Strategies To Earn Money Online with Copy Editing Jobs

Through this post, you can get some basic strategies to earn money online with copy editing jobs and check useful copy editing sites to join as a copy editor. 

The internet has a numerous money making opportunities and earning money is exciting here. If you have aptitude in the particular area, there are suitable web places to convert it into cash.

But you need to discover the profitable areas so that you could make money online by progressing your talents to specific fields, and so I took chances to discuss some genuine online earning ways through my blog.

You might be surprised by how much dough you could be earning online with copy-editing jobs. Yes, online copy editors are greatly in demand, and it is a profitable work-at-home opportunity. It could be a great source of income for the people who want to offer their freelance service from home.

Having a three or four-year degree in journalism or English will help to get a bright career in copy editing, and you could get lucrative pay with it. Let’s check some essential data linked to this post.

What Is Copy Editing?

The process of certifying a piece of writing with accurate and clear information is copy editing, and it is one step before process from proofreading jobs. Apart from correcting grammatical and typographical errors, the copy editors must check and prove the truthfulness & transparency of the content to meet the publisher requirements.

Here, the content will be read by the editors like the audience to make sure that information will be comprehensible to them. Most of the editing work would be done in Microsoft Word and copy editors make necessary revisions find the missed errors during their first look and ensure that the copy has edited smoothly.

What Are The Requirements Of Copy Editing Jobs?

A copy editor will remove passive voice, and correct typos wherever required and they will make content to shine by applying selective and consistent rules to it. For copy editing jobs, it would be good to perform the following activities like

1. Look for grammar and spelling mistakes.

2. Confirm illustrations and captions are exact.

3. Ensure the content has inscribed well with logical structures.

4. Discuss with the writer if any legal problem found.

5. Endorse the content to meet the publisher requirements.

Moreover, repetition or over usage of words, Punctuation etc.are checked by the copy editors to provide a result with more clarity.

How To Become A Copy Editor?

If you have an immense love of language and knowledge of using it firmly, then I would say that you could make money online as a copy editor. But you need to pass copy editing test that might check your mistake correcting capability. You have to ensure that the content is clear and concise by understating style guides.

copy-editing-jobs-onlineImage Credit:

As the copy editors need to follow a similar path as a writer, people with graduation in English or Journalism would be perfect for a copy editor job. Furthermore, if you develop skills to grasp English language, capture errors and facts checking, you could join as an online copy editor.

If you have a science academics background like biology, immunology, etc. you could get some high paying freelancing offers in scientific or pharmaceutical concerns to do the copy editing jobs.

Written and verbal communication expertise, creativity, careful proofreading ability, fact checking and computer skills are some of the necessities to become a copy editor.

What Are Preferred To Become A Fruitful Copy Editor?

If you’ve decided to work as an online copy editor, keep your resume ready along with work samples. If you have style and grammar errors in your cover letter and resume, you won’t get hired. As the first impression is most important, make sure that your bio-data is concise with all essential details.

At the beginning, it would be good to offer your service at discounted price or accept the copy editing opportunities offered by individuals to gain some experience. To become a successful copy editor, practice the following to get the good exposure.

1. Progress exceptional writing skills with correct grammar & usage.

2. Develop creative talent to review the content better and have a curiosity to investigate latest trends & improvements related your area.

3. Learn to work with flexibility, common sense and sense of reality.

4. Be prepared to deal with multiple projects and stressful conditions.

5. Connect with eldest editors through social networks to ask help to tackle the tricky situations.

6. Improve time management, listening ability and administrative skills.

Where Copy Editors Are Needed?

Many online business concerns who wanna give regular updates to their customers, e-book publishers, school/college publications, online magazines, non-profit organizations, etc. need factually accurate, brief and comprehensible content for their business profession.

Even website owners/professional bloggers require copy editors since they might be with sound technical knowledge, but they have confusions inconsistency of style and awkward writing techniques.

Copy editors can work from home for the required web places to earn gainful revenue. Most of the online copy editing jobs has done by freelancers, and they have flexibility over their working hours. You could negotiate the pay per hour and may progress to senior publishing roles with your work perfectness.

How To Get Online Copy Editing Jobs?

Many opportunities are available to work as an online copy editor, and you’ll need to search for copy editing work actively.
1. Check the gigs in Craigslist and Fiverr marketplaces to get a suitable job.

2. Acquire appropriate copy editing jobs on the popular freelance sites like Odesk and Freelancer.

3. Find an appropriate editing job through job boards like Indeed, Monster, and Flex jobs.

4. Visit the following useful copy editing sites

Academic Word

Demand Studios

Global Proofreading

Edit Fast

Cactus Global

Life Tips

Pure Content




Online copy editing is a rewarding career and entirely different from freelance writing. If you wanna earn money as a copy editor, you need good knowledge of English together with fundamentals of writing and careful attention to deliver content with accuracy.

Self-publishers are ready to hire a copy editor since they understand that the readers relies solely on their words and so they need to present an organized content with fresh perceptions. So the copy editors are greatly wanted by e-book publishers, online marketing firms and website/blog owners.

As the internet technology is growing fast, materials for publishing on the internet are increasing and hence increasing the job opportunities for online copy editors. You could make decent income as an online copy editor, if you’ve got practised to edit well. Copy editing is a qualitative skill and you could earn more money than proofreading. Many copy editors are self-employed by offering their freelance service and earning real income with it.

I hope you got some idea and reliable sources to work with online copy editing jobs. What is your thought about this way of earning money online? Share your point of views through comments. 

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  1. Hi Nimala,

    Good and useful content who wish to take profession as Copy Editor and interesting which thing must follow in copy editing field


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    The copy editing field is good and really helpful to make interesting copy editing works and how it works for earn money.

