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Hi readers,

I am pleased to meet you all once again with the answers of an expert “Valentine Belonwu”, creator of I make it a point of taking part in some worthy blogging communities as I am aware about the benefits of it. Whenever I publish a post, I never fail to share my blog post with Bizsugar community for better visibility so that it reaches the target audience. Thus I found that I get regular comments and suggestions from a person and wanted to check who it was. Then, I came to know that he is the creator of

I decided to get some useful tips from him for my readers and communicated with him through his blog’s contact form. I was flattered by his lightning fast reply with the words “You are welcome, Nirmala, send me the questions and it would be good if you send them immediately as am busy in developing a website, I’’ll answer it instantly”. I was impressed by his message, prepared some questions urgently and sent him. Before getting involved into the Q&A section to check his reactions, just read the details about him and his blog.


About Valentine Belonwu

Valentine Belonwu is from Nigeria and have been working on the internet from the past 15 years (great :)). He has spent his time and energy to figure out what it takes to make money online. He expressed in his blog that his online journey was very changeling as he faced extreme struggles and financial difficulties but he took them up as stepping-stones to succeed in his online career. He also added that he learned the secret of success through hard work, patience and persistence by honing the skills continuously. He also believes that the great results would not be obtained until people learn to focus on themselves and on how they could serve others.



Online enactments of Valentine Belonwu

He created which is a good social media tool helps the bloggers and internet marketers to promote their product and services through twitter. The idea behind this tool is to help them to get more visibility of their tweets by getting re-tweeted by other people together with Facebook like and G+ share. Currently it has thousands of registered users helps the bloggers to get more exposure.

This is his business blog with good number of unique monthly visitors where he writes about “how to be a successful entrepreneur”, “How small business owners can cope with bad economy” and so on to help individuals in order to understand about the economic and political strategies.


Experts tips – Chat with Valentine Belonwu

Hi Val,

1. What insisted you to found Justretweet? I hope there is an interesting story behind it, please share with us.

I was inspired to launch because; when I started blogging in early 2010 I had challenges and difficulties to get people to share my blog posts. Bizsugar was the only site that brought me traffic, yet I craved for more. I wanted to widen my coast and increase cordial relationships between myself and other bloggers. It was at this point that the idea of Justretweet came to me; which will enable bloggers interact and share their blog post mutually.


2. I am wondering with your reply comments for the submitted posts in Bizsugar community. First let me and my readers know, how do you manage your blogging and social activities? I mean am asking about your working schedule.

Am one of the moderators working for Bizsugar and I love spending time there because being on the site inspires me. I love how members interact with one another; it makes time spent there interesting because the posts that are being promoted there relates to our everyday life activities. Bizsugar has over one million registered users and counting, it standout from other bookmarking sites because of the air of workable relationships among bloggers.

And I am a very social person, I don’t miss family social gatherings or hanging out with my friends. I have disciplined myself so they don’t collide. All my online work ranging from blogging and moderation has a fixed time, so it doesn’t affect me socially. Though I love writing, I write anytime of the day, anytime I get a muse and concentrate I write, still I discipline myself so it doesn’t affect or disturb my sociability with family.


3. According to you, what are the basic qualities that a blogger should possess?

Essentially a blogger should be enthusiastic about blogging, passionate and should have the right amount of patience. Everybody can be a blogger but not everyone can be a successful one. To be successful all these traits are mostly needed. If you enjoy writing, you would definitely enjoy blogging as well. Likewise, being good at writing only will not work if the blogger does not have the habit of reading and responding to the reader questions and other bloggers posts.


4. Which is the fast and best traffic generation method for a blog? If possible share your traffic secrets here.

Joining and registering on sites like Bizsugar, Tribber, JustRetweet and Blokube can be a good generator for quality traffic.The strategy I use in generating traffic is by writing original and useful posts that no one has ever written and coming up with a post that will be a problem solver to other people’s online problem or inquiry.

When publishing an article, I don’t use long titles but rather I try as much as possible to shorten it. It enables me rank well, and it gets me more organic traffic. For example, rather than using a long url like this,, you can shorten it by using, or .


5. Did you experienced any personal benefits from blogging other than money making?

I was not cash driven when I started blogging, it was mere passion. There are many benefits in blogging because when I started I didn’t make money for 8 months. After I mastered the blogging acts, I started earning money. Other important features of blogging are the important connections it has given me with a lot of influential and important people. It gives one a sense of dignity.


Your Advice/suggestions for bloggers and online money makers.

