Exciting New Facebook Features That I Really Like

Giant Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have always been busy releasing new features and upgrading their existing applications.

Especially, the Facebook rolls out some new features in a consistent manner as it plays a vital role in the online marketing plan for businesses and organizations.

Yes, not only to connect with friends & family, but the Facebook is a great way to reach the audience if you are a brand.

A blog with a Facebook page can quickly connect with the targeted people and share the essential data for them.

The broad reach that Facebook provides us is matched by no other website. Twitter features has its way of reaching the audience, but the thing is, the audience can’t interact much. Most of the tweets are unseen in the flood of tweets that people post.

Coming back to the topic! Facebook stands out for techies through its unique features and continues to launch its innovative applications that would help the ordinary end users and the business brands as well.

Without further ado, let’s discuss some freshly launched and rolled out Facebook features in this post.

Fresh Facebook Features That Are Worth Using

In this post, I’m going to list some new Facebook features in detail, so hang on tight and keep reading!


1. Product Ads

Facebook Ads have been one of the best ways for marketers to advertise their campaign and reach their targeted audience. As you know, Facebook serves different types of people who have various kinds of interests.

Product Ads is a new Facebook feature launched this year that allow businesses to advertise their multiple products in a much better and interactive way.

Yes, it offers several ways to display various products by uploading their product catalog and creating campaigns for their particular products to the precise audience.

People can view deals and ads about different products in the same ad, and this not only save more content for seeing other posts, but the way the product ads are shown is also interactive.

This kind of Facebook ads can be highly customized for the convenient customers’ journey and thus the creative marketers can easily use these ads to get the most out of them.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/product-ads

2. See First – Priority Newsfeed Posts

A lot of people complain that they don’t see most of the posts from their friends as Facebook shows a lot of unwanted posts to people.

To fix this, and to provide people with more options, Facebook now allows you to set people you want to see the updates from in priority.


The See First option was recently announced, and it is a really great option if you want to see updates from people you care about first in your newsfeed.

3. New Updates to Facebook Notes

With the rise of social blogging website like Medium, Facebook had to give the Notes application an update. Notes has been a Facebook feature since a very long time but for many years there have been no updates to the app.

The new features allow you to create notes in a much more beautiful and presentable way. You can now use images to decorate the header of the note, and some great fonts will let you use your imagination to make the text look better using the new typography options.

Here is an excellent guide by Mike Alton on Facebook Notes and How to use Facebook Notes.

4. Facebook Moments

Facebook announced Moments as a different app to share photos with your friends or selected contacts on Facebook.

It is a great app especially if sharing photos are a pain after an event or an outing with your friends. It uses facial recognition technology to put your images together based on the friends who are in them.

You can just use this app to share photos quickly with your Facebook friends. Not only that, but this is an entirely private way to share photos so you can discuss with your friends before sharing the photos on Facebook!

You can download the Moments app by Creative Labs from Google Play store.

5. On This Day

How do you relive your past posts of Facebook?

Facebook introduced an excellent app to revive your status updates and images posted by you on the same calendar day a year or more ago.

Yes! It has commenced “On This Day” feature that you can use to check your posts for the previous years on the present date.

For example, if the date today is 12th October 2015, we can head over to On This Day Page to see older posts on the very same day for the earlier years like 2014, 2013 and till the year when you’ve joined in Facebook.


I feel that it is a beautiful way to share your memory where you can choose/change the audience to share with. It is one of the amazing Facebook features, isn’t it?

If you can’t access this new Facebook feature, try again after a few days!

6. Legacy Contact

What would have happened to your Facebook account after you death?

You don’t need to worry!

Facebook rolled out a new feature called Legacy Contact that lets you assign a specific friend who will be able to access your Facebook account when you die.

So that the assigned person will be able to pin a post on your Timeline, change your profile picture and respond to friend requests, but they won’t post like you or see your private messages.

If you don’t want to designate a person to handle your Facebook account after your death, you may choose the option “Account Deletion.


To get this Facebook feature, go to Security > Legacy Contact

Yes, you can now choose between options to allow a legacy contact to be able to manage your account, or you can just get your account deleted.

