How to Boost Your Social Media Presence As a New Blogger?

Are you a newbie blogger who would like to boost social media presence through sensible strategies? If yes, then this blog post is for you!

When you’re just starting a blog, there are a lot of details to consider, ranging from your domain name and theme to how regularly you’ll post and how you want to earn revenue.

If you are using your blog as a way to make money, it’s important to build a large following.

The more people are visiting the site, the more money you’re going to receive through ventures such as ads, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing.

An important part of being a blogger and driving traffic to your site is having a strong social media presence, but it becomes a bit of the “what comes first, the chicken or the egg” scenario.

Once you’ve created the foundation for your blog, you’ll also need to create a brand name by start building your social media network, but that can be tough, particularly if you’re starting from scratch.

9 Tips For Novice Bloggers To Improve Social Media Existence

Below are some tips that can help creators of money making blog to boost social media presence, and their site traffic as a result.


1. Take It Slow

The very best thing you can do when you’re in the initial stages of building a following for your blog is choosing the social media channels you’ll use carefully. Don’t try to go out and have a presence on every single platform.

What will happen is that you won’t be able to focus your attention in any one place, and they’re all likely to fall by the wayside. Choose two or three channels that you feel comfortable with and that will work well for your targeted audience and blog content.

What’s valuable here is to think about your targeted blog audience, or your ideal user personas and then target the social media channels they’re most likely to use.

2. Think About Advertising

Ideally, as your blog grows and gains more readers and traffic, your social media efforts will be organic, but when you’re in the very early stages, you might want to consider advertising your blog or individual posts on the social media sites you’re targeting.

3. Be Consistent

Just like your blog posts and new content should be consistent, so should your social media posts. As you’re building a new following, you want to let them know what to expect from you.

Try to schedule your posts ahead of time on social media, and aim to always be providing your followers and new potential fans with new, engaging content. Consistency is the exact key to boost social media presence. 

4. Optimize Your Profiles

Just like you did for your blog, you want to optimize your social media profiles similarly. You want to use keywords that are going to help new followers find you, have very clear, concise descriptions of your blog and include a link back to it.

You also want to add a photo and a logo so that your followers will eventually connect the brand of your blog to the brand of your social media profiles in their minds.

5. Engage

It is very tough to build a social media following, but it’s important for your blog and for eventually turning your site into a steady source of revenue.

As a final thought, make sure you’re engaging with users on social media, as well as key influencers. Set aside a certain portion of your day every day to get involved in conversations, ask questions and get to know people that could be important to your blog or be interested in what your site has to offer.

6. Thank Commenters & Sharers

Thanking the people who leave comments and reshare your content would increase your social media existence. People always like appreciation and love to get recognized.

So when you praise them with thanks they will be pleased to share your future articles, spread your social profiles and it would, in turn, increase your social presence.

Besides, replying as early as possible to the comments on your social media posts is a good sign of approaching to your social followers

7. Share Helpful content

Finding and sharing the valuable content on social media is quite important. Of course, we present useful content in our blogs, but adding valuable content to our social networking site is also important.

It would help in attracting the audience with just a few lines of quality content that are showcased on the social sites. On the whole, it would lead to popularize your social media presence.

Try to interact with the owners of the useful content that you are sharing and leave your viewpoint on his/her article. They will be more likely to share your content if they find interesting.

8. Join/Create Groups

You can create or join groups that are related to your niche to discuss the helpful matters. It would boost your social exposure.

You can clarify doubts in group chats and in return, group members will start to recognize your blogging passion. Joining a group does not mean to market your blog. It may not be a good sign to start with.

9. Set Proper Plan

Without a fixed plan, nothing can be executed! Prepare a proper social media plan and stick to it. Follow the steps that you have done to draw the audience. Try to get the enhanced schemes once you have increased your subscribers and visitors.


Not only the social media could create a brand awareness for your blog, but also it would assist you in getting the better conversion and search engine paybacks as well. 

These are the few tips that the novice bloggers can follow to increase their social presence. Along with the above-listed methods, adding images and inspiring quotes in social media conversation would help in drawing the attention of the users.

What are the other strategies that you follow to boost social media presence? 

This is a guest post contributed by Susan Melony. She is a professional blogger, writer, and researcher who is passionate about social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship.

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  1. Hi Nirmala,

    I am newbie bloggers. I get low traffics from Google so I am working to get traffics from fb . But problem is that I got blocked from facebook. (Actually I was using my 2nd profile)

    Can you tell me how to post that I can’t blocked from fb.??


  2. Hi Nirmala,

    Very resourceful! All these tips will guide newbie bloggers like me to build social media presence. Dedication, Planning and consistency are the key steps to success.

    Thanks & Happy to follow you on twitter!

  3. Hi Nirmala,
    Very clear points, what a newbie blogger needed is clearly shown in your article. Everyone need to spend some time in researching and planning that is the initial step to success.
    And a consistent blogger like you only will generate a useful tips like this.

  4. Amazing post. It’s my first visit on your Blog but it seems like there is plenty of nice stuff scattered around. I will certainly refer it gradually.
    Thanks for this wonderful article about boost social media, it is indeed a great help and a time saver. Gladly shared it on my timeline 🙂

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