Tips To Build A Memorable Business Brand Using Social Media

This post provides some useful tips to build a memorable brand using social media for your business. 

If someone asks whether you need Nike or Adidas, you can guess that you’re being asked about shoes/sports product. Branding is nothing but the positive collection of perceptions about the product/service in customer’s mind.

I hope, now you understand the importance of having a brand name for a business.

 Social networking websites allows the business professionals to link with friends, colleagues, like-minded professionals and even with strangers. So, if these websites are utilized properly, any type of online business could reach the success effortlessly with their unforgettable brand name.

I am a blogger and dedicating quality time to build a social brand for my blog.

Do you have any online business and penetrating the ways to make your brand name more memorable among the audience? If so, you could do the same with social media websites as they afford us the ability to build a direct relationship with the customers.

Even an emotional connection between the business and its users could be developed with social sites, but the methods have to be done right.

Before getting into the ways of constructing remarkable social brand for a business, let me reveal some basic information related to social media marketing and its benefits. It would help you to stand out from the crowd by acquiring the attention of people so that your brand lives in their mind.  

Social Media Marketing

Marketing the business through social media sites with some strategies is called social media marketing and it is more personalized than traditional marketing.

Possible of making the marketing process fully automated, easy implementation and a great way of promotion are some of the notable features of social media marketing which enables the customers to interact with the business readily.

Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing for Business

More than 85% of businesses uses various social media platforms as a part of their marketing strategy and they’ve reported with increase market exposure. Some of the significant benefits of using social media for business are

1. Achieve brand loyalty without difficulty. 

2. Increase web exposure.

3. More customers and grow sales.

4. Low marketing costs.

5. Improved search engine ranking

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10 Ways to Build Unforgettable Business Brand Using Social Media

1. Create impressive social profiles

Creating your social profiles with impressive profile name and picture would let you fascinate the attention of people. They wouldn’t hesitate to follow you after undergoing your detailed profile.

Use a striking brand name as username which can be used by your followers regularly.

2. Do proper planning

Implementing social media marketing methods by doing proper planning would help to create a good brand name for your business.

Performing keyword research and using hashtags in social networks paves the way to know your target audience.

3. Offer quality content consistently

Successful social media campaigns through content marketing would be fruitful only if you offer quality content for your followers in a consistent manner.

So, a highly focussed content marketing strategy steadily for your business intended to build a strong brand using social media.

4. Use properly formatted images

To stay with your business core identity, it is essential to project your brand image in various social media platforms.

Make the images in the content to display properly by optimizing them with exact sizes.

5. Track competitors and use analytics

It would be good to keep an eye of your competitors to know the relevant marketing places and social media campaign ideas.

Likewise, track their performance of social media marketing techniques with analytics to determine the success level of marketing.

6. Act like a human

Even though, social media marketing could be made automated, speaking and taking care of your audience would make them well engaged with your business. I am sure that you’re able to involve with your customers by asking questions and responding to them.

Building relationship is more important in getting a memorable brand name for your business and so acknowledge every follower who reaches you.

7. Perform outstanding actions

Approaching the customers with genuine marketing strategies is good, but adding your unique style in those methods would allow you to build a treasured brand name for your business.

Use your creativity and offer some exceptional stuff to your audience to remember you easily and to improve your online reputation

8. Be responsive and personal

Using social media for business is to communicate with individuals and be sure to shape the content to each of them.

So, be responsive and personal to every consumer and no need to turn all the individual responses into FAQ content.

9. Understand the law of reciprocity

To make others talk about you and share your content on their network, spend quality time to speak and spread the content of others.

I would say that it is the law of reciprocity and it would permit you to gain a significant brand using social media for your business.

10. Connect with influencers

Find some influencers related to your business to know their quality audiences and try to connect with them through social media. Similarly, build a relationship with those influencers and they might share your worthy information with their followers.

If your business data gets constantly exposed to new audiences, then no one would stop you to get a grand brand name for your online business.

Beneficial Social Media Tools for Business

If you’ve limited time to spend on social media websites, I would suggest you to use the famous social tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Klout and Sproutsocial. Here are some more beneficial social media tools for your business.

1. Sendible 

2. Spreadfast

3. Postling 

4. MarketMeSuite

5. Shoutlet

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Instructions to Get More Social Shares For Your Business Content

Do you wanna get more social shares for your business content? Then, I would suggest to follow the below listed ways.