7. Embed Facebook Videos on Websites

If you have a blog or website and don’t want to direct your readers to watch an interesting/significant Facebook video, you may opt the option of embedding that video posted to Facebook.

Yes! Facebook allows you to embed the public videos in your web page in a straightforward manner.

Here is a helpful guide by Harsh Agrawal on how to embed a Facebook video on your site!

8. Facebook Reactions

There was a rumor about a dislike button that Facebook was about to release, but that was a stupid idea. People didn’t want a dislike button as it could convey too much pessimism. It would turn the social network into an anti-social one.

Now, Facebook Reactions is the leaked feature of Facebook that seems close to the dislike button to express the comment.


This fresh Facebook feature would be an extension of the Facebook Like button (We may need to long press the Facebook Like button to get the empathetic emoji)

You will be able to show reactions to posts through six different emoji named “Love, haha, yay, wow, sad and anger as shown in the image. I’m not sure that we will get this feature on Facebook as it is in the experimental stage.

9. Modernized Newsfeed Controls

Facebook now gives you much more options to see what you like in your newsfeed. You can

  • Prioritize the updates from whom you want to see.
  • Unfollow some people to hide their posts (not unfriending)
  • You can reconnect with people whom you unfollowed in the past.

These features make the whole newsfeed experience much better in the view of Facebook users.

10. GIFs on Facebook

Until recently, Facebook didn’t support GIF sharing. If you shared a GIF on Facebook before this update, the user had to go to the link to be able to watch the GIF. But now if you share a GIF on Facebook, it can be played with just a click.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t work if you upload a GIF. But you can find the stickers and Gifs to share through a new search feature in Facebook Messenger. This feature has officially rolled to the iOS users in U.S and Canada.

11. New Mobile Facebook Profile

Facebook has recently started to redesign the profiles of mobile users. The following features are in the testing state for the users in UK and California; you’ll get them soon.


1. Improvement in profile picture – You can fix a temporary image as a profile picture for a specified time (it will automatically change to the old profile picture at a particular time). You also can add a 7 seconds looping video clip as the profile picture.

2. Design enhancements – Profile picture will get centered on the screen and look bigger as well. People would like to see your photos and mutual friends, and thus they will be on top (below your profile picture).

3. Enhanced Profile controls – A new customizable place at the top of the profile will be available to tell about you in a precise manner. You’ll be able to add the one-line bio and five featured images to be displayed in your profile.

12. Updated features in Facebook Page

Do you own a Facebook page for your business/marketing?

You can see the following updates on your Facebook page.

  1. Call to action button
  2. Featured video
  3. Private message
  4. Publishing tools with scheduled post
  5. About box with business address and phone no. instead of short description (Local business category pages)


Facebook is a popular social media network that is still relevant in peoples live after all these years. It does a great job in recognizing the people needs and introduces several new features to boost the user experience.

It has enhanced its features in its security settings as well. Thus, it is no wonder that Facebook earns huge money through several sources.

I have been listed some latest features of Facebook that help us to feel fresh. Still, we may anticipate some innovative Facebook features in the upcoming months.

There are a lot more features than what I have mentioned here, but these are some highlighted features that I liked the most.

Do you know some other interesting new Facebook features that I did not mention here? What is your opinion about the above-listed recent features of Facebook? Discuss with me in the comment section.

15 thoughts on “Exciting New Facebook Features That I Really Like”

  1. Hi madam,

    That’s a great list of updates that Facebook announced in recent times. The call to action and response rate update for pages is quite useful in building trust in the business. I actually heard that profile video is coming in place of picture and that would be fun to see people animated on their portfolios.

    Enjoyed reading the article!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hai Sasidhar,

      Thanks for providing your kind support in reading and commenting on my posts, I appreciate it!

      Yeah, Facebook understands the need of general users and businesses and launches the helpful features for them.

      I too expect the video profile option of Facebook eagerly.

      Hope you’re enjoying the weekend, have a good rest of the day!

