Happy Birthday MyMagicFundas (MMF Completed 5 Years Today)

Hi Dear Readers, 

I’m happy to tell you that “MyMagicFundas” has completed its 5-year journey today!

Yes, 5 years ago, I started this blog on the very same day (17th Jan). I was advised by my inspiring blogger ‘Atish Ranjan’ to buy a new self-hosted domain and he had helped me to install WordPress and essential plugins into it.

I’ve started blogging in WordPress domain with little hesitation as it was quite new to me and I published my welcome post on 18th Jan’13. That day was made a memorable one with the wishes and appreciation for that post. 

Here is my Birthday wish for my blog with a delicious cake!

                             Happy Birthday MyMagicFundas


You might question me “Is celebrating the birthday of a blog is important?”

My answer is “Yes, of course”.

My blog helps me to meet many positive things in my life. Below you could find some of the good things that churned out of my blog. 

  • Many blogging friends who are forever the supporting system of my blog. They leave behind many suggestions/viewpoints for my posts through blog commenting in a regular manner.
  • Immense improvement in my scripting and blogging skill.
  • An enhanced ability to learn and stick to the new blogging updates and boost my confidence levels.
  • Sharing my blogging experience and tech knowledge which would help newbies to learn the basic blogging & technology stuff.
  • Out of all the, I’m getting the monetary benefit.

Achievements of MyMagicFundas

Below are the achievements of MyMagicFundas in two years!

1. Domain authority 29, Page Authority 41.

2. Completed 230+ blog posts with 30+ Guest posts.

3. Good organic traffic and social followers. 

My Heartfelt Advice

Nowadays people read blogs to get the precise information and so it is the responsibility of the bloggers to capture their attention by providing clear-cut, honest and detailed information.

If you want to start a blog to make money or you have already found a blog to do so – then just invest your time and effort to provide fruitful ideas/ desirable solutions/ valid valuable data to your loyal readers.

“Your blog should make you an inspirational factor for your readers”

According to me “A blogger need to give a lot before they think about taking”. Try to expand your skills by learning the new endeavors and keep attracting your loyal audience through genuine ways.

My Sincere Thanks to MyMagicFundas Readers

I would like to thank all my visitors who read Mymagicfundas habitually and I hope that they would continue to do the same for my upcoming posts too.

Also, I would like to thank every blogger who supported me in this blogging world to blog with passion. My sincere gratitude goes to my social followers and regular blog commenters.

My profound thanks to you all!!! I would suggest you stay tuned to grab some commendable data on trendy topics.

Final words

It has been a fabulous 5 years for me and I appreciate all my blogging friends and visitors for your support in encouraging my work and helping me gain credibility in the blogosphere.

I assure you all that I will continue to write quality content which would help you in some way. I shall always look forward to hearing your suggestions/ideas to improve MyMagicFundas.

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