7 + 2 Latest Released Computer Keyboards In The Market

The keyboard is an essential peripheral for a PC as it is the main interface of communication. If you are using PC for years, most probably you are a victim of keyboard strikes. I faced a few times. We have to be more careful while purchasing computer keyboards.

What happened for me was due to my obsession with the physical appearance of the keyboard. If I had liked the appearance and colour, I would have bought the keyboard for sure irrespective of the manufacturer and quality. But this habit bit me back two times.

The keyboard through which I am typing this blog post is my 2nd one. You might have also faced this experience. Selecting a physically beautiful one will not be a headache for you. Because these companies have Keyboards of awesome design and are not famous for deceiving their customers also.

So, when you want to buy a keyboard, understand the different types of keyboards available in the market. Then make a good research and list out five reliable manufacturers. Now, make a list of three computer keyboards from them. You can include gaming, multimedia and mechanical keyboards in the list according to your needs.

Recently Released Keyboards For Computer To Buy

Today, I am going to discuss some recently released computer keyboards which would help you to choose the best one suitable for your requirement. I paid my best care to exclude those which suck to run smoothly.

1. Zebronics Multimedia USB KeyboardZebronics-Multimedia-USB-Keyboard

Zebronics is a computer peripheral producing company in India. People outside in India may not be familiar with the name. But it is well-known here for cabins, speakers, keyboards and mice.

If you are on the verge of emptying your wallet and desperately in need of a keyboard, this one fits you the best. No need to spend extra bucks on the mouse as the package includes it also.

In Amazon, it costs only 399 Indian rupees at the time of writing this. Don’t expect high-end features for such a shoelace budget. Nonetheless, it will satisfy the basic needs of a personal computer user.

Zebronics manufactured this keyboard with 15 multimedia keys like play, pause, next, previous etc. which enable you to control music playback without even looking at the monitor.

Are you still in love with PS2 type? Then you should bid a goodbye now. Why because this one supports USB interface only.

It does supports Windows OS versions from XP to 8.1. Although there is no need to carry a PC keyboard, it is very lightweight (406 grams) and have the dimension of 445 x 150 x 20 mm.

The sensitivity of the keyboard is very good. You won’t blame this for not shooting a bullet on time while gaming. From this time, you don’t need to press keys harder.

The keyboard is water spill proof. Mouse within the package has two buttons and a scroll wheel. This optical mouse will not let you down for sure.

It has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard


I know you are waiting for the one from Logitech. This company needs no introduction. It has been manufacturing mice and keyboards for many years.

The biggest advantage of purchasing this keyboard is, you will get a mouse within the package. Both the mouse and the keyboard are wireless. This will make you comfortable to type right from your bed. No need to pull the short wires anymore.

This one also is a multimedia keyboard which helps you to control your media without wandering over windows. Besides, there are enhanced function keys.

This Logitech keyboard price is Rs. 2050 (now) since it has some cool features. Keys don’t make loud noise no matter how hard you tap on it. There will be no delay in getting the desired action.

Some Wi-Fi computer keyboards lack caps lock light. But this wireless keyboard and mouse comes with one. The overall feel of the device is premium and very handy.

Water resistance is a good addition to the specs. The media keys are embedded with function keys. They did it to save space, I think. But in my opinion it would have been more effective, with separate function keys and media buttons.

It has a weight of 603 gm. Dimension is 81 x 127 x 43 mm.

The package includes Mouse, Keyboard, USB receiver, 1 AA battery in the mouse, 2 AA batteries in the keyboard and a user manual.

Logitech provides 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for the keyboard and 18 months warranty for the mouse.

3. Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard (N9Z- 00001)


How can I avoid this tech giant from the list of computer keyboards? Every PC user knows this company.
This keyboard also lacks wires. We can connect it to PC by your Wi-Fi connection.

Are you looking for the info about a mouse that comes with it? Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t give you a mouse here. Don’t feel down. Actually a PC with this keyboard doesn’t need a mouse!!

Microsoft has done a good job by integrating a trackpad into the keyboard. Though it contains a trackpad, the device is not too big.

Amazon.in shows the price as 3434 Indian Rupees. It may subject to change, according to their terms and policy.

