How To Become A Freelance Content Writer? (Contentmart Review)

If you are the one who would like to make money online with your writing skill, then this post is for you!

Nowadays, Content writers are greatly in demand. Do you know the valid reasons? Let me tell you the details in a brief manner!

Every business website produces an enormous amount of content every year. Whatever the surveys, whitepapers and reports are generated for the company, and their audience growths are actually content.

Anything that they write cannot go viral on social media. To make it viral, they badly need the unique and quality content. The content with excellence can decrease the bounce rate of a site and engage more users.

If they are providing detailed, well-researched and well-written article then trust in their brand would be enhanced. Yes, they want to leave an impact on the reader’s mind, so that they never deny coming to their website again.

Not only for the reader engagement, but the in-depth, well-crafted articles will also rank in the top position of Google search. The search engines love fresh content that comes in a consistent manner and hence the website founders often update their web page with relevant data.

I hope that you have identified the importance of publishing the superior content by the online publishers!

So, if you are good at writing or want to make writing as your line of profession, then my post would guide you to become a freelance content writer and help you write in a better way to make a passive income by attracting large clients. 

Whatever your expectation from a job would be, it can be fulfilled by this job profile. Whether that is working with your couch, extra income, working on multiple tasks, time convenience or any other expectation, you can satisfy with the content writing job.

Where to start my freelance writing career? It is the question being asked by thousands of novice writers. I have written a special post for them under the topic “Freelance writing jobs for beginners.”

Now, if you are still searching for an excellent platform to showcase your writing skill, I can suggest the best website for you to earn as a content writer.

But before checking the details of the site, let me tell you the essential skills to become a freelance content writer.

Basic Skills Of A Content Writer

If you have these set of competencies, or you can cultivate them, then go ahead!

  • Writing Skill (Playing with words in such a manner that your readers can enjoy it)
  • Content Development
  • Research Skill
  • Unbiased Representation
  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Able to work from anywhere ( sometimes anytime)

To become a successful writer, you need to have these 4 advanced skills as well.


SEO Knowledge
Yeah, quality of the content will help the site owner to get visitors from search engines, but writing the articles with SEO touch is important. It is good to learn the proper usage and the placement of keywords to please the search engines.

User Experience
Lengthy, hard and sentences having more slangs and jargons will spoil the experience of the user. So, practice crafting the piece of information with simple sentences and excellent readability.

Make Research
Including the trendy facts in your writing task would polish your writing skills. It would be better to make a research on the topics given by the clients and make sure to include the relevant and updated details in the article.

You need to convince your audience to read your article ahead, so boring introduction of the article will spoil everything. If the reader is satisfied with the first pace, then he will be open his mind for your article. Be sure to create the items that would take the audience with its flow and include call-to-action to gather the feedback.

So, you have learned the necessary skills of a content writer, and now it’s time to check the place where you can apply your writing talents and make money with it.

Contentmart – Introduction

Contentmart is an excellent marketplace that connects the writers and the clients (who need content). It has more than 50 thousand content experts who could write enlightening articles, SEO friendly content, press releases, description for products/services, and much more.

Besides, it is associating with the top companies like The Economic times,, UNICEF, etc. to offer the content support. Having a clear vision, i.e., only focusing on content services is the best emphasize of Contentmart.

Become a Copywriter @ Contentmart

Since Contentmart is the fastest growing community across the world, you will get a great pleasure while connecting with thousands of writers. You can easily register as a copywriter in this amazing platform that has been solely created for content.

I would say that it is one of the best places to exhibit your writing skills and get paid for it. Just hit “Register as a copywriter” and fill all your details. You may also sing up with your Facebook account.

You will get an activation email after registration and then you have to take the English language test before you start to bid on projects.


It’s a 20 minutes test that will check how good you are at English grammar, vocabulary, and modern slangs used across the globe.

If you want to get more projects and make huge money with your writing skills, then you should

  • Undergo some other tests like High English level and writing an essay
  • Complete 100% profile
  • Complete ten orders without warnings
  • Get positive feedback from clients
  • Upload samples

The primary benefit of becoming verified member of Contentmart is that you could make your freelance writing profile more eye-catching. Getting payment on time is another notable feature of Contentmart.

So, you don’t need to bother about the revenue generation potential; it is a safe and secure platform that would take your writing career to the next level.

For Clients like Bloggers

Now, if you are a blogger like me and what if you are not a good writer or you can’t manage writing every day on the hot buzzes every day? Does your blogging career end here? 

Not at all. You can try Contentmart as it has qualified writers who are proving their expertise.

Check the following favorable matters for you!

