a great post. I am trying my best to bring all the above mentioned qualities in me.

  15. Hi! Nirmala.

    Your article was a great read !! Well-written and quite informative too. You possess great skills to become a professional writer.
    Just keep up the good work going on. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

    Stay happy and healthy.

    Shivani Sharma

  16. great informative article..
    you have shared some crucial points related to blogging which are must to perform good SEO.
    thanks for sharing such kind of useful information…

  17. Hi Nirmala,
    I’m very new to this blog. Very soon I’m planning to start
    A blog:) you’re post is very useful. Pls contact me n personal
    I want to talk, sorry learn:) pls… I belong to chennai 🙂

  18. If I say my opinion to become successful blogger is to set your goal in blogging field and do constructive and smart work for that 24×7. This is the only way, you have to give your 100% for blogging and this is also very long term process. You can not get results rapidly.

  19. Really These are the must have Qualities in a blogger to succeed in blogsphere..!! Well Written And Comprehensive Article It is..!! The Very Quality of You I Liked is Helping..!! You Replied To Almost All The Comments Very Nicely And This Way We Build Good Relationships With Our Readers..!! I Am Also A Learner And Do Share What I Learn On My Blog..!! Thank “YOU” mam 🙂 I Would Keep Visiting..!!

  20. I am doing blogging from last last years, but first 6 months I did not earn single amount but after 6 months I got Google AdSense approval
    and now I am earning good amount. I want to say to new blogger please have a Patience for get successful blogger.
    thanks Writer for such good content.

  21. Read and read many blogs gives inspiration to get success in blogging field. it would let to write uniquely.
    Yes, patience is the main key of blogging success 🙂

  22. It’s really great article maam, I am a new and not well known many issues. You make it here. Thanks. I frankly blogging made me to get habituated to Patience and persistence, I am poor in niche and SEO knowledge hope i would improve it your tips. Let me ask you one question? I just want some quick and amazing tips to improve my site rank? Could you please suggest me. Thanks.

  23. nice article,
    this is my first time when i reached on your website.
    I am also a fresher blogger, the things which you mentioned above was very helpful for me.
    I hope, i will get more information from your site in future.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Welcome to my blog Milgayinakri, thanks for reading my blog posts.

      Glad you liked them. Sure, I’ll try my level best to contribute some helpful stuff for my loyal readers like you.

      All the best for your new blogging venture, keep writing.

  24. Hi, I think you have written a good article. Hunger of learning, patience, hardworking, Consistency these are the basic qualities every blogger should have in order to taste the success.

    Thanks – Brian Keo

  25. Hi Nirmala

    You haven’t left any quality which a blogger should have to become successful. 😀

    You have covered every quality we need to become successful. I personally believe that ” Learning & Creativity ” is the must have quality. Why?

    Because If you want to learn something then after learning that thing, you will try to implement that thing in a very creative way.

    Creativity always helps to generate new ideas and unique methods of completing any task.

    Just impressed with your article. Thanks for sharing this article with us. 😀

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