Can You Make Money From Blogging In 2020 (And Beyond)?

Blogging. A term widely used by nearly every nation in the world. It is dubbed as the best way to make a living off the Internet.

A few make millions from blogging while the majority doesn’t earn a dime. And everything started out when you start a blog.

My name is Reginald Chan and I call myself an entrepreneur. I love writings and I write for big brands and blogging influencers especially online marketing and WordPress tips. 

I know, I have been living in the limelight dreamed by many.

Yes, face it. You want to make money from blogging like I do (along with a thousand other influencers), right?

Call it your lucky day. I’m sharing the exact tip (yes, just one) that I used slightly under a decade and it has helped me earned thousands of dollars in passive income.

I write a lot of tutorials and for this time, I’ll be sharing something else. This blog post will be in the form of a storyline.

So read and tell me what you think in the comments below.


Hello (blogging) world!

I remember it clearly. It was back in 2005 and it was roughly around 3 pm. Instead of doing my homework (yes, I was still schooling back then), I turned on my laptop and was checking out the real meaning of blogging.

Yes, I heard about blogging (and all those juicy stuff) but I have no idea what it was all about.

Back in school, I was always scoring close to full marks for all my language tests. At that time, I clearly believe I have a secret talent in writing!

On that day, I kicked start my journey toward successful blogging when I started my own blog.

My first blog was hosted on Blogspot and it is still there until today, but that was not the case.

I started out as a hobby; blogging A to Z under the sun and on a daily basis. And to be honest, I had zero ideas that that action of mine will affect me years later – to be exact, 7 years later.

And no, I didn’t install Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Chitika or any affiliate sales link. I had no idea about them at all.

It was just me, my passion and my blog. It wasn’t about the money, fame or what-so-ever.

Starting out in the unknown world of blogging

For the next 3 months, I was writing about technology and I learned more about writing. That was when I installed Google Analytics and left it there for a couple of days before I checked on the stats.

I was stoked. Over 2,000 hits per day?!

The post was about BlackBerry and BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife) – if you are wondering.

And that stuck me like hell but I wanted to test out if it was God-knows-who was playing a prank on me.

I set up an email address and invited people to contact me if they need help with their BlackBerry. Guess what? I received over 20 emails a day with various BlackBerry problems.

Long story short, I realized the power of the Internet. After a month after installing Google Adsense code on my Blogspot, I barely past the minimum cashout value. Yes, that was it.

I mean, imagine being just ‘another kid’ in the block and have some extra money? Yes! That’s exactly how I felt!

It was then, the real “Hello blogging” comes into play.

Marketing without knowing it

I was young but crazy. I understood that my website is brand new but with the results, I could do like 10x better on bigger sites.

I re-wrote the articles (now called content curation) on authority sites like HubPages and Squidoo. Being an early (and weird) adopter of BlackBerry devices, my ‘how-to’ tutorials gets on the first page of both forums and authority sites.

Monetizing (again another big word for me at that time) was crazy at that time. Being a kid and able to generate money online? My mom thought I was nuts or in some sort of scam.

Here’s a disclaimer: Money (at that time) wasn’t everything yet. I wanted to pursue my dreams of writing.

My big break in make money from blogging

passive income-blogging

I consider myself pretty young and I was stupidly determined to be successful in writing. And it doesn’t matter how I achieve it; I just want to write.

The big break was in 2009 when I got not one, but several long-term ghostwriting projects.

Awesome is just an understatement at that time to say the least. I was pumped but working under a cover name.

I wrote a lot and the payout was good as well but being me, it wasn’t enough yet!

I wanted more. I want to be famous.

Now there’s where everything went from passion to business. And yes, money does cloud your mindset!

Money vs Passion

Seven years later from the day I started blogging, I realized my dream was not to become ‘just another blogger’. I wanted to be something big … big names that last for a long time.

At that time, the big name was Darren Rowse, founder of I followed the tutorials there to the T and I knew I was something big.

I realized that my skill was teaching others and I’m darn good at providing tutorials. Call me a teacher, mentor or even a Jedi. I wanted to put my efforts to good use. Therefore, the majority of my the websites I started were based on tutorials.

I decided that money wasn’t everything but passion is.

If you want to be successful, start dreaming big. Don’t just touch the surface of the water; ride with the big waves!

I started one website to another and until today, I have over 30 websites under my belt. I don’t earn thousands from each site but I do make the significant amount of them; ranging from $50 to $1,000 a month from each site.

So Reginald, what’s the moral of the story?

I see so many bloggers around the world trying to accomplish the impossible. You know, making money from blogging.

The truth is this – Stop wondering what works. Everything w-o-r-k-s!