1. As I told early, connect with big players in your business field and do favor for them.

2. Follow latest social media trends and avoid offering irrelevant content to your customers.

3. Include your social profiles on your business websites and allow your visitors to share your content easily by having social plugin’s on it.

4. Write unique tag line while sharing the content on social media as it would let the readers to have a quick overview of your post. It also states that it is not the auto generated content and push them to re-share your information.

5. Make sure that your content gets shared to the email subscribers together with your social media links.

6. Run contents to get more social shares and offer incentives to the top sharers.


How customers recognizing and involving to your business is branding and so you could build a memorable business brand using social media sites. As social media marketing provides the means to reach more customers and increase shareability, you shall make all your marketing strategies get attracted by your customers.

Moreover, you need to recognize the importance of social signals as it is one of the search engine ranking factor. There are many ways for branding yourself, but a business could effectively interact with its customers, create a community and finally build a memorable brand name with social media websites.

Keep it in mind that “Branding makes selling easier” and so build your business brand using social media. Make use of some popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn to reside your business brand in customer’s mind.

What do you say about social media marketing strategies and share your experience with me. Also let me know your marketing methods to build a brand using social media through your comment.

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  1. Great post nirmala mam. And the tools you mentioned here for social sharing are really awsome.And yes brand is important because people are more attracted towords brand.Thanks for sharing such a informative post

  2. Hello Nirmala Mam
    Social media play a vital role in growth of business. Even it is also good for SEO too. If you have business and you are not doing its marketing then how can we expect that customers will attract towards us.we have to do marketing with proper planing so that more and more customers could see us.
    very nice article mam
    Thanks you

  3. Hi Nirmala Madam,
    Very much useful post on building memorable business brand with social media.

    The sites listed above will surely gonna help me. Thanks for your awesome list of recommend business related social media sites.

  4. Hi Nirmala,

    Building a brand using Social Media sites has its own advantages. You’ve just unveiled plethora of resources regarding this aspect through this article.

    I guess this post is worth getting bookmarked. And I’m gonna do exactly that. You know, this post shares such amounts of useful info 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your great appreciation Arun, it means a lot to me 🙂

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      Also, thanks for your prompt visit for my every blog post, expecting the same from you 😛

  5. Brand building takes time, but social media marketing can definitely provide a nice shortcut to achieve success and bring the brand to many people around the globe.

    1. Even if you are using the social media for your business, it will take time to get an unforgettable brand name for it as you need to follow some regular strategies in those places to gain credibility.

      Thanks Kaloyan, stay tuned 🙂

  6. Hello Nirmala,

    Yet another great post, Social media comes in first place while we are talking about branding and it would take only short time to build.

    Thanks for share

    1. Hmm.. if some exceptional strategies are followed by a business in a consistent manner, then it is likely to get a memorable brand name in short period.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts related to this post, keep visiting here 🙂

  7. The resources and tools you’ve shared regarding the social media and for business are really useful and I really don’t know any of them.

    Thanks for share

  8. Hello Nirmala Mam..
    I justed stumbled upon your blog and findind it very informative.
    So true.. Social Media has really become a big platform for branding of any buiseness..

  9. Hello Mam,

    Social media and business org. link is like pen and ink, Both are incomplete without each other. As business org. sell their product by social media promotion and social media get indirect benefit from business brand e.g. customer engaged through number of click or the volume of posts or comments on a blog and digital-audience growth like Facebook fans, Twitter followers or other connection.

    Anyway thanks for this nice post

  10. I just finished reading your blog post, wow, it’s amazing how after 1 short year (well, I guess it’s almost a year and half by now), you have accomplished what you have got so far.
    I just picked up a lot of helpful tutorials, which I’m going to give them all a try. That’s also crazy how you have got so popular in the search engines without much link-building tactics. Thanks for the helpful post !

  11. hello Mam, such a nice post and you have written right that build your business as a brand and it is really important part of every business and i was searching this type topic last few days and now you solve the issue …. and you are also right Social media is important part our bossiness.

    Thanks again for the AWESOME post 🙂 😀
    Rahul Kashap

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thanks Rahul for checking the post and glad you find it useful.

      Things have been changed a lot and yes, social media plays a vital role in business.

      Stay tuned!

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