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I am excited to meet you all with some useful information from another expert. Yes, I had a small discussion with Mr.Pradeep Kumar, founder of He is a blogger who inspires many bloggers and internet marketers including me. Thus, I’ve decided to extract some useful tips from him for my readers. I approached him through Facebook and was stumbled by his immediate humble reply.

I would like to provide insight into Pradeep’s blogging career.

Pradeep Kumar is a full-time blogger who started his blogging career in the year of 2009. He is a fun-loving guy, pursuing his Engineering graduation now. He is a top notch blogger and has been interviewed in more than 20 blogs. This awesome blogger is also a freelancer, entrepreneur, consult and writing specialist in product reviews and tutorial.

Expert tips

He is the founder of Slashsquare, an Indian blog network. Hellbound Bloggers, Movie drops, and Hostlater are 3 blogs that are running on this network and he is planning to expand web consulting business under it. Hellbound bloggers is a popular blog based on technology where he blogs about the latest updates on social media, blogging, online money making, internet and technology stuff. This blog is blessed with good commentators and 750+ guest authors.

Being a regular visitor of HBB, I am staggered by his dedication and persistence. Find the tips given by this excellent blog expert. I am honored to be based out of the same city as this blogging whiz is.

Experts tips – Discussion with Pradeep Kumar

Hi Pradeep,

1. Name some blogs/websites that you’re usually read to expand your knowledge?

To be honest, I don’t read specific blogs. I use apps like Flipboard and Pulse to read various blogs. But I love “The Oatmeal”, they explain concepts with the help of images (something like infographics).

2. How many hours are you spending on blogging and tell your working style?

I work at night; it starts from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. I take productive breaks and watch movies as well. Night time could be the best productive time for us, no one to disturb.

3. What is your opinion about blogging in the future, will it become a profession like IT/ITES?

I’m hoping for a course about “Blogging” in colleges, something like Journalism. Blogging is so delicate that it is considered to be another version of Journalism. Some people might do it part time, and some involve in this entirely.

4. Which is your preferred traffic generation method and why?

Social Media, this is the best traffic generation source I would say. Sharing something new and useful, promote it a bit and there you go, it’s viral!

5. Just a few lines of your income sources and plans.

Income sources.. ahh.. It’s quite difficult actually; my primary blogs are not using Adsense because I’m afraid that my writing talent could be sacrificed because of Adsense Terms and Conditions. My blogs are powered by sponsored reviews and direct advertisers. I don’t want to make so much of money out of my blogs; I just want to make money for my living.

Previously I had a simple discussion with Mr. Atish Ranjan (SEO specialist cum blogger) and Mrs. Malathy Badri (internet marketer). Both mentioned you as their favorite blogger. Even I too pointed out that you’re my inspiring blogger in a post. So here is an additional question.

6. What do you think about it (many bloggers are mentioning you) and state the secret of this success?

Ah, sweet! This is motivating. I’m a simple guy who doesn’t believe in limits. I blog for passion, share knowledge, interact with readers and moreover a person who doesn’t take his online life so serious, because we have a challenging life offline.

Give your valuable suggestion for newbie bloggers

Don’t quit blogging because you can’t make money out of it, it was never actually meant for that. Make an idea, work on it, and work smart!

Thanks Pradeep for spending your valuable time to provide answers to my questions. I hope that they would help the bloggers to enhance the skills of blogging.

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I’d  suggest you to visit his blogs as those are the treasure house of an esteemed information.

Share your views about this discussion and leave few lines, if you knew him already 🙂

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