The weight is 630 grams and dimension is 379 x 143 x 37 mm. There are 2 AA batteries pre-installed within the keyboard.

You can even use it with your tablet or phone by making use of an OTG cable. Because the USB is a regular one for this Keyboard. With an OTG cable, we can change it to micro USB.

There is no need for a special driver to make this device worked. You will be annoyed if you use function keys often. Because you have to press Fn button at first.

If you love to use PC from bed or a place away from it, this will help you a lot as a trackpad is included.

4. Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Gaming Keyboard


Are you looking for a gaming Keyboard within your budget? Then, this one suits you the best. Cooler Master is a Taiwanese computer hardware making company. It is well-known for the laptop coolers.

If you are more familiar with Cooler Master, chances are great that you knew about their incredible gaming keyboards. The remarkable feature is nothing but its beautiful physical appearance.

As Blue LEDs colourizes the keyboard, you may not see the bluish colour of the texts while it is not in use. Don’t think blue is the only option you can choose from. There are blue, brown and red variants. There are 3 modes and 5 brightness levels for the LED lightness.

I thought this to be wireless. But unfortunately, this keyboard has wires and does support USB interface. Company says its lifespan is about 50 million keystrokes!!

Owing to the features, it has a weight of about 1.8 kilograms. Dimension is 300 x 455 x 155 cm.
This one also comes with media buttons as a combination of function keys. You will find it sluggish to press Fn key every time before tapping on functional keys.

The biggest upside I think is there is no need of extra light to see the keys. If you are in a hostel room, sharing the room with your friends, they will no longer curse you for keeping the lights on. The blue, brown or red LED in this keyboard helps you to figure out the buttons easily.

One-year warranty is available for the purchase.

5. Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Razer keyboards are the ever time favourite of gamers. You can easily guess whether the person is a gamer or not by simply looking at his keyboard. If he has a Razer keyboard, no doubt about his love towards computer games.

Razer BlackWidow Elite Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard The one we are talking about here is black in colour. And it has an interesting green finish, bordering every key. There are caps lock, scroll lock and num lock indication LEDs.

This keyboard lacks the wireless feature. I think you get a complete gaming experience only if you sit right in front of the PC. So the wired spec of a gaming keyboard doesn’t matter.

As I said about the previous keyboard, this one also is a bit heavier with a weight of about 1.5 kilograms. Dimension is 470 x 182 x 39 cm.

You won’t find a battery within the package. Actually the keyboard doesn’t want a battery. So you have nothing to worry about.

Do you still hesitant to purchase this one? Just Google for Razer Keyboards Review and be satisfied with the results.

6. Apple MC184ll/B Wireless Keyboard


You may have a Mac. That’s why I have included a keyboard for Apple users also. Apple needs no introduction. Nowadays, it is the matter of prestige to own the Apple devices.

This attractive keyboard comes with a classy mouse. Both of them are wireless. The biggest advantage of Apple devices is its clean and elegant look. These awesome gadgets are not too different. The package itself is minimal.

The keyboard supports multi-touching. So you won’t give a damn while gaming.

Steve Jobs was very strict in the size of gadgets. He didn’t like big devices. This keyboard proves that even after the death of Steve Jobs, they are following his strategy. 

This wireless mouse and keyboard combo has an efficient power management system. So you don’t have to put the charger every time in your pocket.

It is very light with only 599 grams of weight. Dimension is 360 x 140 x 26 mm. Along with the Keyboard and mouse, the package contains the printed user manual and two AA batteries.

With a standard Apple device’s warranty of 1 year, this one is worth trying try if you have a Mac OS gadget.

7. Tesoro Excalibur Mechanical Gaming KeyboardTesoro-Excalibur-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard

This one is a perfect treat for all computer games addicts. It has no fancy curves or stickers, but still it will capture your heart.

Tesoro has done a brilliant job in terms of backlight LED. You can easily figure out the keys with it. The interesting fact is that you can customize the area of the backlight. Confused?

Let me explain. Just think you need only arrow keys, w, a, s, d and space bar at a time. You can light those keys only. It will cut the drainage of the battery.

