Useful Twitter Tools To Expand Social Networking Performance

This post explains how twitter tools helps to expand the social networking performance for a business.

Few years back, most of the businesses were limited to connection with contacts in their neighboring countries or even within their country. But due the developments in internet technology, a powerful door named “Social Network” was opened for business people. Are you running an online business? then you might be aware of the top social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to reach wider audience and to get more clients.

But if you are not mindful with these social networks sites, then you might ask “Why social networks are important for business?” Is it so?

Then continue to read here, so that you would gain some knowledge to develop your business with the help of social networking websites.

Let’s start from the basics!

What is a social network?

A social network is a website which enables you to connect with countless no. of friends and minded people with which you can share your personal and business information with them. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, My space are some of the active social networks with which the business could expand its social networking performance.

What are the benefits of using social networks for business?

It is important for every business to educate themselves on suitable social networks to reap the following benefits

1. To maximize the brand awareness

2. Get good exposure and reputation

3. Drive traffic to the business website

4. Feasible connection with clients and their prospects

5. Cost-effective method to increase the revenue.

Now let’s discuss about some useful twitter tools to expand the social networking performance.



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Twitter tools to expand social networking performance for business

Before taking about twitter tools, I recommend you to have a look at this useful post for better understanding of Twitter.

What is Twitter and things not to be tweeted with Twitter

Twitter is the best social networking website which help the businesses to improve their online presence. If they got more followers and sending regular tweets about their online business to them, then it is possible to thrive in their business effortlessly.

To schedule & handle the tweets and to know about the twitter followers deeply, some tools are required. Here are the few useful twitter tools to expand the social networking performance for the online businesses.

1. Twitter tools for social networks


This helps to track the effectiveness of the tweeted links.


This tool helps to manage the social network by scheduling the tweets and send messages for new followers.


As the name states, it is used to reoccur the tweets at required timings like daily, weekly or monthly.


This application brings more flexibility, insight to power users and helps to follow multiple social media accounts.

2. Twitter tools for marketing


This could be used to schedule the tweets to post in popular social networking websites.


This tool increases the business visibility by letting the visitors to share customize preloaded tweets.


This tool is used to follow the right people by finding the target audience.


It compares your social graph with others and helps to find influential people in your niche.

3. Twitter follower tools


It helps to establish new connection, reach bigger audience and grow your brand on twitter.


With this tool, it is easy to find who is following and who unfollowed you on twitter.


It is a good tool for small business to manage and grow the twitter followers.


This tool helps to find the other tweeters that share your interests and allows you to search for new friends.

4. Twitter tools for analysis


It provides the statistics of twitter usage, tracks millions of users and aids to get more followers.


It allows you to generate a report of custom data you can search Twitter for anything like hashtags, words, usernames or URLs


It is used to track the most popular twitter followers


This tool gives you the best time to tweet. Also it analyses both of your tweets and your follower’s tweets.

5. Twitter tools for blogging


It is used to tweet the latest blog post to your twitter account.

It gives the list of followers, unfollowers, high value members and other useful information.


This effective tool is to manage multiple social networks and quickly schedule messages on Twitter.


Twitter tools are most powerful in building the strong online presence by allowing you to connect with your clients and minded people faster with a higher impact. Many businesses are spending quality hours in Twitter to establish them as authority and so they can make use of these discussed twitter tools to make their social networking performance more efficient.

Are you using twitter to grow your business and familiar of these tools already?

What is your opinion about these useful twitter tools to expand the social networking performance for business?

If you are not aware of these twitter tools, I am suggesting you to try the suitable twitter tools to improve social presence for your business.

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  1. These tools are very useful, i am using many of them. This is an age of social networking so we cannot ignore the power of twitter. These tools are really helpful to draw the attention of targeted audience towards our business website. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I use a few tools here Nirmala. Nice breakdown ;)

    Tweet value and automate frequently to have a life. If you are busy automation can help you but do engage on a daily basis to prove that you are a real, living, breathing person.

    By automating you develop a passive air around your marketing campaign. By manually engaging you build trust and grow business too.

    Thanks for sharing Nirmala!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Make Money Blogging: 3 Tips to Build RelationshipsMy Profile

  3. Wow awesome tools to help in increasing twitter followers instantly. i like all of the above mentioned tools. Best collection of twitter tools. we hope to use this tools and will surely changed the followers counters. thanks Nirmala

  4. All the Tools you have outlined here are so much useful from my own very experience.

    Expanding Social Networking Performance to me is one of those things I keep handling as a priority being a tech blogger who wanna stay long in the industry

  5. Twitter has been a long time friend of mine when it comes to online marketing. I have been an online marketer for a very long time and out of all the tools that I have used I have found Hootsuite to be my perfect partner which I still use.

    Great post, Nirmala.

    • Ahh… I feel great with your arrival Ileane Mam, welcome to my blog.

      Yes, I know justunfollow to remove the inactive twitter users and never come across Pay with a tweet. Will have a try now.

      Your presence made my day and request you to come frequently to make my blog more valuable.

      Thanks again for commenting here Ileane Mam :)
      Nirmala Santhakumar recently posted…How to remove ads on Facebook?My Profile

  6. This is my favorite topic in Blogging. You have made this article really good. i have read many but your article is the best among all.Updating the blog is really important as in a week you should be at least 3 post in your blog. Don’t be irregular in posting article as you will not get good amount of traffic. Thanks
    Ridds recently posted…100 Dofollow Bookmarking Sites List 2013My Profile

  7. You really are something don’t you? How did you manage to write this wonderful piece? I can’t believe my eyes when I read through your post. I am working as a social media marketer for quite some time now and I don’t know that these tools exist. Thanks a lot for sharing this post. Keep up the good work! :)
    aris jay recently posted…Easy Ways to Update Your BathroomMy Profile

  8. I have personally used some of these tools to managing my Twitter account, some of them can even allow you to schedule posts to be tweeted later.
    Twitter just like any other social media network can be used as a perfect platform to promoting any product/brand and using these tools can make it even easier to manage your account and reach a wider audience in a limited time and resources.
    Great post Nirmala, nice to read from you again, keep sharing the great stuffs.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Whatsapp Introduces Push-To-Talk Messaging FeatureMy Profile

  9. Hi Nirmala

    Nice one all tool are really use full to improve twitter account . Before this i never no about all of these tools so thank you for sharing this now i really get some loyal twitter followers .

  10. hi this looks like a comprehensive list but one good tool missing here is please add it also. its a great tool for reporting and management.

  11. Hi Nirmala

    Very valuable resources you mentioned and also it revealed that full potential of Twitter can best be utilized with a set of tools.

    I can say it’s not a resource hub but a treasure hub and the number of comments on this post clearly speaks of its popularity how it had been viral for the last two years. This is called epic post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Mi Muba recently posted…How to never fail in blogging with these 11 tips for success?My Profile

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