How To Write Valuable Blog Posts For SEO?

Being a top blogger in a time where there are so many bloggers in the digital space can be challenging. There are lots of content for people to consume online, that unless you are fully sold out to the idea of starting a brand, you will not survive.

It requires a good grasp of what your brand is about to come up with material that can inspire your audience and keep them visiting your blog site.

How then do you become a good blogger?

It all lies in the art of writing valuable blog posts for SEO.

Find below some of the tips that will help you develop good quality blog posts that search engines will love! 

Useful Tips To Make Exceptional Blog Articles 


1. Start With Keyword Research

If you want to have any competitive advantage over other bloggers, do not just be random about the content you create. Sure randomness creates uniqueness and originality, but you must come up with a way to integrate your ideas into keywords.

Technically, keywords act as a guide for you to reach an intended audience that would otherwise be interested in your material.

The keyword research process gives you access to some of the popular ideas that people are concerned about and looking online. If you can then be a solution to those queries, then your blog posts will be relevant to your target audience.

You can find several keyword research tools for Free and Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is my favorite one! You can find out the profitable yet long tail keywords through this tool. 

One thing I would advise you is, make sure to pick the low competition keywords (check keyword difficulty score) with decent search volume and place them naturally in your content. 

2. Become A Friend Of Google

Google is the top search engine ranking today. With billions of people typing into Google’s search boxes, you expect it to have a comprehensive idea of what works for the online users.

Ideally, the suggestions on Google are one way to get what people want to know in your industry. This can be one of the ways you do your keyword research.

Other than that, Google is the benchmark you should be suing to know which websites are ahead of you in the competition. Once you have the keywords you want to target, get on Google and access the results there are for those search terms.

This way, you will have an idea of the type of content that is relevant for those keywords, and you can create better content than that in the SERP.

3. Write Excellent Content

In blogging, you cannot compromise quality at any time. Yes, content is still the king! 

The primary value you are offering your target audience is that of content. This means that quality is paramount. In matters of quality for the content, it regards different elements.

Some questions to answer are, is the content informative, entertaining or persuading? If the material fresh and relevant? How many words are in each post?

Spend time in research and include the essential details that your audience would like to read. If they miss something, then they would skip your site.

To avoid this frustrating moment, focus on writing in-depth details and make them feel satisfied with the information that you provide.

4. Write More Than 800 Words

When it comes to the length of your content, you need to be intentional with keeping it long. SEO experts have learned with time that long-form content has a better performance on SERP than short ones.

The idea is to provide your target audience with enough information about the topic matter. I have already told about this!

People differ a lot in what the ideal number of words in a blog post should. However, choose to target around 1000-2000 words. Let your guiding factor be that you deliver information to your target audience.

This means that you write as much as you need to cover the topic. However, be careful that the material is impressive throughout, lest you increase your bounce rates because of boring content.

5. Use Images, Videos & Infographics

Much as blogging is about writing, do not over-rely on the written text that you forget to keep your material fresh and interesting.

Understanding that the largest part of the world’s population is visual learners, images & videos have a strong persuasion power. Use them sufficiently on your platform, more especially with long-form content, to break the monotony.

Always remember to optimize your image by not only using high-quality pictures, but also inserting image descriptions, captions, titles, and Alt text. They all come together to boost your ranking position on SERP. 

Using GIFs and Infographic image is also a good idea. Provide the code for the infographic that you have made, so that the co-bloggers might be interested in embedding the infographics on their blog. Getting mentioned is good SEO!

6. Write For Your Audience, Not Search Engines

Do not at all be carried away by the drive to appear on top of first pages of SERP engines. Even though it is important to play along with Google’s ranking algorithms, let that not replace the place of your target audience.

Keep grounded to simplicity in passing across the message avoiding large terminologies that will only confuse your audience.

Keyword Stuffing is dead! User experience is the new SEO.

Yes! According to the Google Rank Brain algorithm, when your content meets your readers’ requirements, you will be blessed with the higher ranking or move forward in the search engine page ranking. You can easily track your ranking on SERP here –

On the other hand, if they get disappointed with your blog article and would come back to the Google search results to grab the exact data they look for. If it happens, your ranking will move down! Therefore, it’s better to focus on user experience and satisfaction. 

Final Words

Writing and optimizing the blog posts for SEO requires skills. It is an art and can be developed through experiments and experiences. Keep your readers in mind and start structuring the piece of content that offers more value for them. 

The concept is simple! If your content could solve the readers’ concern, then you will get high search engine rankings. All you need to come up with the best blog posts for your audience with relevant keyword phrases. 

Once you have started doing it, then no one could stop your site driving the organic traffic from the search engines. So, are you ready to make the exceptional blog posts for SEO? Share your viewpoint in the comment section! 

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