8 Free Best Popup Blocker Tools

Are you searching for a pop up blocker free to get rid of pop-up ads? I have listed some best Popup Blocker software programs that are available for free. 

When you surf the web, you always see some pop-ups coming out of nowhere and causing the unwanted trouble. They will hide the original content and force us to do some action sometimes.

It is hard to click close or do any other forced action to close them every time you load a page. Am I right?

There are two kinds of popups, those which are installed on the website and those get downloaded to the user’s computer, i.e., on the web browser or as adware.

Popups that come on the websites will not affect the external sites. Any popup code written is confined to that particular site only. But, popups that get installed on computers and browsers are different and annoying.

They open on every website including the websites that don’t have any such code installed. We would need tools that could control these unwanted notifications either ways.

Software vendors took a nice opportunity in developing some software programs that block the popups and help us access the right information that is wanted by blocking the pop-ups right when the page or browser is loaded.

I have already discussed how to block pop ups on all browsers and now, in this post, let me tell list out some free best popup blocker tools with which you could stop pop ups. 

Top Popup Blocker Programs To Get Rid Of Pop Ups

The following are the some of the top popup blocker applications available for free on the internet. Some might restrict the full features unless upgraded to premium plans.

However, the basic pop-up blocking functionality would be served. All the pop-up blocking software that are mentioned below can be downloaded for free. 


1. AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner is a freeware tool that helps you remove the adware and spyware from the computer. As most of the popups are invoked due to the adware and spyware that is installed with the other software, it is better to use the standalone application like AdwCleaner to clean it first.

AdwCleaner can help you to remove adware, potentially undesirable software, toolbars and homepage hijackers from the computer.

Download AdwCleaner

2. Adblock Pro

Adblocker pro has an excellent super fast ad blocking engine that blocks ads on the regular website sites like YouTube and Facebook.

This tool keeps track of the malware on the browsers and notifies the user with the recommended concerned actions. Adblock Pro is available as the Google Chrome extension that would help you remove ads 100%.

This software has some negative feedback regarding the incompatibilities of the browsers and operating systems. I advise you to remember this before you proceed with this software program.

Install Adblock Pro

3. Pop Up Blocker Pro

Popup blocker pro is one of the best popup blocking software programs with high positive feedback from the users. It is well known as an aggressive popup blocker in the industry.

It blocks flash ads, background sounds, videos, java applets, GIF images and other animations very efficiently. You can access the right information on the web without being distracted to other websites or notified with unnecessary popup messages.

The Google Chrome version of the extension is available for this software. You can download pop up blocker pro from chrome store.

Get Pop Up Blocker Pro

4. Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher is designed to make the web browsing safe and secure. It is the best popup blocker that blocks the scripts that track the browsing habits, spyware, adware and dialers from getting installed in the browsers.

It not only saves the bandwidth but doing so but also the money and the time while working on something. It was a premium product that turned a freeware tool recently.

Ad Muncher is a 15-year-old trusted tool for popup blocking. It is worth giving a try.

Download Ad Muncher

5. FilterGate Free PopupFilter

As the name suggests, FilterGate Free Popup Filter is a freeware tool for Windows Operating System. This program offers you the essential features that an average popup blocker will provide you. It maintains a log with information related to the blocked ads.

It is found to be only 50% accurate in the tests conducted by CNET but is an excellent tool to try in case of freely available software programs. You can even minimize this tool on to the system tray for quick accessing.

Install FilterGate Free popup Filter

6. AdBlock Master

AdBlock Master is a freeware tool that blocks the commercial banners and popup ads from being loaded on the web pages. It saves the time, bandwidth and encourages the user just to focus on the content on the page without being distracted.

The super powerful heuristic analyzer blocks the new form of popup kind of advertisements even though the program is not updated.

The good thing about this software program is that it is compatible with the each and every web browser regardless of the version.

Download AdBlock Master

7. AdShield Popup & Ad Blocker

AdShield Popup & Ad Blocker gives you full control over blocking the ads and popups thus allowing us to keep an eye on the blocked scripts every time all the time. It asks the user whether to block or allow the ad or popup every time thus building a blacklist.

You can block images, hyperlinks, forms and other popup scripts with customized confirmation. It is somewhat disturbing if it asks the user for blocking decision every time but yet worth trying once.

Get AdShield popup & Ad Blocker

8. Poper Blocker

Poper Blocker is a nice Google Chrome Extension to block popups. You will get the notification when the pop up ads are blocked and you may have a look at the blocked content.

If you need to view the Popups from the specific websites, you may use the option “Allow Always” to display the upcoming pop ups from there. 

Install Poper Blocker Chrome Extension

Final Words

Unwanted pop-up windows and ads are the most irritating thing for the internet surfers. As these annoying notifications suddenly appear on the computer/mobile screen, the web users would easily get distracted.

These types of annoying warnings would spoil the browsing experience and may install malware as well. Thus, the internet users want to block pop-up ads and opt the better popup stopper to get rid of pop-up announcements. 

Developers are conscious of the market and requirement of an average user, so they are developing the best popup blocker applications and browser extensions to make the internet browsing more safe and productive.

I hope that you identified some top pop up blocker free tools to stop pop-ups that appear on your PC screen. Do you know any other dynamic pop-up stopper tools? 

Do you have any bitter experience with annoying notification when surfing the net? Which one would you like to choose as the best popup blocker from my above list? Leave your viewpoints in the comment section. 


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