What’s New In SEO? Top 5 Trends You Need To Know!


As we are moving into the new decade, taking a look at what to look forward to does seem exciting and daunting at the same time. This holds especially true for the marketing field as we can change made pretty swiftly. Something that seems to be changing constantly is SEO.

In the last few years, there have been several SEO changes being made in profound ways. This can be new technology being introduced like voice assistants, mobile experience evolution, and Artificial Intelligence. Something that plays the central role is, of course, search engines like Google.

The New SEO Trends

These promising yet quick changes have made the life of digital marketers a bit more complicated. SEO strategies to be made for the client as per their needs, and having information on everything SEO has coming for us in 2021 will be helpful.

So here are the new SEO trends 2021 that will be seen this year, and if you are an SEO company in Delhi or a business owner working on taking the business to the next level, this information will make sure you stay ahead of your competitors.

Trend #1 – Inclusion of Videos in SEO

The way ahead seems to include online videos. We can already see the popularity of YouTube as it has over a billion users.

Therefore, in case you haven’t been making videos, it’s recommended that you start now. Video, amongst any other kind of content, catches a lot more attention.

But how does one optimize video content? Well, it’s recommended that you optimize the channel name as well as the video description. With this, we mean that there is not just keyword cramming, but the overview is user-friendly and gives information on your channel as well.

Keywords are vital too. For instance, if you want to optimize the video for YouTube, you might get inspiration from the auto-complete elements that the platform offers. Just begin typing the video topic that you have and observe information that pops over the search field, these are the suggested keywords, and you can use them efficiently.

Trend #2 – Voice Search Will Be Critical

Understand that people usually search in the manner they speak. We have done it several times while we speak with a smart digital assistant. In the year 2017 alone, there were over 36.5 million queries through voice searches done – eMarketer. The data from 2019 March also shows that out of total mobile queries, 20 percent is through voice search.

As we see the searches becoming popular increasingly, more people will be typed searching for something in the manner they speak. Keep in mind that these searches can be particular and long-tail. The users are now looking for more accurate answers to what they had asked.

Users who searched for such keywords are in the stage of consideration, and it’s likely to convert when we compare it with somebody at the awareness stage. So, the inclusion of a bullet list will improve the probability of ranking for queries through voice search.

Remember that for the most part voice queries stay local. Therefore, make sure that you are optimizing the website as per local SEO.

Trend #3 – Search Ranking Will Be Impacted By Mobile-Friendliness

For making sure that the website page remains user-friendly, you are ensuring that you Google will be able to crawl on the URL. For this, you need to make sure that you do not have a ‘disallow directive.’

Also, be aware that Google bot will not load the content that needs user interactions; this means swiping and clicking. Finally, make sure that there is the inclusion of meta tags that are the same over the mobile sites and desktop.

Trend #4 – People Will Be Looking For Digital Experiences

Did you know that about 44% of the companies have shifted towards improving the customer experience digital-first approach? And more than 50% of company CEOs have mentioned that this had made revenue growth.

One important ranking factor is the loading speed of the page. There will be no high-quality content if the loading speed isn’t fast and the user interface is complex. And In 2018, Google has added page speed as a ranking factor for the mobile versions.

Companies understand the importance of building a strong bond with their customers to last for a long time. This means the focus has to be on customer experience on the business website.

So, make sure that you are working to improve the client experience by finding the relevant information they want. Also, make the process of moving towards the next step easier. Ensure the content doesn’t have complex words, as this can lead to a lack of clarity and increase the bounce rate that will negatively impact the site SEO.

Trend #5 – Image Optimization Will Have An Important Role

The search for image visuals has drastically evolved.

In the coming time, people will use the images for making product purchases, getting information, and much more. For a very long time, Google had focused on image optimization with proper markings; therefore, it makes a lot of sense that they will remain apart for the long term.

So, make sure that image optimization on your website is done. Make sure that all images are relevant, high quality, and placed on the right content page. You can use alt-tags that crawlers make use of during image classification.

Not only this, but also, Google has announced that Core Web Vitals will have been ranking factors since May 2021. Thus, any website or digital marketer needs to optimize their images as they are one of the biggest reasons for high loading time.

Source – https://twitter.com/googlesearchc/status/1326192937164705797

Final Thoughts

So, these will be the SEO trends that we shall see a few years from now! All of these from rising semantic search with SERP’s zero clicks with enhanced video prevalence will add to the delightful experiences as per the popular search engines.

This can be information on movie timings, making a comparison of costs of a product from a different e-Commerce website, or searching for critical information while we are in the middle of this pandemic. Google with other popular search engines, will keep putting forward updates to make sure the users have improved experiences on all of this.

This also makes sure that all digital marketing companies have improved and adjusted SEO strategies accordingly. There is a need to focus the energy and time on the development of the best quality content that works in alignment with the customer’s intent and personas.

The main objective can motivate people to serve to get over search engines and start searching for products and services you provide.

A robust SEO strategy includes research on the search intents, good copywriters and content, strong UX, and precisely defined customer persona. It is mainly about refining, improving, and optimizing depending on the data that we have collected.

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