Guest Blogging Is Not Dead For Me! (My 4th guest posts roundup)

Through this post, I wanna convey that Guest blogging is not dead for me!

Also, I rounded up my latest 5 guest posts here with which you’ll get some paybacks.   

Few days back, Matt Cutts told that “If you’re performing guest blogging just to gain links, then it would consider as spam by Google”. So, most of the bloggers have started saying that guest blogging is dead. 

I don’t think so because it is dead only for SEO. If you’re my systematic reader, then you might know that I regularly contribute guest articles to various blogs and I am not worrying a bit from Matt Cutts’s guest blogging statements.

I came across many bloggers/marketers utilizing guest blogging only for link building purposes to get higher rank in Google search engine. They started to publish low-quality articles and even use the same articles with little modifications for SEO purposes.

But my strategy remains different! Yes!!! For me, guest blogging is to place myself as an authority in my niche and establish a genuine relationship with other bloggers.

So, I would say that you need not fear about guest blogging if you’re doing it in a precise manner.

Advantages Of Guest Blogging

You might ask me “What you’ll get from guest blogging other than backlinks?” I do have the perfect (Real) answer for you. Through my quality guest posts, I am trying to get

  •  Good exposure
  •  Brand for my blog
  •  Free traffic
  • Blog readership
  • Bond with other bloggers

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Here are my latest guest posts which have helped me to get some new readers for my blog.

My Fourth Guest Posts Roundup

Previously, I’ve rounded-up my guest posts thrice and here are my recent guest blogging activities in various blogs. 

How to find your target audience?
Every online business need to reach their target audience through some strategies. As I am familiar with the concept of discovering the like-minded audience, I’ve decided to offer a related article to readers. Through this post, I listed some blogging tools and ideas to find the target audience to run your business successfully. So you could use the listed tools and ideas to reach & engage with your visitors and understand their behaviors and requirements.

Why blogging needs consistency?
One of my blogging friends asked me to write some beneficial blogging stuff for his blog readers. So I’ve written this good post for his blog on the topic “Why blogging needs consistency?”. Here I shared some valid reasons for blogging consistency together with the effective tips to be a consistent blogger.

Make money with auction sites
As “Online money making” is my fascinated niche, I used to read a lot about it and have done some experiments in making money online. I’ve given some basic and gainful selling tips for the people who wanna make income through online selling through a post and I’ve subsidized it for If you’re interested in selling products online and to make profitable money on it, you can make use of this post to grab some basic tips to make money with auction web sites.


If you’re contributing low-quality guest posts just to improve your search engine ranking, I would suggest you to reconsider your strategy as you’ll get disappoint soon. But if you are undertaking guest blogging with beneficial content to boost your brand awareness and solve the problem of readers, then  it would help you to gain more credibility and affection from other bloggers.

Whenever I send a guest post to a blog, I used to get the good relationship with that blog owner and fresh readers & subscribers for my blog. They do share my post on their network and research about me which in turn progresses my blog’s publicity.

I would say that the guest blogging is an effective way to showcase your writing skill and to impress the people with it. Hence, to grab the attention of others, offer quality guest posts to same niche blogs as it would help you to get loyal readers.

What do say about guest blogging now? Are you still arguing that it is dead? But I wanna insist that the guest blogging is not dead for me! Discuss with me through comments 🙂

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