Tesoro Excalibur Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has a 2512 kb inbuilt memory (whoa!) which makes the keystrokes work faster.This best keyboard has a 2512 kb inbuilt memory (whoa!) which makes the keystrokes work faster.

Multi-key pressing will not be an issue if you buy this computer peripheral.

The design will take your breath away. They have done a beautiful job without any fancy material to making this keyboard elegant.

Bonus New Cool Computer Keyboards

8. Enter E-FCK USB Standard Keyboard


Here comes a bonus to you. This is for your patience of reading 1600 words. 

This keyboard is going to excite you. Because Enter E-FCK USB Standard Keyboard is not an ordinary item. It can be rolled into a rubber sheet! Yes, you heard it right. It is the feature which makes this keyboard off the mark.

Just think you are travelling with your Laptop. What if your Laptop’s in- built Keyboard stops working? You will certainly buy an external keyboard. But how do you carry it as you have only Laptop bag with you?

Then this Keyboard comes to your rescue. You can roll the Keyboard and place it wherever you want to.

Unfortunately, you can’t unleash the power of wireless technology. Enter E-FCK has only one interface, that is USB.

This foldable cheap keyboard is available on Flipkart at a price of Rs. 399.

9. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Have you ever felt that the size of your keyboard is a bit bigger? Did you ever face it difficult to pack it in a small bag? Then this one best suits you.

You won’t feel any difference on this keyboard from a regular one in terms of the keyset. The only difference lies on the space it requires. We can fold this keyboard through the middle.

Microsoft Universal Foldable keyboard supports PC, Laptop as well as small screens also. It comes with a rechargeable battery.

You won’t face any inconvenience with the cable as this one supports Bluetooth version 4.0.

The ultrathin design of only 5 mm makes this keyboard universally acceptable. Open the keyboard to switch it on and shut to off, pretty simple.

Haven’t you Chosen One?

If you want to improve your typing proficiency or have good gaming experience, you may buy a newly released keyboard that boasts awesome features. Just select one from the above list and enjoy your computing.

Before choosing the best new keyboard, know your primary need of having an excellent keyboard. You may use PC for playing games, surfing the internet, writing and multimedia uses. After knowing your purpose, select the best computer keyboard which suits your need well.

What is your opinion about recent technology computer keyboards? Would you like to buy any of the keyboards for PC which I’ve listed here? Share your insights in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Nirmala,
    Was looking for some really exciting keyboards as i needed one for my pc and i got your blog for the same. It really tells what i want. Thank You for this post and keep writing i really like your writing

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Welcome to my blog Atulit and glad you’ve reached the exact place for your keyboard requirement.

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  2. Hi,

    I’m a great fan of razer and logitech keyboards and already using both. I was planning to upgrade current keyboard with Razer BlackWidow as I’m impressed with its keys.

    Any discount available?

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Yes Samir, Logitech keyboards are really awesome. I’m using it now and I feel comfortable with it.

      Razer has a gained a good brand name by presenting reliable products and yes, its keyboards have stunning keys.

      I’ve a post on the topic “Where to buy PC parts?” there you can get the discount details.

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  3. Very nice article Nirmala, I tried Logitech Keyboards but not tried other Keyboards, I will now try to pick all other keyboards and experience it.
    Nice and informative article.


    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

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    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thank you Tushar for getting time to check this list of new keyboards. Good to know that you’re gonna purchase a brand new PC. Keep coming!

  4. Good compilation Nirmala. After 17 years into Internet, I found the first two mentioned keyboards to be of inferior quality. I am very much satisfied with Microsoft keyboard. I wish the white keyboard from TVS is available again.

    The foldable rubber keyboard seems to be an innovative one.

  5. Hi Nirmala, Its a nice blog
    After going through this post I can say its a complete market research on PC keyboards and also full specification. It s helpful for everyone.

  6. Hi Nirmala mam,
    I tried Logitech Keyboards but not tried other Keyboards, I will now try to pick all other keyboards and experience it.
    Thanks for sharing this nice and informative article.

  7. Hello Nirmala Mam

    Thanks for Sharing Great Article , After going through this post I can say its a complete market research on PC keyboards and also full specification.

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