1. You can make the payment to your writers directly

2. If you are not satisfied with the content, you can get 100% refund.

3. Before hiring the writers, you can check their experience and reviews from clients

4. Built-in chat messenger to communicate with the writers quickly

5. You can choose the authors of your choice according to their quality and price.

6. It has inbuilt plagiarism checker, so you don’t need to check the plagiarism of the article explicitly.

Get Your Job Done 

Placing your order for the content is just 1 minute away on Contentmart. You need to fill a simple form as shown below and all set. You can fix the price of your job, or let the writers bid the price.



After getting all proposals of bids for your project, you can declare one as the winner as per your requirement and budget. You can deposit the money using a credit card and debit card as well.

Final Words

Web publishers follow a mantra “Quality Content is the King.”Click To Tweet

If your words have the power to engage more users and create such quality content, then the field of content writing is for you. You can utilize the incredible marketplace like Contentmart to shine in your writing career.

Also, the online publishers like bloggers and web entrepreneurs who struggle to make their content to stand out from the horde can hire a great writer from Contentmart.

Now, it is your turn to share your viewpoints about Contentmart. What do you think about this remarkable marketplace only for content? Would you like to join as a copywriter or hire a qualified writer from Contentmart?

Let me know your insane level in writing! Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

21 thoughts on “How To Become A Freelance Content Writer? (Contentmart Review)”

  1. Hi Nirmala,

    Nice write up! I dig the idea of Content Mart. Great meeting space for writers and clients who need good, relevant content. Super note on clarity too. Some freelancers struggle to find work because they write unclear, unfocused articles. Get clear. Get to the point. Most bloggers dig short and punchy, crisp sentences, so practice writing and add crispness and clarity to your work. Just like the clarity you share through your awesome blog, Nirmala 😉 Thanks for sharing!


  2. Wonderful post I guess,

    I had used contentmart a long ago and its worth joining for all articles writers out there. They are also posting some awesome blog posts to improve writing skills.


  3. Hey Nirmala,

    I believe entrepreneurs, freelancers, and self-employed individuals have to work even harder than salaried employees, especially when we keep in mind that all the benefits i.e. health and dental, vacation, paid sick leave, etc. we used to take for granted, no longer exist. In order to be great in what we do, it is important that we know the amount of time we can dedicate to freelance writing. If we can’t do it full-time immediately, then we need to make the transition slowly.

    I carefully drafted and redrafted a personal business plan, including my financial requirements, goals, and how I thought that would actually translate into work. I realized that if I landed the equivalent of two short projects a month, I could survive. Well barely, but it’s good to know where we survival limit is, because when push comes to shove, it’s accomplish that goal or be stuck eating dry toast for a month. Eventually, thanks for sharing your informative thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  4. I’m also a content writer but I do not earn a lot by it…
    Thanks to you for sharing this..
    I think it would help me in earning good as I’ve heard about freelancing before but never tried it myself

  5. Hi Nirmala

    Good suggestion to become freelance content writer with contentmart not yet checked this tool but heard about this from my fellow bloggers who keep suggesting. A good review you have given about this tool..Happy Week End!

  6. Hi Nirmala!
    first of all thanks for such an important and informative post.Now a days content writing is one of the most popular way to earn money from the freelance market place.The points you discussed here are very effective and help the begaineer most who are trying to become content writer in online freelance market. this post will be much helpful for them.
    keep positing this type of helpful informative post.

    With best wishes
    Abir Dutta

  7. Once again thank you very much. This is really a natural and skillful article. I have enjoyed your article. That was really helpful. I didn’t know about contentmart. But when I read your post soon I understood how excellent this is? Carry on.

  8. Hello Nirmala,
    Your informative post was very precise and not beating upon the bushes.Your reaserch on the compiled qualities of a good content writer is very well evident from your post and hats off to contentmart for helping out young entrepreneurs and blooming content writers.
    Way to go✌?

  9. Good suggestion to become freelance content writer with content mart not yet checked this tool but heard about this from my fellow bloggers who keep suggesting. A good review you have given about this tool..

  10. Hi Nirmala,
    Thanks for sharing information about content writing Technic and methods.i am SEO consultant i saw most of blogger will not have proper knowledge about writing skills.i think your article will help them in writing good post on website in coming days.

  11. Apart from this you should do is Become a hustling and pitching machine. Be everywhere, write everywhere, and learn to market yourself. Keep track of what pitches work and which ones don’t. Network with business owners, editors, and people in the niche you are aiming for.

  12. Hello Nirmala,

    I have joined ContentMart but I didn’t get any orders yet. As long as I remember there was a test which you need to pass to get verified or something. I passed the medium test but I failed on the advanced test. I may try it again. It’s a good platform for Indian Freelancer to make some extra cash.

  13. Hey, Thank you so much for this article. It’s really helpful to me to know about earning through content marketing.

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