Here’s a question for you: Do you have the passion to stay on and work it out?

Yes, I don’t build sites and make hundreds right after a month. Efforts are put into it constantly and the fruit will grow after some time. There are times where I have sleepless nights writing blog posts.

Depending on niche, it could be as fast as 3 months and some take up over 9 months.

Blogging is not confined only to content, search engine optimization and social media marketing. It is all about you.

Blogging is a business and success in blogging is a luxury.

As a recap, here are the key takeaways from this post:

  • Can you make money from blogging? Yes.
  • Is it easy to make money from blogging? No.
  • Are you guaranteed to make money on your blog? No.
  • Is there such thing as evergreen blog posts that generate income? No.
  • Can you be successful in blogging? Yes — but it depends on your own passion.

Ask Nirmala or any influencers you have in mind. I am sure they would tell you the same.

Any questions? Leave a comment and let’s talk!

54 thoughts on “Can You Make Money From Blogging In 2020 (And Beyond)?”

  1. Wow,I really enjoyed reading your story. it was so interesting. I am still just writing for passion and haven’t yet thought about how to monetize, i did try couple of times to get adsense but failed with that. So just taking slow steps for now. Monetization looks a far away thing for now for me. but wonderful and motivating to read your post 🙂

    1. Hi Coral,

      Thanks for commenting! Blogging is really fun and making money is always the side income. But hey, don’t ever give up!

      Be patience and work hard for it. You should / will do a-okay!


  2. Hi Reginald Bro,

    Glad to see you again here on Nirmala Mam’s blog.

    I must say a great real life story. I have also a motivational story behind my blogging career. I know how hard it is to earn from a blog.

    I’m into blogging from past 5 years and just started making some good income from 2014. It’s really tough but anyone can make it possible with his/her hardwork and passion.

    Great lesson bro 🙂
    – Ankit

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Everyone has a story behind blogging and good to hear that you’re making good income with your blog since last year.

      Hardwork and passion are indeed needed for blogging. Thanks for checking Regi’s post Ankit bro, I’d say that it is a great contribution from him.

    2. Hi Ankit,

      Thanks for dropping by man. Funny to see how blogging connects us right?

      The moral of the story is real true – You don’t make money instantly. It takes time and passion. It will grow, if you do it right!

      And hey, you are doing well and keep that up man!

  3. Hey Reginald,

    Good to see you at Nirmala’s mam blog !!

    This was a great post moreover a very good experience that you’ve shared. It’s always difficult to earn online but with the hard work and dedication we can. Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Hi Ashutosh,

      Yes. All you need is dedication and tons of passion. I call it the grinding stage. You need to grind A LOT and the first few months / years are challenging. After you have get the ‘tune’, you should be just fine.

      Never give up man!

  4. Hi Reginald Bro,
    It’s good to hear your story.
    I am glad to know your starting days.
    I too started out on blogger. But I was not consistent. Really, I had no internet connection. So couldn’t keep up-to-date.
    But now I managed to get one, even though slower.
    I started my first WP blog and working hard.
    Thank you so much for the post bro.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Rahul,

      Good to know that you’re working with great efforts for your new WordPress blog. Consistency is the main key for blogging success and thus spending quality time to generate the blog posts and connect with your readers are most important.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, keep coming. My bet wishes for your new blog, keep blogging 🙂

    2. Hey Rahul!

      One thing I learned about blogging is never give up and always focus. And yes, that’s focus with a capital F.

      Focus one at one time, unless you have tons of money to throw or still finding for passion 🙂

      If you get what I mean man!

      Good luck.

  5. Very much thought-provoking article.

    You reminded me my old days, Reginald. ha ha.

    I remember the day in 2009 (I was doing graduation at that time) when one of my classmates came at my home and started telling me about blogging, make money online and all the stuff.

    He opened my laptop and entered his Gmail details to show me Analytics and Google AdSense. This was the time when I came to know about this stuff.

    As I was preparing for my GRE examination so I didn’t have time to look into it. I cracked that exam in 2010 and got admission in 6 reputed universities in USA. And luckily one school offered me $11,000 scholarship.

    But soon I found that we didn’t have money to afford the fee, so I dropped the idea.

    I started my job in December 2010 and came to know about the real world of job, as I was spending more than 14 hours in the company.

    I was so frustrated that I decide to quit my job, and finally did in June, 2011.

    The funny thing is – I didn’t know what I am going to do.

    One day I don’t know from where the idea of this blogging stuff came in my mind and I started reading more about it.

    Finally I launched my blog in September, 2011 and rest is the history. 🙂

    I enjoyed this article so much that you forced me to share my story.. ha ha..

