How To Add Google Maps To WordPress Without Slowing It Down?

Through this post, I took a nice opportunity to show how to add Google Maps to WordPress site without affecting its loading speed.

I assume that you are a small business owner. Do you know that it is mandatory to display the spot of your company for easy accessibility? How to make it easy for you clients to find your business location?

When you come to know that your consumers are struggling to find out your exact place and leaving without reaching you, then it would be an awful situation, right? How will you handle it?

Don’t fret! I have an ideal solution for you! And yes, it is adding Google Maps to your business site!

Why Is It Good To Add Google Maps To Business Websites?

Adding Google Map to the website is the most interactive way of listing your business address to your possible clients and let them reach you easily. 

Let me tell you why!

1. It is an excellent marketing tool as you can create an exclusive online presence and drive awareness to your company.

2. You are showing the address in the image form instead of just writing it down so that the readers can scroll and see things around, and hence they don’t need to call you again and again for getting the directions to reach your place.

3. Not only as a marketing tool and route guide, but Google Maps is also great for SEO as well. The more you link back your business site, the more it will be exposed to your potential customers.

How To Add Google Maps To WordPress?


There are several ways to insert Google Maps into your WordPress site!

1. If would like to add your business details to Google maps manually, then you may make use of Google My Business.

2. You can also use Google Maps website to attach your details. However, here also, a manual procedure is to be implemented. You have to 

  • Visit Google Maps
  • Search for your business location and enter
  • Now, you’ll be able to see the “Share” button like below; Click it


  • Hit “Embed” to get the codes to add on your website


3. However, if you are looking for the easy, quick and customizable way to include the Google Maps to your site without any manual process, then you should get the simple-to-use WP plugin, Google Maps Widget.

Let me tell the fine points of this plugin and thus, you would like to get it for your WordPress site without any second thought.

Google Maps Widget – Quick Intro


Google Maps Widget is a handy plugin for WordPress users that can be used to create the perfect maps with thumbnail and lightbox in few minutes.

It is one of the popular WordPress plugins which is being used by millions of websites. It has gained good ratings and reviews from the users because of its flexibility in customization.  

As you can control the complete information to display with a large thumbnail map options, it is more likely to give the best experience for your customers in knowing about you.

Moreover, you can add the branding elements through the interactive map options and the short codes as a widgetized sidebar to your site.

Salient features of Google Maps Widget

After reading the following features of GMW plugin, you never deny using this extension to add Google Maps to WordPress site! 

1. Ease of use

This WordPress Google Maps plugin is made to be handled by the newbie as well as technical users. Even if you aren’t familiar with coding, there won’t be any issue. Installing and setting up the plugin is quite easy and is hardly a 2-minute process.

2. Speed

Unlike many other Google Maps widget, this plugin doesn’t increase your load time. The site size would be reduced by as much as 2Mb as the plugin places very few requests. Yes! The weight of this fast WordPress plugin is 100 KB, and it will just take one request from the server.

3. Design

It doesn’t matter which WordPress theme you are using; the plugin will always match the design of your website and blend it to offer the perfect user experience.

4. Personalized Customization

You can have the control over the Zoom level, Pin color & size, Type of map, color & size, Image format, Language and much more. Also, you get to toggle between many preferences like satellite view, street view, and directions.

5. Support

If you get stuck at some point, you can reach to their support within 3 hours, and you’ll be helped with your concerned issue.

Google Maps Widget Options 

After installing the Google Maps widget plugin, you may drag it to the sidebar through the widgets section (Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets)

Check the wide customization options provided for Thumbnail! 

Customization Options In Google Maps Widget

Like thumbnail, you have an array of lightbox options to fix the map type, zoom level, height, etc. 

Pro Version Of Google Maps Widget For WordPress

The paid version of the Google Maps widget plugin has more than 50 additional features like Google Analytics integration, the library for pins, support multiple pins, import and export options. Therefore, I would say that it is a wise choice to advanced version to add Google Maps to WordPress. 

The remarkable features of premium version are as follows!

# You aren’t limited to a number of maps; you can create as many maps as you want.

# You can also pin as many places on one map and write a custom description for every pin.

# There exists 19 lightbox skins and 12 thumbnail map skins to choose.

# Four different interactive map modes and four types of thumbnail maps are available.

# You may utilize the free trial version for seven days.

# Created maps can be used anywhere on the site like posts, pages, custom post types, sidebars, menus and as widgets or shortcodes.

# You will get US Based support for the all the three pricing plans.

Have a look at the pricing plans of Google Maps widget!


Note: You have to generate the valid API key to make the Google Maps Widget plugin work properly. You may follow the step-by-step guidelines to get the Google Maps API Key

Also, You may have a look at the interesting details on how adding properly adding the Google Maps Widget WordPress plugin can improve the site loading speed.


WordPress is a flexible medium as it would let us add any type of content like media files, PDF, Spreadsheets and yes, Google Maps as well.

Presenting the business address in the visual format with exact particulars would enhance your brand awareness by getting more leads/sales.

There is no need to complicate the things since you could do everything in WordPress by installing a plugin. However, make sure that you are using the reliable and lightweight one.

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You don’t need to bother about using the Google Maps widget plugin because it has been installed by more than 100K users till now because of its high customizable preferences and speed optimization feature.

I’m sure that you will be amazed at its qualities that allow you to create unlimited maps and pins. So, don’t wait anymore!

You may try using the free version of Google Maps widget by installing from the WordPress plugins directory and if you need some exclusive features to show your maps in a smart way and want to grab huge eyeballs, then go with its premium version.

I hope that you have learned the easiest way to add Google Maps to WordPress site. What is your opinion about the user-friendly WordPress plugin, Google Maps Widget to incorporate Google Maps?

Which method do you use? Do you use any other WordPress plugin to generate the maps on your site? Leave your valuable insights and experience in the comment section.

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