  2. Hello mam.
    Well I’m not that good in social media engagement but still improving it and this post is going to be useful for me.
    Well I really loved few of these features you mentioned above like Gifs, Improved News feed, New facebook profile for mobile users, video embedding etc Also looking forward to facebook reactions (so called “emoji”).

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Akash,

      I would like to thank you for reading the post. If you’re a serious blogger, you should aggressively engage in the social media to get good fame.

      Glad you liked these fresh features of Facebook, I too look forward to use the Facebook reactions 🙂

      Thanks again, stay tuned!

  3. I think the new Facebook emotions are the best add on happened to Facebook so far. It is really difficult to click the LIKE button everywhere when things are not really likable. Besides that I didn’t realize that Facebook has rolled out so many things in recent times.
    Thanks a lot Nirmala, you have just created an wiki article for the latest Facebook features. I think everyone should have this article once to aware what they can do with Facebook in 2015.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thanks for your kind words Santanu!

      Yeah, I agree with your viewpoint in blindly liking the statuses and posts without showing our emotions. So, Facebook reactions will be welcomed by the users to express what they think.

      I feel good that you’ve recognized these newly introduced Facebook features through my post, keep reading and share your valuable thoughts.

  4. Hi Nirmala Mam …
    I just landed to this page while reading a post on other blog. Its great that i came to know about such awesome facebook features . I am also getting same problem, I miss some important updates from different pages which irritates me alot. But Now with facebook new feature of See First – Priority news feed I could get all important post updates.

    Thanks Mam for such Informative Post. Just Subscribed to your blog. Waiting for more awesome stuff to my inbox

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Utsav,

      Great to know that I got a loyal reader for my blog and thanks for subscribing. I’ll try my best to offer the valuable information to your inbox.

      Yes, “See First” feature of Facebook is really helpful so that we will not miss any updates of our preferred person.

      I feel good that you’ve identified these freshly launched Facebook features through my post and great to know that you’ve landed from other blog.

      Keep visiting to share your wonderful opinion for every blog post!

  5. Hey Nirmala, I really liked the interesting Facebook features you outlined in this post.

    I especially like the Facebook moments.

    Facebook reactions of a great deal. If they would have released dislike button, Facebook would have been a trolling password. Having other reactions is a great way to express ourself.

    I really didn’t have an idea about legacy contact. That’s a great feature. But it’s true that I often wondered why profile picture of one of my dead Facebook friend was changing.


    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hello Akshay,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for sharing your views on the new Facebook features.

      Yes, Facebook moments is really a useful application to share the images with friends privately. I too wait to use the Facebook reactions to show our thoughts in a better way.

      Utilizing the “Legacy Contact” feature would be good as it is a nice way to maintain our Facebook profile through a preferred person even after our death rather that deleting the account.

      Stay tuned, have a good day!

  6. Hi Nirmala,

    I totally dig the Moments feature. Fun trip down Memory Lane. This is not a new update but I love videos on Facebook too. I snag many more views versus Youtube videos when I post them to FB so I’m pulling away from YT to share more videos on FB. Seems like engagement rates are higher there too, which is kinda neat.


  7. Hi,

    These days Facebook has made lots of changes. It’s totally surprising for me. But from my point of view number 5 is the best for me.

    Some days ago, when i am using Facebook, then i had seen some of my old pictures from my memories. That’s totally amazing for me. I am really impressed.

    Thank You for sharing this!!!

  8. Hi Nirmala ma’am,

    Out of all the features, I particularly liked the Facebook Notes update. A few weeks ago, I created my first FB note and they look stunning. Somewhat similar to Medium in terms of the full width alignment.

    I’m eagerly waiting for those FB reactions update to roll out. Also, on my phone, it says that they will soon roll out video profile picture functionality, but it has been a while, no updates were made.


  9. Hi Nirmala,

    Thanks for the heads up, your post was timely and I must say I learned about lots of new features on Facebook from your post.

    I’m so happy about that and want to say you should continue the good work.

    Thanks again for sharing.


    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Dan,

      I feel good that you have learned some new FB stuff through my post and thanks for your kind words.

      Sure, I’ll continue to do my good work on offering genuine data for my loyal readers, keep visiting.

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