Everything You Need To Know About Cisco Packet Tracer


Cisco Systems is a company based in America that specializes in computer networks hardware production, such as the router, Ethernet switches, and servers.

This company is an important name not only in data transmission technology but also in academic institutions in the same field.

The packet tracer was one of the most innovative tools produced by Cisco Systems. It is one of the tools for students studying networking and related IT fields.

Cisco has said that the best way to learn about networking is to do it. And this tool is the best example of that quote.

What Is A Packet Tracer?

A packet tracer is a software designed by Cisco Systems that is a visual simulation tool that can be used the cross-platform to aid users in imitating modern computer networks and help in creating network topologies.

The software, being created by Cisco, enables users to simulate Cisco router and switches configurations using a simulated command line interface.

About Cisco Packet Tracer

The Cisco Packet tracer can run on iOS, Linux, and Windows. You can download Cisco packet tracer from their official website or using the direct links. This is why the program is said to be cross-platform.

Another important feature is the availability of the packet tracer app for Android as well as iOS. It is one software that can be very useful for network experimentation.

Both for students as well as professionals such as network engineers. The packet tracer offers a drag and drop style interface.

This interface makes it extremely easy to create complex topologies just by dragging and dropping items such as routers, switches, and various other network components.

The Cisco Packet tracer also supports a wide range of simulated application layer protocols.

Advantages, Disadvantages, And Uses Of Cisco Packet Tracer

Cisco’s packet tracer is a very powerful network simulation program.

This program enables students in this field to experiment with the behaviour and simulate troubleshooting programs without actually buying a number of real Cisco routers or switches as that would be really expensive.

This program also helps students to create networks with the maximum number of devices.

The idea of the Cisco packet tracer was to develop skills and also to facilitate the understanding of working methods of networks.

Students can use this tool to have a creative and critical view on networks and also solve any problems relating to that field. This will allow them to make their own decisions.

The packet tracer can allow one to simulate complex networking before actually deploying the network in real life.

However, it has its limitations, the packet tracer only has a small number of the actual functions found in Cisco routers and switches.

It also only has a limited command set which makes it unsuitable to be used in modelling production models.

So, therefore, it can only be used for educational purposes and not as a replacement for the Cisco routers and switches.

Therefore, the Cisco packet tracer can be an important app for learning networking and students who are practicing to solve complex problems in networks.

Cisco packet tracer offers two modes of operation, real-time mode and simulation mode.

The key differences between these modes are that in real time mode the tracer acts like the real devices do, with real-time response to changes in the network and the simulation mode allows students to control time intervals, change the inner workings of data transfer and also control the propagation of data over a network.

This makes the real-time mode a viable alternative to the real equipment which can be costly, and the simulation mode can be a useful tool to understand the fundamentals of networking. The packet tracer also allows instructors to create problems that the students have to solve.

This also makes it one of the perfect tools for educational purposes.

It is why the packet tracer is mainly focused on CCNA (Certified Cisco Network Associate) academy students. The students of CCNA Academy can download this software for free.

Final Words

As networking and systems are becoming more complex, it is important to have new and improved methods for teaching and learning about networking technology.

The Cisco packet tracer is a tool that can help students in the field to learn, understand networking technology and troubleshoot the programs.

It is a great application that can aid them to understand the complexities of information and communication technologies.

This simulation program surely does help students to gain abilities such as critical thinking, decision making and problem-solving.

While being a great replacement for costly equipment such as a number of routers and switches that are needed to create a real network.

Even though the application has its small drawbacks, it is still the best software for anyone studying networking or related fields as it provides an almost real-life experience of what they are studying.

In all words, the Cisco packet tracer is an application with lost of plus points to make it worth.

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