Don’t give up. Blogging is not a bed of roses, it’s going to be boring with time but persistence and passion works hand in hand to bring about success and recognition. All is needed is hard work, innovation and creativity.


Many thanks Val, for spending your precious time to react for my readers. I agreed with your url suggestion which I am unaware of it and will implement it for my future posts. I wish you all success achieve some remarkable things in your online career.


@ readers

Hope you’ll be benefited with this experts tips category post with Valentine Belonwu.

I recommend all my readers to visit his blog and as these are the precious home of venerated information. Share your views through comments :)

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  1. Hi Nirmala and Valentine Belonwu !!!
    It was great to read the Interview . As there was nothing like how did you enter in blogging , who is you mentor etc. These are just common questions that every blogger has almost same answers.

    I have used Justretweet , but left it when didn’t get adequate result as I am not so active in social media. but now I will create account on the social communities mentioned in this interview and will try to be active.
    However I have created account on 2 or 3 sites those are listed above but not using them 😀

    Thanks for bringing this interview in front of us Nirmala.
    Best Regards
    Ravi Verma recently posted…What are the Qualities of a Good Internet Marketer ?My Profile

  2. Hi Val & Nirmala,

    Great interview here and glad to see Val present in MyMagicFundas!

    JustRetweet has definitely grown huge now and I love it. I’m along with the evolution of JR and appreciate Valentine to reach, approach and listen suggestions and feedback. This definitely helps to improve any system to best usable. That’s the best thing I like in Val.

    I’ve joined BizSugar a bit ago. For long I ignored it as I throught it was a businessman’s network. Enjoying the community now.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted…Blogging is just like taking in Cocaine!My Profile

  3. wow! Nirmala mam, you are rocking with your talent.
    yes, velentine belonmu reminded a good point that “everybody can become a blogger but not everyone can become successful” its a fact. without having a quality of hardwork, innovation and creativity, we can’t imagine of getting success in blogging life. thank you mam, I getting motivation to continue blogging. and you my all time favorite blogger! hoping to learn more from you. thank you
    Naveen Mayura recently posted…15 Essential Animal Qualities For Any Business ManMy Profile

  4. Theodore Nwangene

    Hi Nirmala,
    This is indeed a very awesome and inspirational interview and, i must confess that its one of the best I’ve read so far.

    Valentine is a very close friend of mine and, he deserves the interview because, he is one man i know that is very down to earth.

    I’ve have done so many businesses with him and, i never regretted the opportunity i gave myself to know him.

    Thanks for hosting him here.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted…Paid and Free Traffic: Which One Generates the Most Effective Results?My Profile

  5. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Val and Nirmala,


    I like your focus Val on building connections. Connections can make or break your blogging business, or your non-business blog for that matter.

    If I receive comments from blogging buddies and get many social shares I can succeed. If I try to do it all by myself, I fail. It took me years to learn this. So happy to see Val shared this with aspiring and even vet bloggers who are still struggling.

    Thanks for the awesome share Nirmala and Val. Great insight here!!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Personal Development Training: Are You Living a Life after 5 PM?My Profile

  6. I am surprised to hear Val is a Nigerian, bro i gotta hook up with you big time. Awesome tips, nothing good comes so easy but with dedication to duty everything works out. I enjoyed reading your interview here and i am glad to go with some real tips that will help me succeed as a blogger.

    Bro we gotta hook up…make it happen.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Content is King of Social Media RealmMy Profile

  7. marilyn cada

    thanks for sharing this insighful interview nirmala. i have no idea who is the creator of justretweet even though i often use it to gain a lot of traffic.

    you’re lucky to perform interview with these experts since their hands are full and hard to get their availability
    marilyn cada recently posted…How to Create Images Using MSWord and Paint?My Profile

  8. Hello Nirmala,

    It is my pleasure that I can read this interview. I would like to thank you for presenting this interview here and sharing with us. It is quite interesting and helpful for the bloggers. And yes, thanks to Val also, as he manages the time and shared his experience. I would say that justretweet is awesome and I am also using it for getting retweets.
    Ganesh Narayan Gupta recently posted…Understanding the Wi-Fi Encryption ShcemesMy Profile

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to know and learn some insight tips for blogging from Valentine Belonwu. I knew that he was the founder of Justretweet, but only after reading this I came to know that he is also a moderator for Bigsuzar, where Im still finding it difficult to find a post published 😛

    Thanks for giving us some useful information which will hep us in blogging life.
    Shathyan Raja recently posted…Protect yourself from the new Search Algorithm by Google – Hummingbird AlgorithmMy Profile

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