8 Experts Share Their New Year 2016 Blogging Resolutions

Happy New Year 2016, Everyone!

Every year I would like to write my blogging resolutions and I have tons of ideas to grow my blog more than even before. 

In 2015, I had a long list of Blogging goals, but I didn’t reach some of them due to my personal constraints and thus I’m planning to attain the missed commitments before making the new ones.     

I feel that it is good to make some big goals but break them into smaller ones to accomplish easily. Because, it somewhat difficult to stick to the strict blogging promises! Do you agree with me?    

But, some bloggers make serious decisions to achieve blogging success and they continue to shine bright like a diamond in the blogosphere.

I closely watch a few active bloggers and get inspiration from their liveliness to blog with passion. Besides, I’m keen interested in implementing their valuable suggestions to progress my writing & marketing talents. 

Through this new year post, I want you to meet those dedicated bloggers who motivate me in finding the right path to move ahead. 

Who are those passionate, successful bloggers?

Without further ado, just look the active personalities in the below image and read their New Year 2016 blogging resolutions as well. 


8 Blogging Authorities Reveal Their 2016 Plans

I have asked, “What are your New Year Blogging Resolutions for 2016? How will you achieve them?” to 8 devoted bloggers, you may check their replies now!



Kulwant Nagi From Bloggingcage.com



I am looking forward to hit 1 million dollars in 2016. With time, I have improved my SEO skills, so I am going to build more niche websites around the products and bring sales for the advertisers.

I have divided my goals into short term goals as well.

My March 2016 target is $50,000/month and till June end $200,000.

I am going to hire more people having various skills (writing, development, design) to hit this goal in 2016.



Pradeep Kumar from SlashSquare.org



First and foremost, I’m not a big fan of date and time. If you see the launch dates of each and every brand under Slashsquare Network, they’ll be just random dates, out of nowhere, I simply launch them.

So let it be 2016 or 2017, I’ll be the same, but still since it’s aNew Year, so I’ll share some interesting things we’ll be doing during 2016.

On 2016, we’ll be launching another brand under Slashsquare network, this brand is something that will be started because of some personal reasons.

Apart from this, we’ll revamp the entire Slashsquare Network ‘blogs’ with a new updated design; we are working on that part.

Last but not least, MoviesDrop mobile app will be launched. Hopefully, this will make our entry into mobile app segment.

That’s it. We’ll be still Blogging like we do before, each and every day, we focus on providing quality information and at the same time, generate revenue to build a better empire.

Happy New Year folks! Make use of each and every second, Happy Blogging!



Brent Jones From Brentjonesonline.com



The timing of this question is perfect, as I am currently working through re-branding my blog. My new focus will be to produce strictly content for solopreneurs, freelancers, and those that seek to build an online service-based business.

Over this past year, I established a reasonable following for my blog — but unfortunately, my posts were published on a scattered assortment of digital marketing topics. And I quickly discovered that I really wasn’t speaking to any particular audience.

In tightening my focus in 2016, I feel I can do two things:

(a) Consistently produce high quality, focused, and original content, and

(b) Add value to a largely underserved market.

Additionally, through establishing a focused niche, I will more easily be able to produce premium content that would be of interest to my audience.

My goal for next year is ultimately to help other people quit their full-time jobs and pursue freedom, flexibility, and financial security through independent freelancing.

If I can help even a few people follow the same path I did, I will consider it a huge win. And it all starts with my blog.



Erik Emanuelli from Nopassiveincome.com



Aside investing part of my efforts and energies on what is already working for me with my online activities, I’ve many projects I ‘d like to realize in 2016.

One is writing an eBook, where I will share my tips, resources and “secrets” of more than five years of blogging experience.

I ‘d like to build, at least, 5 more sites, based on different topics.

I also want to create my first online course and sell it via Udemy.

Everything will be possible, thanks to a strong personal organization.

I think it’s a priority when working online, as a self-employed.

