Can Tablets Replace Laptops?

This post would help you to get the answer to the question “Can tablets replace laptops?”

After the entry of Laptops into the computer market, most of the people preferred to use because it allows to do the tasks with the convenience of mobility and flexibility. But it cannot replace the desktop as it is not easy to upgrade and vulnerable to theft & damage.

Now, Tablet has become quite popular among the computer and internet users as it possesses extreme portability and ease of use. So can tablets replace laptops?

Let’s discuss some beneficial stuff about tablets replace PC and hope this conversation might help you to get the best one for your needs. I am starting the talk in my style with an underlying question.

What is Tablet?

The tablet is a single flat piece mobile computer comes with touchscreen facility. Virtual keyboard for typing is available on its screen. It runs on a variety of operating systems like Windows 8, Android Jellybean, etc.

The functionality of a tablet can be extended by downloading hundreds of application from the propeatery app stores of operating system. Moreover, it has a variety of data connectivity options like 3G, Wi-Fi, etc.


How Tablets Can Replace Laptops? 

Talking about the features of Tablets replace Laptops would let you choose the suitable one for your requirements.

1. Extends your Productivity

As it is excellent in performing the necessary tasks like internet browsing, managing schedule and so on, it would extend your productivity. This feature along with the ability of quick set up is specifically attractive because it allows you work on it when you are traveling, at particular places like the beach or if you are on vacation.

2. Reduces burden on its library

A tablet is a book like a computer that has dual designs features and e-reader software. So it is the ideal place for reading the eBooks by downloading it. This option has attracted by the students, and they could use it for reading and reference.

3. Best for Entertainment

The tablet has an exceptional battery life of 8 hours which is greater than the average laptop. It is easy to use when traveling or meetings as it has no wires and chargers. These features would entertain you for long hours. Also, it has excellent everyday photo sharing experience.

4. Cheap and modest

Tablets are cheaper than new technology laptops. Moreover, the crash is not a big deal here. A quick restart is enough to get back all the stuff on track. Bright color in this simple system is an excellent, engaging alternative for kids.

5. No burning

Laptop users are much worrying about the heat produced by the system. This distressing nature would not be experienced by the tablet users because it comes with better processors and requires little power to run.

Even though it has the above-listed features, it has some drawbacks too.

Disadvantages of Tablets

1. You might experience ergonomic problems.

2. The touchscreen is vulnerable to damage.

3. Lack of ports and thereby limited functionality.

4. The absence of the keyboard, DVD drive and ports.

5. Can’t hold large data and slow input process.

Every electronic product has its pros and cons. You have to decide the best based on your necessities.

Who Can Buy A Tablet?

Replace desktop with a tablet, if

1. You need a very simple device that is easy to use.

2. To perform your primary internet works.

3. You are using the laptop already and just for an alternative purpose.

4. You are an entertainment, lover.

Who Needs A Laptop?

Use laptop for the below purposes like,

1. To execute your professional work.

2. You have less interest in entertainment.

3. To use as a primary computer.

4. You need enhanced security.

 I hope now you decide “Can Tablets replace Laptops?”


I know, deciding a gadget to buy is difficult one for you. But the questions like

What are you going to do with the gadget? Which one is more comfortable for you?

Do you want to buy this gadget for entertainment purpose? Are you going to do some real work with it?

would allow you to choose the best one.

So deciding between a laptop and a tablet depends on your needs and use. If you are planning to buy a computer to carry out your real work with the multitasking capability, then Laptop is the ideal choice for you.

If you think that the entertainment and the internet surfing are your basic needs, then get a tablet.

Can tablets replace laptops?

No, I don’t think so. After reading the pros and cons of Laptops and tablets, what is your thought?

Do share it in the comment section.

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