What is LinkedIn and how to use it effectively?

This blog post explains about the LinkedIn and its uses.

Social networking websites are ruling the internet world and it helps the users to connect with others both personally and professionally by sharing their interests, ideas and events in their network. It functions like an online community for the internet users and the helps the internet marketers to get good exposure and reputation.


Interaction is the main impact of social networks and it has changed our lives in so many ways. Facebook remains top social network,  Google plus and twitter battle for second and people are well familiarized with these social networking websites.

What about LinkedIn? Did you have your social profile on it to reap some benefits? If you say “Yes”, then I really appreciate your social enthusiasm and wishing you to get good status with it. If your answer is “No”, then continue reading here to understand the basics of LinkedIn and how to use it effectively.


About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social networking website which connects the business related people and allows them to exchange the opportunities and thoughts with each other. In simple words, it is a directory of professionals and companies. LinkedIn was co-founded by Reid Hoffman, a former executive of PayPal in the year 2003. It is available in 200 countries in 19 different languages.

In the month of Jan, this year (2013), LinkedIn announced that it has exceeded 200 million registered users and out of it, 74 million users are from United States. More than 2.6 million companies have registered here and professionals are making use of it to search the right job opportunities for them.


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Get started with creating LinkedIn profile

Join LinkedIn by register in it and the users may use their Facebook account to log in. They need to fill their professional details to complete the basic profile and can connect with other members through the various options like email contacts, Name search, classmate and colleague search and advanced search.

After confirming the email account, the users can build their profile by adding photograph, specialties, skills, company website or blog information and other social profiles. Based on the user’s employment and education listings, LinkedIn suggests the connections (minded professionals) to invite and add to their professional network. The users can add them to their contacts and take part in suitable LinkedIn groups to increase their visibility and network.


Use LinkedIn effectively

LinkedIn can be used for variety of purposes in various fields. Let’s check some areas with which it can be used effectively to improve the user performance.

1. Use LinkedIn for Advertising
The users can create the LinkedIn ads with text, image, video and a link. It usually shows up in the homepage, profile pages and group pages. According to the page/product to promote, multiple LinkedIn ads can be created by designing it. LinkedIn provides the opportunities for the users to target their audience with various options and the users can choose either PPC or CPM payment choice.


2. Use LinkedIn for business
Creating an interactive business page/company page would let the users to network through groups and build authority with it. Sharing instantly with twitter and their connections is a good feature here and the users might get recommendations or suggestions from their contacts to improve the business. Involving in minded LinkedIn groups to share the updated business news would enhance the credibility of that business.

3. Use LinkedIn for recruiting
Employers create the company LinkedIn profile and keep their profile updated with their product/services. They search and verify the candidates with their endorsements, recommendations, educational qualifications and work experience. They also take part in groups and use question and answer section to select the candidates. LinkedIn is very useful in targeting and finding the passive candidates to recruit them for professional jobs.


4. Use LinkedIn for job opportunities
If the user is a job hunter, he/she can use LinkedIn to find a job. Creating a quality profile along with the skills, interest and previous work experience is essential for the job seekers. They should research potential companies and try to connect with decision makers. Unemployed persons use LinkedIn job search with “Job” tab which has the details of current job openings posted from the top companies. Having the premium tool named “Job seeker” and sharing the custom url option would reduce the load of job searchers and helps to get good job opportunities.


5. Use LinkedIn for Marketing and sales
Optimizing the LinkedIn profile and adding the like-minded professional is important to boost the marketing and sales of any type of industry. Involving in group activates with the latest update about the product/service, usage of answer section and making use of advanced search options would definitely enhance the marketing and allows the users to get more sales.



LinkedIn is a powerful social networking tool used by the millions of professionals worldwide. Most of the internet businesses consider LinkedIn as an effective marketing tool for lead generation and many job chasers use LinkedIn as an online resume. Moreover, it acts as a networking hub which allows its users to connect with minded people to share and get the ideas. As it as an integral recruiting tool, LinkedIn is mostly preferred by the job searchers to find the appropriate employment opportunity for them. On the other hand, it is most favorite place for the businesses to get a good brand name and exposure.

Hope you have gained some knowledge about LinkedIn and its uses. I suggest you to use this dominant social network to connect with professionals of your same field.

Are you on LinkedIn? Share your views and experience with me.

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43 thoughts on “What is LinkedIn and how to use it effectively?”

  1. Hello mam,
    This is another effective and good looking post about LinkedIn & it’s opportunities, which I have read here.
    Yeah! LinkedIn is very powerful and useful Social Networking specially for marketing & sales purpose.
    Simply, I want to say that the execution is the main thing here.
    How you represent your content with the explanation in limited words can easily win you the race.
    Again thanks for this informative article! 🙂

  2. @Nirmala Santhakumar
    Thank you mam share this article. I am using linkedin almost 6 months but dint know this information. I am posting my new post on linkedin cant get good response…

    1. You should understand that LinkedIn is a not a place to share your blog posts.

      It is a source to connect with minded bloggers, engage yourself with various discussions and expand your knowledge with it.

