10 Worst Pieces of Social Media Advice I Came Across

People use social media to connect with their friends or clients. If you’re on social networks for personal use, you hear the general pieces of advice like “Do not spend too much of time on social media” , “Keep your personal information safe”, “Know and manage your friends” and so on. But if you’re following some best social media strategies to improve your brand presence and attract fresh clients for your business, you must have come across some pieces of advice from experts.

Sometimes, people share imprudent social media advice based on their beliefs. I’ve been on different social networks for my blog’s growth and thus I’ve come across some worst social media advice that has adverse impacts. I thought to share those most horrible pieces of social media advice with you which would help you to disregard them for your business marketing.

Terrible Social Media Advice To Ignore

Here are some awful pieces of social media advice that you may neglect for your business. 


1. Must have presence on all social networks

The more social networks you use, the better exposure you can have – This is the most horrible social media advice I’ve ever heard. I would say that it is certainly far from the truth. Yes, if you have more social accounts (Say more than 10), you’ll need more time to manage your activities over there. If you are incapable to stay active on each account, then it would make your followers think that you’re not serious about your business.

Just choose 5-6 social platforms where you audience are most active and ready to engage with your posts. Instead of spending more time to build social profiles, you may focus on finding your target audience and network with them.

2. Simply be on Facebook/Twitter

Focus solely on one platform, either Facebook or Twitter – Not only me but no one will also pay attention to this social media advice. Some entrepreneurs have great information and content but limited time to spend on social networks. So they assume that it is enough to be active only on FaceBook/Twitter. This postulation is entirely wrong. Yeah, if you focus on only one network, you’re making to tumble down your readership potential in a big way.

I’m suggesting you to deal with significant social profiles but focus one at a time. Spend quality time to share your information/interact with your followers, and then proceed to the second and third network to do the same. This will diversify your business presence on social media.

3. Social media surpass Email

If you signed up and lively on multiple social media sites, you may stop thinking about sending/receiving Emails to your customers – This is one of the nastiest social media advises I’ve heard. Of course!!! Even though you can reach the potential clients for your business through social media, email marketing is the personal, practical, convenient and affordable way to promote your product/service.

I would say that one engaging email is enough to convenience your subscribers to buy your product/service or visit your blog than sharing your blog posts on several social places (multiple groups/communities). Email marketing plays a vital role in internet marketing strategy and thus in no way will social media overtake Email.

4. Put a Full stop for manual activities

As there are plenty of automation tools available, you may put a full stop to your manual activities on social media – Don’t you feel reckless with this worst social media advice? Yes, I too! If you don’t care to be on social media, it will show your disrespect to your readers.

Social media is all about interaction, and your followers expect real-time contact. I’m not saying to stay against robots! It would upright to mechanize some content on social media under unavoidable circumstances, but you need to make actual conversation with your supporters at most of the times.

5. Use numerous/popular hashtags to gain publicity

Use a lot of hashtags on social media for better reach and visibility – I’ve listened to this dreadful advice from some social media enthusiasts. If you use too many hashtags on your social posts, your cohorts might feel difficult to read them. Moreover, gone are the days were hashtags used to organize your shared information. Using unrelated/popular hashtags would seem unprofessional, and I don’t feel that your readers would take kindly to that.

Popular hashtags are already used by millions of people and using the same on your social media posts would not let you promote your blog/business. Try to use your brand name as hashtags to shout about it. Also, use related hashtags in limited number so as to avoid annoying your buddies.

6. Post non-stop stuff daily

If you’re not posting the dozens of stuff daily on your social networks, then people won’t talk to you – This is the funniest social media advice that I’ve taken notice! I do agree that your fans would expect helpful information from you daily, but posting non-stop stuff in 24 hours would make your social page look spam that may nudge them to unfollow you.

While being active daily on social media is essential, but merely posting discrete/inferior content would not help you in anyway. So, test the time and frequency of your updates on social media with your audience and decide the post daily updates.

7. No need to react (or delete) negative comments

You don’t need to respond to negative comments or just remove the disparaging talk – Social media advice of this kind is awful and would be a mistake. Some people will be jealous of your success and start to criticize your social media updates. So, if you decide, not to react or remove those comments, it will make you look like that you’re not transparent. Besides, your audience may feel disgusted with this activity.

Just engage with criticisms of social media in a calm and optimistic manner. As you’re turning the critic into a believer, you can boost customer loyalty and create positive mindset on your business brand.

8. Get more followers on social media

The number of social media followers that you’re having, the more you’ll be considered as an authoritative among the people – I had also been reached this terrible social media advice. I’d never deny that thousands of followers is a huge asset for your business, but be sure to get attentive supporters who are ready to involve with your shared posts.

Do not follow the people simply as they follow you. I’m not saying that the fans are not important, but you need to focus to get leads or customers for your blog/business and build relationship with them.

9. Have multiple accounts for single social network

To grab good coverage, have multiple accounts for one social network – I got surprised with this worst social media tip. When your social media fans see your post under your multiple accounts (on single network), they would get confused and run away without reading your information.

Solidarity is more crucial in social platforms and thus do not use fake/many accounts in one social network. Moreover, try to maintain consistent branding (Logo, message, image etc. what you have on your website should be same on your social profiles too) to gain good credibility and more clients.

10. Social media strategy is pointless

You don’t need to follow a social media strategy – I have supposed this poor social media tip in my earlier days of blogging (but now following a simple strategy). If you don’t have a solid plan to use social media, you could not deliver your content to your potential clients at appropriate time.

Research your audience and prepare a good social media plan with the summary of everything you plan to do. Conducting an audit and listing the social tools to be used would help you successfully accomplish your social media goals.

Final Words:

Now a days, social media turned into a part of business strategy. Crafting a good presence on social media platforms is more indispensable for your blog/business. Remember, there is a lot of social media advice out there, some of it is brilliant. But some of it can seriously harm the reputation of your business.

So, it is more important to ignore some worst social media advice and I would suggest you to let your personality shine through which the people could see beneath the hood of your business. Am I right? Now, it’s your turn to speak. What’s the worst social media advice you have ever received? What other awful tips about social media would you add in my list? Add value to my post through your comments.

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