Free Tools To Show Twitter Count On Your Site

I have listed some free tools show the twitter share count on your site.

When Twitter switched its share buttons to the new flat design, it also did away with the share counts. The new share buttons look beautiful, but they no longer display the share counts your posts have earned, and this took the whole online community aback.

If you want to get your Twitter counts back, then read this post where I have given the steps to show twitter count on your site.

Brief About Twitter Removed Share Counts

Twitter then followed up with an explanation of the decision saying that share counts were meant for inside use and rebuilding the platform to show share count would be expensive. 

Whatever the reason maybe, most of the bloggers, internet marketers were not happy with this decision as the tweet counts are essential to show their social proof, and also to gauge the popularity of their posts.

I will detail the benefits of Twitter counter buttons in a section later in the post and now let’s see how to regain twitter count on your social sharing widgets.

Top Free Tools To Show Twitter Count

While there are some paid tools like GNIP that are best for enterprise-level use, I will limit this post for free ways to get twitter counters back which is both easy and accessible to bloggers and online marketers.

Let’s have a look at the tools to show the tweet counts for free!


1. Open Share Count

Open share counts promises to fix the broken Twitter share counts without any hassle and cost. Here is the step by step to active open share counts.

You’ll have to sign up to the tool (free) and register the domain in which you want to get Twitter counters. The website requires somewhere up to 1 hour to show the shares everywhere on your site. This may prolong if you have too many content pages or own a big website.

The first try to fetch twitter counts will always return zero which will be replaced by exact tweet count upon second time loading of the page.

Limitation: It works for one domain per twitter account. If you have multiple blogs, you need multiple twitter accounts to get share counts back on each website.

After that, you can get the code for the specific type of twitter button you have on your website and paste it into the source of your website, right after the code of the existing Twitter button. Make sure you know editing codes or ask your designer to do that.

2. New Share Counts

New Share Counts is a similar twitter counter app like open share count. It is more advanced in the sense it supports various social media plugins and can display the share counts on each of them rather than only the official Twitter buttons.

If you use SumoMe social sharing plugin, New Share counts supports it. It works by using the Twitter public search API to generate the number of shares a web page has gained in real-time.

3. TwitCount

TwitCount is another alternative to show Twitter share counts on your blog. Twitcounts works on the principle of doing API calls to the original Twitter API that shows you the share counts of each page dynamically.

Since most blogs have huge pages, they would prefer to get the share counts of most active pages first and then the others. This is because Twitter search API has its own limitations and would not allow large time calls at one time.

TwitCount accepts all popular share plugins like Shareaholic, AddThis, SumoMe and Jetpack so this could work pretty well for most of bloggers and marketers that need to show Tweet counts.

What to do if you want to see other blog’s Twitter share counts?

I have heard from many readers who are asking me how to see Twitter share counts of other blogs.

Although the above plugins show only the tweet count on your own blogs or blog that have them added into the source, here is an alternative to see share count of others.

4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an excellent tool when it comes to social media marketing. They have developed the free Chrome extension that allows you to view any webpage’s tweet count along with all other share counts of that page.

Along with tweet counts, BuzzSumo also shows the people who shared that page on Twitter. This gives you a chance to know the audience of competitors’ blogs.

NOTE: I have seen that BuzzSumo shows you exact tweet counts of a page only for the first few days and then updates erratically. They then ask you to pay a small amount. You can decide if paying is worth knowing the share counts of that page.

Why Showing Twitter Share Count So Important?

Had Twitter never given access to share counts, this would not be a big deal. But since the inception of social media marketing, we are using Twitter share counts for the following purposes.

1. To Show Off Social Proof

No matter how established a blog or site maybe, a low number of share counts on the social media buttons of the page means it is not popular. On the other hand, if you have huge share counts, it shows that you have a great social community for your site. 

Moreover, Twitter is very popular amongst marketers so hiding its social count reduces the overall social counts of the page drastically.

2. To Know Your Successful Posts

Another way to gauge your own successful posts is via the shares it receives. If you have a significant number of posts, you can analyze which blog post is getting social media love through the share counts. This is why you need Twitter share count.

3. For Competitor Analysis

Checking into the Twitter counts of a blog you are competing with has its own advantage. It can help you come with similar posts ideas that can get more shares on Twitter and also have an idea of what is working on social media (Twitter) and what not.

Wrapping Up

 It’s time to conclude my post on top free tweet counter apps. With the apps mentioned above, you can quickly gain your Twitter share counts, and with the BuzzSumo plugin, you can check Twitter share counts on any web page you visit.

So, my recommendation would be to use a favorite social share widget on your blog and integrate it with the new share count API. 

Note: You might think that the Tweet counts of my blog posts are not showing and yes, I’m using the Social Warfare social share plugin as it loves it.

If I get its premium version of Social Warfare, I can show the Twitter counts by integrating it with and hence I would like to buy the Social Warfare Plugin. 

Now you tell! How do you recover tweet counts? Comment your favorite method/tool in the comment section.

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  1. Hey Nirmala,

    Twitter is considered as a fascinating adventure of relationships, entertainment, education, and fun. With so many Twitter tools out there, it’s hard to know which ones to trust with our Twitter account management. Social Media Marketing has upgraded its space in online marketing. Almost every marketer prefers it to generate traffic and quality leads. Active involvement on social media platforms is becoming a must for every online enterprise to make it renowned.The fact that 92% marketers are actively engaged in social media marketing.

    This growing competition on social networking sites has become the most challenging thing to overcome. BuzzSumo is really an amazing tool that helps us to find the viral content. Mainly, content marketers prefer this tool, we can also get assistance in our social media marketing activities. Eventually, thanks for sharing additional information regarding this subject.

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  3. interesting post that I have ever read. It helps people to know how to work with the twitter. Where nowadays social media has become the most important thing in this upcoming world where this would be very easy for the people to understand and to know about what is happening in the current incident.
    I would request you to keep on posting with most interesting things like this.

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