    Thanks a lot for this beautiful article.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar


      I think that everyone has a funny story behind blogging. Even I too! I promoted a single page (single post) for 6 month and generated Adsense revenue in cents. That was really funny and great mistake too.

      Thanks for sharing your story with my readers, it was quite interesting to read. But the saddest thing is that you’ve dropped your education offer that came to your way due to lack of money 🙁

      But I’m happy that you’re earning good money with your blog now 😀

      Thanks much for showing your presence Nagi, means a lot 🙂

    2. Kulwant,

      Man, thank you so much! I don’t want to sound old but many bloggers who started that time, either make it or don’t. I wouldn’t say I am super successful but hey, I’m happy with my achievements.

      Even you are rocking on your own as well as Nirmala!

      Thinking back, yes, those days. Haha! I do wish SEO is much easier now (remembering old times). Those days, One single tweet could hit me 10 clicks or more. Now, it is really getting tougher not only in SEO but as well as social media.

      The worst part? It takes up a lot of time planning and investment!

      Hey, we got to do – what a man got to do right? 🙂

      Cheers buddy!

  6. An ultimate and complete guide you have written. Two things that you always need to be successful in any field thst is
    If you have these two things then you can surely make money from blogging. Quiet informative guide it was, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Rahul,

      Oh yes you have excellent points there man!

      Passion is important to maintain the blog while being smart helps you to cope up with the current trend / planning as well.

      Glad you find this useful and do come back for more!

  7. Its very tough to gain money from blogging in 2015. You won’t be able to sustain in competition if you don’t have very good blog with you.

    1. Hey,

      It really depends. You could easily make money the fast way of you focus on laser targeted audience.

      One of my case study was to create a website targeting a specific product on Amazon and the outcome is awesome!

      Was able to generate around 2 sales per month and the product cost over $800. So yes, make sure you ave the right target!


  8. Hi Regi,
    I have started blogging since few months ago and reading more and more blog to understand blogging perfectly. I was in SEO field from last 4 years but never think to write blog, because my English is too poor and did not even think to write. But after reading so Ankit’s blog about how to do social bookmarking, i have tried to write my first post on same topic and I mentioned him in my post. I was get some good hits from it. I am a regular reader of all commented blogger over here except 2 blogger Rahul and Rahul. I read and really enjoyed your post as well as your website’s blog. Nirmala was also Good on her latest post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey,

      Thanks for commenting! Oh yea, language barrier.

      However, if you don’t have good gasp in English, you can easily blog in other language. Of course, that will fade your market to shift to a specific market or country only.

      But yes, it is doable and don’t give up!

      1. Thanks for reply Regi! I have one question for blogging, how you guys choosing topic? because many time i wants to write about something, for eg. wordpress plugin. now i am confused, on which wordpress plugin i write. Can you please give me suggestion on how to choose topic for blog?

    1. Hey,

      Glad you find this useful. If you need help in blogging, feel free to reach out to me (or any bloggers here).


  9. Hiee Reginald,

    After reading this inspiring story I would just say, “HARDWORK with CONSISTENCY always payoff!”.

    Its really inspiring story and it will help us to get motivated. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    >SK Lohar

    1. Hey Shivkumar,

      No worries and glad you find this useful. Yes you are absolutely right!

      Hardwork is vital and don’t even think of giving up. It may be hard for years to come but the end of the road would be awesome.

  10. Hi Reginald

    I was almost breathless while reading the post and recovered my breathing at the end where you revealed the truths about money blogging – my most favorite topic.

    Yes, money can be earned with a blog but not easily. Yes blogging can be done quite easily but successful blogging is darn difficult as you said in the post.

    Never knew before your success story is that much interesting where fun dominates the hardships. That is why it is rightly said your success lies in a chore which you enjoy doing and don’t take it as a missionary cause.

    Thanks a lot for sharing

    1. Hey Muba!

      How are you man? Glad you liked this article. I love to tell people that I accidentally found blogging.

      But seriously, it is not everything about the money. It is about reaching out to people like you!


  11. Everyone is trying to make money on the net fast nowadays, not blogging for passion but blogging for money. I admire you for starting blogging as a hobby for the solely purpose of speaking your mind and expressing yourself! Money and fame comes after, you are right.

  12. yes you are right , what matters is your passion .. its true.. btw a nice approach to tell visitors about passionable blogging and money making blogging ..