      Thanks for commenting here, keep visiting 🙂

  3. Hi Nirmala,

    I am big on LinkedIn these days. For years I rarely used the network; then I woke up, got to spreading the word, promoted others, posted helpful comments and my network quickly expanded.

    You nailed each of the key used for LI quite well; I prefer using the network as a marketing medium but see plenty of potential in different areas as well.

    Thanks for sharing Nirmala!


  4. Hi Nirmala,

    To be frank with you, I find it difficult to work with LinkedIn despite the fact that I know it really work when it comes to issue of online marketing and driving quality traffic to our blog, but I think I have to sit down and re-think about LinkedIN.

  5. LinkedIn is the friendly website of google. If we share our content in LinkedIn, it is easily listed out in Google Search Engine. Most of the bloggers are using only facebook to share their content.

    Very interesting post Nirmala. Thanks for sharing.

    1. LinkedIn is a profession social network to connect with some talented professionals. Don’t think it a place to share your blog posts. Promoting your blog posts with LinkedIn is good but you should check other benefits too.

      Thanks for commenting Nirmal 🙂

  6. Those who are seeking business, traffic , outcome from linkedin.

    Here are my Tips:
    1. If you are disruptive that can shake the “I know think cloud”. You will certainly win the race.
    2. LinkedIn is a top tier social networking platform. Very engaging and very supportive.
    3. Linkedin is directly connected to peoples profile and opinion expressed with professional CV maters thousand times then traditional methods. if any body sharing something there. It will impact his or her life in long run. People will only share valuable contents there.

    Thus this makes a sound difference between other social platforms and hybrid platform [Social + Traditional HR + Blog +…= Linkedin ]

    Hope this is helpful..btw feel free to connect with me at linkedin.

    Alok Tiwari

    1. Thanks for adding some useful information about LinkedIn here Alok 🙂 I really appreciate it!

      Sure, will connect with you at LinkedIn.

      Glad with your presence, keep coming here to share your valuable ideas and thoughts 🙂

  7. While studying in college , i used Linked In just once to search a job and never looked back.From your post , it seems like Linked-IN is a very powerful network . I would be exploring of it . Thanks for sharing the information .


  8. I didn’t used Linkedln before joining blogging. But After Blogging Likedln play vital role in my Business. A lots of visitors comes from this social networking website.

  9. I use linkedin, especially groups but not as often as before, i totally diverted my marketing to Facebook and twitter. Well linkedin is great when i comes to generating traffic but not everyone of us knows about this. Of course, it is the best when it comes to engagement. Linkedin rocks!

  10. LinkedIn really have great benefits to use.

    I’m not active there and also not aware with such the benefits of using LinkedIn.

    Recently Adesanmi sir shared a guest post on my blog about getting traffic from it but you shared some exceptional benefits here.

    Great post mam 🙂

    1. Yes Ankit bro.

      You should be active on LinkedIn to develop your talents and to join with minded professionals.

      Yes, I checked that post, he has written so nicely.

      thanks for comment bro, keep leaving your comment here.

  11. Hey Nirmala

    Linked IN is the community for professionals and business persons. It is a wise idea to use linkedin to drive traffic to your site. I have an account on Linkedin but don’t use it on regular basis.
    Thank you for the update

  12. Hello,

    I’m not so big user of linked, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how important platform linkedin is for people who are is any kind of business domain.

    I just have my profile on linked for the sole for the sole purpose of filling a line in my resume, because linkedin connections have great impacts on jobs. But here’s also a catch I hardly go for interview because the degree I hold is of software developer, but I’m more interested in running with queen, being Sherlock Holmes in my stories, after all I’m a writer.. 😉

    Anyways, your article was quite the read. I loved it. thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  13. Hi Nirmala,
    I am new to LinkedIn I am not well acquainted with all features of LinkedIn. Thanks for sharing this relevant article. It seems that like Facebook it also provides the opportunity to place ads in order to reach target market.

  14. Hi Nirmala,

    Thanks for writing this. LinkedIn is extremely great especially when it comes to building business and corporate use. I see huge potential in it if you have plans to target corporate users.

    Nonetheless, watch how it grow in the next few months. it is definitely going to be explosive!

  15. Hi Nirmala Santhakumar,
    Thanks for making well understand about LinkedIn ! I have been user of LinkedIn since last 2 years & using it continue since last 2 years. LinkedIn is really useful & effective social network, It has millions user those have connected with LinkedIn.

  16. Hi nirmala,
    great guide to linkedin, I really like ideas u placed here, I am using linked for various purposes. I use it for my blog promotion, linked groups, & jobs also. I am using linked for 3 years & pretty satisfied with it. It is extremely important for bloggers.

  17. Talking about the LinkedIn then recently I am also doing some research work on how this social network is operating and this article has helped me out in many ways to understand those things. LinkedIn has been my recent point of interest.
    Thanks for sharing this.


  18. Hey

    i have neglected Linkedin until now, after reading your post just realized it how important it can be, thanks for sharing, expecting more content like this form you

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