Dashlane – An Effective Free Password Manager

This post reviews a password manager software, Dashlane. It manages your passwords on various websites actually.

With changing times, people have started using the internet for numerous purposes. The increase of web exposure that they get along with the facilities available to them online, anyone will be tempted to make the most of it.

But the ugly truth is that this exposure also comes with a set of cons and intrusion into an individual’s privacy which is the foremost concern for everyone. So, you’re in need to use strong (long) passwords for your online accounts, right?

Moreover, hacking is on the hike nowadays due to the increase of online thefts. The intruders, attackers and hackers could easily get a chance to get into your personal information and hence interrupt the normal working of all your online accounts. Apart from this, various other details can also go into wrong hands.

So, to get solutions for all the above-listed problems, you may need a software that ensures the protection of your online passwords. Dashlane is one such software and will act as an effective password protection manager. 

Intro of Dashlane


Once you’ve installed the Dashlane password manager, you will notice changes in the way you used to worry about your online accounts and their passwords. With the help this good password manager, you no longer have to keep track of your password’s security as it will take care of everything on its own.

This software is free of cost, and it is very easy to install as well. Apart from this, all types of users can be benefited with its easy to use interface. 

Working of Dashlane

It is very simple to use this password manager since it is easy to install. Most importantly, Dashlane can be installed on any operating system. What it exactly does is that it imports every password of yours from the browser that you are using.

All types of browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc. are compatible with this password managing software. Once you’ve started using it, all your passwords have been imported, and they will be stored safely in the password vault on your system.

There may be some passwords that do not get stored there and in this case, you can store such passwords while you are browsing online.


This active password manager also helps you to create as well as update any password from your web browser. From the perspective of ensuring that all your passwords are safe, you will automatically get alerts each time the website you have an account on breaches or face any security threats. 

Advantages of using Dashlane

Some of the benefits of using this active password manager are,

• Dashlane can be used on any web browser, and there is no need to enter passwords each time when you want to see your stuff. All you have to do is just install this software, and you are ready to go.

• In the case of bank accounts in which there might be multiple steps involved in login. You need not enter any password as it will be automatically updated by this password manager.

• If there exists any password in your password vault that is not safe or properly encrypted, it will send you alerts so that you can change them in time. Similar actions will be taken in case your passwords are weak or if they are frequently used by you.

• It can be used on all devices, and it will send you automatic alerts if any of your online accounts are being compromised by intruders. This helps you to change immediately your password to keep hackers at bay.

• You will be able to generate and update secure passwords for all your accounts with this software and auto fill them while browsing. 

Final Verdict

Dashlane is a flexible password manager which handles every vital task with strong focus so that your login credentials are effectively managed. As it monitors and saves all your passwords, you could stay relaxed while handling your various online accounts.

What is your opinion about this password managing software, Dashlane? Let me know through your comment 🙂

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