  13. Purushottam Kadam

    Hi Reginald Chan ,
    Everyone wants to earn money online and i am one of them following many things to grow up in blogging learning from Successfull bloggers
    i found this article when i searching ans to queries
    this is an interesting post to read , glad to seen very informative tips
    thank’s for sharing

    1. Hey bud,

      Glad you found this article. Pumped to see you that you find it useful 🙂

      Don’t ever give up and don’t forget about Nirmala’s blog. Tons of great stuffs here!

  14. Hey Reginald,

    This is the first time I am visiting this blog and I really wonder that is it really possible to generate money from blogging?

    I really enjoyed the content here. But, please clear my confusion..
    led bulb lights


  15. I believe we still can make money from blogging. I am not talking about sponsored reviews or paid posts. I am talking about optimizing your site in the best possible way as to get a sufficient adsense revenue. I know that is still possible if you follow the right strategy.

  16. well for me the word Blogging has proved to be a difficult one. First i started my blog with the goal of making some income from it, That way i never succeeded. Then i stopped thinking like that. When i made blogging my Passion, I achieved both my income and passion goals 🙂

  17. I really like the way you formated the post. even without lengthy post you have cover the most important. Money vs Passion this is the most important factor i would say people ignores. Yeah i am into blogging but i really don’t like to write article much but somehow i manage to write and promote.

  18. Very good tutorial to get them started with there first blog and give them some inspiration to make some money from their blogs. P.S. Make sure you drive as much targted traffic to your website as possible and build an email list as well very important!

    Good post well written and informative:) I am considering you a Jedi:) Congrats on your success.

  19. As a young student I started blogging with the money making motive but there is something above money for me now.I struggle a lot but I believe it’s temporary. Struggle is proportional to success.Keep writing man,post like these keeps me motivated 🙂

  20. Hello Reginald,

    Very pleased to read this post on Nirmala’s place!

    This is such an amazing plus inspiring post! I’d say it’s the passion-sparkling content which sparked a fire in me!

    My first goal is not to make money from blogging. My goal is to help and get helped. When one has his passion chasing, the money will definitely flow in later. Just that don’t let that passion to die after you start generating the income from it.

    Once again a great post!

    ~ Adeel Sami

  21. Hello Reginald Bro,
    Thanks for sharing your story! It was insightful.
    I’m new to blogging & was attracted to this post via Ankit’s blog.
    I want to make it big in the internet or World Wide Web.
    Efforts are on & I have a passion for meeting new people & will now try to write everyday on the blog.


  22. chintan panchal

    Nice journey chan, hope you will more successful. Please share your more experience with blogging field. thank you bro.

  23. to make a huge amount of money you must have to work on high paid keyword, this year i am planing to do something new

  24. Everybody has a story behind blogging and great to hear that you’re making great wage with your online journal since a year ago. Hard work and enthusiasm are in reality required for blogging. Much obliged for checking Regi’s post Ankit bro, I’d say that it is an extraordinary commitment from him.

  25. Appreciated post,
    Online marketing is not so easy earn money from online business is also not that much simple. But when we start to do hard-working and our dedication will can do everything.

  26. Hi chan,
    Truly an inspirational story of you. Mine is not the same. It is full of hazards. I lost one best buddy of my life. Before three years ago, I was writing for a blog community. I was fond of writing and still I am. But I cannot keep it for a long time. In the mean time, the circumstances changed very fast that I was not able think what to do. I am really passionate about blogging. I do not think about making money as I started by blog before 3 months ago. I had mentioned your blog one of my latest blog post. I hope you will get some time and will visit it once.

    Well Great story bro. I am loving. It inspires me and other bloggers.

    I wish you will grow 10x speed in your blogging career.


  27. Generally all time must be paid to a non exempt employee and overtime after 40 hours in a week. start blogging , experience of one year and now feel i done big a much in my life , blogging is so good field 🙂

  28. Hi Nirmala , this is my first time here and I really loved your post but regarding this topic yes you can make decent money via blogging specially if you work hard and are dedicated enough to keep blogging in difficult times also for newbie bloggers it difficult to make money during initial days but after 5 to 6 months you can make good money to atleast cover your hosting and internet bills

    Thanks and Keep posting such awesome blogging tips

  29. Thanks!!! Reginald..

    In my point of view, if you have traffic, then you have lot’s of possibility earn from your blogging. Right audience can increase your revenue. Affiliate sales, banner advertising everything depends on traffic. So build traffic and earn huge.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  30. David J. Nielsen

    Generally all the time must be paid to a non-exempt employee and overtime after 40 hours in a week. Start blogging, experience a year and now feel like I’ve made a big big part of my life, the blog is so good field

  31. great views shared by admin. me also doing blogging since 2014 and earn lots of money i can’t guess. its amazing job. no boss order no bound free of relax.

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