5+ Best Sites Similar To YouTube To Submit Videos

Even before we begin, let’s get something clear right off the bat; there’s nothing at the moment that can truly replace YouTube because the site simply is the best in terms of content, quality, and experience.

Till now, billions of videos have been uploaded to this video sharing website and it is one of the most visited sites on the web. 

However, if you would like to try a few other video submission sites other than YouTube for some valid reasons like account suspension, fruitless comment system and so on, then this blog post is for you!

There is no doubt that the YouTube is a big player on the web ground but still, a plethora of good players let you upload the videos and yes, they are the tough YouTube competitors. 

Let’s get into the topic!

Top 5 YouTube Alternatives Worth Trying  

Check the best online video websites like YouTube!


1. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is famous for allowing content types that YouTube wouldn’t allow and it’s the second most popular video sharing site on the internet today.

There’s a lot of similarities between YouTube and Dailymotion, but in order to watch high-resolution videos there, you will need to sign up for a paid Pro User account.

Also, the highest resolution supported on Dailymotion is just 1080p and the uploaded videos are capped at a maximum of 4GB each.

In this best YouTube alternative, you can select up to 10 videos to upload from your computer. After uploading the media files, fill out the essential data and select Publish/Save button. 

Visit Dailymotion

2. Metacafe

Unlike Dailymotion and most other video sites, Metacafe doesn’t directly compete with YouTube because it takes a completely different approach towards video uploading.

No video on Metacafe can exceed the 10 minutes limit and that in itself creates a new genre of viewing experience and content creation. If you are into short, to-the-point videos, do check out Metacafe.

If your video gets 1000 views, then this video sharing website will pay $5 for you. It is mainly for entertainment and the monetization method is fixed.  

Visit Metacafe

3. Twitch

A couple of years back, Twitch has launched the video submission feature and turned the biggest competitor for YouTube. 

Made purely and only for gamers, Twitch is actually one of the most popular streaming sites on the internet. While it is not YouTube, it doesn’t try to be so either.

Instead, Twitch is specialized only in gaming videos of every kind that include live streaming in particular. Your uploads won’t ever expire in this YouTube substitute website. 

A lot of big names in the gaming world have channels there and as far as pure gaming video content is concerned, it is a better source for that than even the mighty YouTube.

Visit Twitch

4. Internet Archive

As you are looking for other websites like YouTube, I have placed the Internet archive in my video submission sites list. 

It is a non-profit digital library where you can upload the videos with the free account. This archive contains more than 3 million videos including television news programs. 

Even though it has some strict uploading rules, your uploaded videos will not be removed even when you delete your account. 

Visit Internet Archive

5. Vimeo

The Vimeo video interface is one of the best ones on this video submission sites list and that’s exactly why it’s considered to be an excellent platform for young and talented filmmakers to show off their work.

The problem is that even paid users are only allowed 5 GB per week and free members are limited to just 500 MB per week.

However, you can upload the videos from anywhere like from your PC, Mobile or any cloud storage platform. Here, you have privacy settings and speed control feature. 

It is one of the video sites like YouTube where you can adore the ad-free experience and flexible storage options without bothering about running out of the space. 

Visit Vimeo

Other Free Video Sharing Sites like YouTube

6. Flickr

7. LiveLeak

8. Veoh

Wrapping Up

When we talk about “Video Submission“, then YouTube is the only site that immediately entreats our mind.

However, not everyone will wish to go with the YouTube because they might need a personalized one for the business and look for the other best video submission sites. 

Although these YouTube alternatives have their own pros and cons, at the end of the day, it is very likely that you will be coming back to YouTube for satisfying your daily viewing needs.

It’s true that YouTube does pose certain limitations on its users, but you can bypass them by simply using FreemakeIt lets you watch regionally blocked videos, download videos in any format you wish or even turn music videos into your own MP3 files.

If you think that you would have preferred it if your viewing experience on YouTube was more flexible, Freemake is a must-have tool that gives users all the power they need on YouTube.

So, would you like to go with YouTube or any one of its alternatives? Share your priceless thoughts in the comment section. 

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  1. Hello
    Happy to know about YouTube alternatives. This is totally new for me and I have never heard before. Yes, at the moment, nothing can truly replace YouTube and it is one of the most powerful social media platforms.
    After reading this whole post I am going to check every YouTube alternative site from the list and also share with friends.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Best Wishes,
    Praveen verma

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