– a motivating blogging community.

This blog post would help the bloggers to get the details about – a motivating blogging community.

Are you a blogger and you might ask me “I am active on social networks to share my blog content and driving traffic with it. Also I am excellent in creating the high quality unique posts with basic SEO to drive organic traffic. Then why you are insisting me to take part in blogging communities?

I advice you to continue reading here to get the answer!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might be comprehensive with some blogging communities like Bizsugar, Indiblogger etc. Yeah, I am having a separate category named “blogging communities” on my blog to insist the readers to take part in some honest blogging communities.

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2. What is Blokube and why bloggers should join in Blokube?

Let me tell you some imperative points associated with blogging communities.


Why blogging communities are essential for bloggers?

Here I summarized some reasons

1. Connect with minded bloggers.

2. Improve your online presence and grow your network.

3. Get escape from Google panda algorithm.

4. Learn and work together.

5. Get social shares and comments.

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If you’re involving yourself in blogging communities, then try these too

1. Conduct a poll with renowned bloggers and tap into their interests to create new blog posts.

2. As blogs needs consistency, you could ask some bloggers to take care of simple blogging activities if you go on holiday or any emergency reasons.

3. Try to get quality guest post from your friends in blogging communities.

Let’s continue the discussion with, a growing blogging community.


What is is a social bookmarking website like Reddit or Stumbleupon. Here several SEO’s and Internet marketers are hanging out to share their fascinated content. Two great online persons Rand Fishkin, founder of SEOmoz and Dharmesh Shah, cofounder of hubspot founded this community based content sharing website.


The pagerank of is 5 and there are thousands of registered users from now on. High quality articles and guides shared here by some brilliant online marketers and so it could be a great learning tool for the bloggers to improve their skills. It is also a genuine place to connect and engage with inclined people and to promote the blog posts.

Like other social bookmarking websites, allows the users to up-vote their favorite posts. Articles with good up-votes and karma score are listed under the Hottest section and the new submitted posts scheduled under the incoming section. Share article and Start discussion are the two options available for the users to improve their online presence and to get involved with other users.

 For better understanding just read the Guidelines of


Distinct qualities of

1. Good PR do follow website.

2. Easy to use because of its simplicity and effective navigation.

3. Users can register here with Twitter account.


Conclusion: is absolutely a honest community where the bloggers and other digital marketers are contributing their preferred content and ideas. I suggest the bloggers to take part in this exceptional blogging community to learn and share the concepts.

Did you know Are you member of it already?

Will you execute the ideas given in the upper part of the post with blogging communities?

Share your point of views 🙂

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