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  3. For the First time i’m hearing about these much of free lancing jobs and which can do much more easily.. Thanks for the info.Nirmala…

  4. Copy editing job, sound easy, well is not, you said it above, many think it’s easy job. If all people read your article Nirmala I think they will say bye bye to this “easy job” 😀 .

    Thanks for sharing, see you next time!

    1. Every online job needs some talent to earn money with it. Simple jobs are there like clicking & viewing ads, data entry etc. but you could make money in cents. If the people wanna earn real money online, it would be good to improve their skills according to their graduation or interesting filed.

      Most of my visitors are students and they might have English/Journalism graduation and very good writing skills. So I’ve presented this post for them. There are online certifications program with which they could progress their talent in editing and make decent income with copy editing jobs. Why they’ll say bye bye, am not getting you Daniel 🙁

  5. Hi Nirmala,, thanks for this great post on copy editing. I have never paid that much attention to spot out the differences between copy editing and proofreading. Thanks for making the differences clear to us.

    I have heard about just a few of the sites you mentioned. I have heard about freelancer, Odesk, Demand studio and Cloud crowd, Academic World. But I haven’t heard about the rest.

    Well, the internet presents a whole of opportunities. As more and more people get to know about making money online, the horizon becomes brighter for those who need to provide certain services to help actualize those dreams.

    1. Thanks for leaving your valuable comment Joseph 🙂

      Yeah, internet has wide range of opportunities to earn money, but the people have to discover the genuine jobs and advance their talents related to the job to make huge income.

      Glad to hear that you already know some the websites which I’ve listed here.

  6. I love reading your posts.

    You explain every little detail in the awesome manner, I had so much confusion about copy-editing but after reading your post, all my doubts are clear.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

  7. Hi Nirmala,

    he difference of copy editing and proof reading is awesome.

    Many of the sites I know and even use in my earlier post but thanks for those listened first time.

    I will definitely check by your mention.

    Keep sharing such a béautiful post..

    1. Yes, copy editors are needed by many online business to offer error free and true information for their clients.

      If you’ve good knowledge of English and ability to find out the mistakes, you could try with this option of making money.

      Thanks for your every visit Shiwangi, I truly appreciate your passion in blogging 🙂

  8. Hello Nirmala mam,
    I totally agree with your point that the Internet has numerous money making opportunities and everyone can make money by doing work according to their respective interests and abilities. Copy editing job seems good and thanks for this article because I was not much aware of that.

  9. I have been earning from two freelancer website just by rewriting and article writing few company blogs and copy editing is the best one to start up with because you can easy more than you think with this job.

    1. It is really good to know about your writing career Yogiraj, keep it up 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your point of views here and it would be really good to show your regular presence here to leave your valuable thoughts!

  10. Thanks for sharing such a usefull information nirmala mam.This job is really helpfull for students and freelancers to earn some decent money.I like this post .I am going to try it out.

  11. Nice article Nirmala,
    thanks for the list of job sites to hire copy editors.

    I do have a few copy editors myself – always good to be sure of the quality of the content before releasing it for publishing,

    Uttoran Sen,

  12. Hi,
    Copy editing job is a nice way to make money online. It is getting popular day by day. Thank You very much for sharing these wonderful information on Copy Editing. 🙂
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  13. Hi, Thanks for the very informative article. Some of the sites you’ve mentioned is new to me. Though copy editing jobs looks lucrative, it’s hard to grab work at the beginning. Stay focused and sharpening their skills is even more important for anyone who opts to pursue it.

  14. Hello Nirmala, copy editor is really a great tool for the blogger. Thaks for sharing with us. This is my first comment on your blog. I will try to be a regular reader on this blog.

  15. Hello Nirmala,
    Again a very wonderful article in Freelancing field.
    According to this data,

    In 2012 Freelance Industry Report compiled primarily about North America freelancing, nearly half of freelancers do writing work, with 18% of freelancers listing writing as a primary skill, 10% editing/copy-editing, and 10% as copy-writing. 20% of freelancers listed their primary skills as design.

    Next on the list was translating (8%), web development (5.5%), and marketing (4%).

    Elance, a web platform that connects freelancers with contractors, surveyed its members and 39% listed writing and editing are their main skill set.

    So editing jobs on the top.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful content. 🙂

  16. Thanks for sharing..! I know about some of this freelance website. I have did some of them but I did not get good result, but I learnt a lot of this tips. I hope to make it better…! Nice tips and userful

      1. Thanks for responding sister, actually I always learn a lot for your tips. Actually, I want to make more long comment on your post but seem less idea to comment. I am so sorry, I like it is a bit rush and rude

  17. Another interesting revelation on how to make money online Nirmala 😉

    This may not be my field but I think people can really make money with it. Good to see that you also list out places where such jobs could be found

    Good luck to copy editors 😉

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Just now I read your comment Enstine Sir, thanks for taking time to leave your views over here. Yes, people can make money as copy editors.

  18. Nirmala,

    It’s has being a while i visited your blog last and am glad to be here and fully back online once agian. Being a copy editor can be a very nice way too start earning online as highlighted here. Nice one Nirmala

  19. Looks like a tough job because you have to assure that everything is correct but by chance anything goes wrong all the responsibility will be on you. nice post though.

  20. Its a great and easy job for work from home seekers….But if the guy is proficient in the language, he can give accurate results…..More responsibility too…

  21. One more method I found on how to make money online….
    You put few of the practice of doing it rightly.
    Great work..Keep it Mam,

  22. With growing arena of web content and academics, copy editing has become a flourishing career. People can now work as a full-time/part-time copy editor and earn while they grow.

  23. I really love these kind of jobs. They can be taken as part time job and also it increases your income too.

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