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When it comes to the media player for Windows, a laundry list of familiar names will undoubtedly pop into your mind-Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, Real Player, among others. In this arena, uniqueness is undoubtedly a recurring theme to any new players with an ambition to enter the spotlight.

With this in mind, it is not surprising to see 5KPlayer, a new style free media player for Windows (10), loaded with the facility of downloading online videos and streaming media files for multi-screen playback.



Click here to download free 5KPlayer

Simply put, 5KPlayer is a mixture of free (MKV) HD video player, music player, AirPlay media streamer and online video downloader. Read on to take a closer look at every nook and cranny of this new style media player.

A Glistening Jewel of Free Online Video Downloader

In short, 5KPlayer is a glistening jewel of free online video downloader. It outnumbers many other rivals on the input front, supporting the way in excess of 300 video websites. To get a bespoke downloaded profile, you can choose at will among P4M/FLV/3GP/WEBM with different resolution, whether it is 4K, 5K, 8K, Ultra HD or 1080p HD.

Additionally, 5KPlayer also converts the online videos to MP3 or AAC music format as an independent YouTube to MP3 video downloader and converter

Nevertheless, before we tread into the area of going further to elaborate what makes this freeware tick, let’s take YouTube as an example and see how easy the process of downloading online video can be.


Step one: After copying the source video’s URL, start the loading process by clicking the “YouTube” icon.


Step two: Hit “Paste URL & Analyze” to load the source video.

Step three: Select a downloaded profile demonstrating your preference on the format, size, and resolution. It is worth noting that there are four formats available – MP4/FLV/3GP/WEBM. If you are not content with them, you could use a video converter for more video formats.

Step four: Tap “Download” button to start downloading the video.

All-in-one Media Player

As you can tell from its name, 5KPlayer is also an all round free media player for Windows (10). It is not only an HD video player supporting 4K/5K/8K UHD videos in MKV/M2TS/MP4/AVI/WMV/FLV file extension, but an MP3/AAC/AC3/WMA/FLAC/ ALAC music player.

Better yet, you can utilize it as a region-free DVD player, whether your DVD is home-made or commercial. Nevertheless, you still need a professional DVD ripper if you want to convert DVDs to hard drive or devices.

Ace AirPlay Streamer

Do not jump to the conclusion that it is what this freeware is capable of as free media player for Windows (10) that breaks 5KPlayer out of its shell, as it is packed with another amazing feature- Apple’s AirPlay. With it, 5KPlayer enables you to ship video/audio (MP4, H.264, M4V, MP3 and AAC) stored in iPhone, iPad, iPod, PC, Mac to PC, Mac, and Apple TV as long as both devices are connected to the same network.

Other  Impressive Features of 5KPlayer

1. It has inbuilt radio player where you can extend your pleasure by listening to Radio. Yes, it can receive satellite radio from BBC, Gold, Planet Rock etc. Just you need to click and select the preset internet Radio stations.

2. With this free video player software, you can establish your personal multimedia library in a trendy manner to manage the playlists and YouTube videos.

3. It has the ability to convert the soundtracks of online videos to MP3, AAC format of music or else as an independent YouTube ringtone to MP3 video converter and downloader.


As basically a free media player for Windows (10), 5KPlayer with a combination of online video downloader and AirPlay receiver/sender is successfully pulling some surprises out of the hat and we have to applaud to it (and download it) for such a great performance and its diverse features.

What do you think about this vibrant Windows media player which is available for free? Would you like to use it to download online videos? Share your views in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Nirmala,
    First time I hear this 5K media player, I will download 5k player and experience it.
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  2. I’m excited to see what other gems Windows 10 will hold… certainly it can’t be worse than Windows 8 / 8.1 😉

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  3. Well I must admit I never heard of 5k player and I must say its a new generation platform for downloading videos.

    I guess I’m going to check it out.

  4. Hey Nirmala,
    Its for the first time em hearing about this player.I think its beyond over what we expecting on a media player.Moreover You’ve pointed that “online videos to MP3, AAC format of music or else as an independent YouTube ringtone to MP3 video converter and downloader”. I think It thunders the world in future days,while compare with other heavy players.. Thanks for sharing your view on 5Kplayer. <3 <3

  5. Hey Nirmala,
    It is really interesting to hear that it can download videos from YouTube. I always use TubeMate (Android App) to download anything from YouTube. Haven’t tried any desktop application to do this task. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. You nailed this post by sharing a wonderful site for download various format videos from almost all the sites.

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  7. Hi Nirmala
    I was viewing a post on a blog and i see your comment their with the link to this post. I head to the link because i was in search for good media player
    I was using KMplayer before reding this post . I just downloaded 5Kplayer and I found it quite amazing
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