10 Killer Tips to Transform You from an Amateur to an Expert Blogger

If you are an amateur blogger, aiming to make it big in the blogging world, then there is no reason to hold back. No matter how successful a blogger is today, while starting the journey he/she was definitely a novice. So, if you consider yourself to be a novice blogger, the good news is, you sure have the potential to become an expert. But like many good things in life, this too will need some effort.

As William Clement Stone put it:

“Try, try, try, and keep on trying is the rule that must be followed to become an expert in anything”

Well if you want to make money from blogging and you are not just here to do it for fun, you need to avoid cruising on the usual path.

To get noticed and make a name for yourself as an expert blogger, you should make some dynamic changes in your methods and tweak your blog, so you don’t come across as an amateur.

10 Helpful Tips To Become An Expert Blogger

Here are some tips that I’ve found very useful in my journey and I’m sure you’d too.


1. Get out of Mediocrity

Being one among the million bloggers out there will not get you anywhere in terms of making money or becoming popular. You need to step up your pace and go forward in leaps and bounds.

Proper motivation, picking up the vital points from pro bloggers and many other measures that I’ll elaborate on here are needed to make you get that refined, polished, and professional look, which will draw traffic to your site in droves.

While as a novice you are entitled to make mistakes minimize those by following these basic points.

2. Learn New Things

Make it a habit to learn something new every day. This is significant in blogging as readers have a very short attention span.

When you do not write on anything fresh and interesting, their interest will wane fast and you will have no readers at all.

Learn new things from popular blogs , implement it, and don’t forget to share it with your readers.

Not sure how to do it?

Read. Be a voracious reader. Stay up to date with any new development in your niche. Read expert blogs in your own as well as various other niches.

Understanding and learning how the experts are doing it can go a long way in shaping you up.

3. Be Self-assured

Blogging is all about sharing your thoughts, giving advice, suggesting a solution etc., to your readers.

When you fail to come across as a confident person in your blog, you will lose credibility faster than the rate at which you are making it.

One important thing I’ve learned in blogging is that the best way to build credibility is by not spoiling it.

You need to portray yourself as a reliable and confident person by the way you communicate with your readers.

To do this effectively, check and cross-check the information before giving out to your readers. Nothing kills credibility more than a wrong information.

4. Tweak Your Posts

Perfect your writing style. It is the style that creates a big difference. The writing should be more of a one to one conversation you have with your readers.

Instead of using ‘we’, which looks more like a general opinion than what you say individually, try using ‘I’ in the content. This will impart a confident approach.

Develop a unique writing style of your own and stick to it. Your writing style should portray your personality.

5. Be Visible

Take a look at all the professional bloggers and how they have reached such heights. I’m sure it is not because they are invisible to their audience.

Along with your brand, you should establish your presence, so readers can relate to you as a person and not just a name in your blog.

I think it is time you did some proactive tweaks to your blog. Add details about you in the author box. Post your photograph, which shows you in good light. Make sure the bio grabs interest and connects instantly with the audience.

Use social media to your advantage. Share your blog on major social media such as facebook, twitter etc. This will increase your visibility and drive traffic to your blog.

6. Design Excellence

If you think that attracting your audience with your writing alone is sufficient, you’re grossly mistaken. Imagine you visit a restaurant and the waiter is shabbily dressed.

Would you like dining there? Appearances do matter a lot anyplace.

In blogging it is the design that creates a good impression, as it is what the viewer notices first.

Get rid of all the clutter and leave behind only the essentials. Make them neat, attractive, and presentable. The professional look should reflect your blog and personality aptly.

7. Work Smart

Irrespective of the niche you specialize in, I’ve found that when you use smart techniques, it’ll take you places where just hard work alone cannot be effective.

Working smart is the mantra you should chant. For instance, if you spend two hours a day for writing the blog posts and don’t attempt anything towards promoting the content, you’ll remain in the same state even after two years.

Though the hard work will get you more traffic and money, it’ll not be as fast as the rest. Some of the smart footwork you can do in blogging is choosing the right tools, learning to improve keywords ranking in Google, utilizing your time perfectly, and managing time, so your productivity increases.

When you balance your social and personal life in the right way, you will find that you are happy all around and have time for work and play, both.

8. Blogging with Authority

I’d definitely say that it is impossible to establish yourself as a pro blogger, if your blog is not authoritative. Social media is a great platform to establish your authority.

Take steps to increase your social media presence. Update your profile with attractive images and ensure that all the platforms you use have similar profile images throughout. This will make it easy for people to remember you.

Be the first one to comment on the trending topics worldwide. Though your opinion will not be on par with an expert, it will certainly be a level ahead of your followers.

9. Realize that Time is Money

You may be overflowing with ideas to make your blog the most popular in the blogging world, but the problem arises in turning them into reality.

Researching for content, designing, and other aspects certainly take time and you’ll not be able to do a good job of turning your idea into a working one, if you do it all by yourself.

Instead set up a team and farm out work to them. This way you’re freeing up your time, so you can focus on other jobs that need your attention and at the same time every job gets done in time too.

10. Make it Easy for Your Readers

Your site should be easy to read and navigate. Include links prominently, and add well designed and obvious call to action text.

Your readers should be encouraged to look into your site and not just stop with the homepage. I’d suggest making it so easy that even a lazy reader would stay and read your content.

Leave something for the readers to think about. This will help them remember you and get you repeat traffic.

Over to you

As I said in the beginning, starting out as an amateur is alright, but it shouldn’t last for long; and more importantly that should not show for long. Only when you take some really potent steps, you can emerge from mediocrity and touch the stars.

While these 10 tips are there to guide you through this, you need to follow expert bloggers too. Commenting on other’s blogs, taking part in discussions are all community building exercise. As a novice blogger you should not take these steps lightly.

I hope that you’ve well engaged with my guest post and I’d like to know your opinion on this discussion. Chat with me through comment section 🙂

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