The will and the strength to achieve the above-mentioned projects will be based on knowing that if I continue to work as I did in the past, I will be able to reach success!



Anil Agarwal From Bloggerspassion.com



My two goals for 2016 are: increasing my email list subscribers and increasing the revenue sources.

I want to increase my email list by 5x times by the end of 2016. I’ve already started taking action such as getting a new design for my blog after several years and using LeadPages to grow my subscribers.

I Will be implementing few more strategies to boost my subscribers in the coming months.

Coming to the point of increasing my monthly revenue, I want to start few more niche websites, rank them well in search engines and start making money from them.

And, getting the Alexa rank for BloggersPassion.com under 10,000 in 2016.



Amar Ilindra From Geekdashboard.com



In 2016, I’m planning to take my blog the next big level. My blogging habit will turn fulltime by the 2nd quarter of 2k16 and I will start the forum and close the comments section.

In the year 2015, I developed Phone finder and Smartphones comparisons pages and I need to work a bit more on them to make them more user-friendly. You can expect a couple of WordPress plugins, Blogger Template and one

Genesis Child theme from me in the year 2016. Yes, I already started developing them.

Ad blocks and UC browser usage is dramatically increased and need to play an alternative strategy to monetize the traffic from these 2 sources as well.

Google has changed a lot in last 2 years and I need to work more to understand the latest SEO trends and what changes to be made to my on-page SEO strategy to rank the articles easier without more backlinks.



Ankit Singla from Bloggertipstricks.com



Here are my top 3 and most important blogging resolutions for 2016.

1. Focusing more on conversions

I learned about conversions and its importance few months back and from then I’m working hard to improve my blog’s conversion rate.

In this New Year, I’ll be focusing more on converting my blog visitors into email subscribers. I’m already working on my new eBooks that will help me to capture email addresses of my readers.

This is my ultimate blogging goal for 2016.

2. Publishing more content

In the year 2015, I started few other blogs and some YouTube channels and because of them I didn’t get enough time to work on my main blog i.e. BloggerTipsTricks.com.

I got so much busy in my other projects that I failed to maintain content frequency on BTT and published very few articles.
Providing useful content to my readers on regular basis is into my list of Blogging resolutions for 2016.

3. Focusing more on learning rather than earning

This year I was so busy in achieving my financial goals that I gave very less time on self-development. We all know, self-development is a part of success and we must develop skills that are important to achieve a goal.

I made a lot of money online this year but I forget to develop new skills that I always wanted to have. For this New Year, I resolve to develop all the skills that will help me to achieve all of my blogging and personal goals for 2016.

I believe:   “Earning is a by product of learning”



Jaspal Singh from Savedelete.com



My blogging resolution is to get more search traffic at least twice as much I am getting now plus connect with more bloggers and build a partnership to open new blogs. Create and Collaborate is my new year resolution.

All of this can be achieved by making my blog useful towards users and by doing content marketing plus SEO. This can be done in a single day and hence this year would be dedicated towards increasing readership.

I hope everybody achieve their new year resolution and a very happy new year to all.

Bottom Lines

Another year has passed! Many things had happened last year, but every blogger looks for the way to make their blog/blogs, even more fabulous in this year, 2016.

Setting up the blogging resolutions is easy! However, how we are going to reach them is a million dollar question! 

Overcommitments would lead to overzealous which in turn nudge you to quit blogging without achieving anything.

If you have uncomplicated blogging pre-plans, you will be rewarded with loyal blog readers and their active engagement in purchasing your product/service for sure. 

So, I would suggest you fix some well-reasonable blogging plans to focus throughout the year which would make a huge success in the growth of your blog. 

I hope that you’ve read the blogging New Year resolutions of some dedicated bloggers which would help in improving the performance of your blog. 

What are your 2016 blogging resolutions? How will you attain them? Have you achieved your last year’s blog plans? I would love to hear what you’re focusing on for the new year, share your strategies in the comment section. 

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