How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral?

After the completion of my blogiversary recently, I took a quick look at some of my posts. Most of my posts got good social cues; some started to drive organic traffic and few of my helpful blog content attained internal Page Rank 1.

I have also been asked by novice bloggers on how to make the blog posts viral. Thus, I’ve decided to reveal some of my strategies to craft blog posts that easily get shared and boost their traffic.

Do you also want to make your every blog post go viral? If yes, then this post is for you!

Before disclosing my blogging tactics to make a viral blog post, I’d advise you to write from your heart in a distraction-free environment to create shareable blog posts.

Let me begin with the basics!

What is viral blog post?

“Like the biological virus, if your blog post spreads quickly, gets read & shared by many people, then we can say that it is a viral blog post.”

To make your every blog post go viral, it would be good to follow some policies while generating your blog content and promote them through authoritative ways.

9 Helpful Ways To Create Viral Blog Post

Below are some of the valuable ways to generate viral blog post with which you could drive massive traffic to your blog.

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 1. Write in a positive way

People are more drawn towards positive write ups. It’s a science! They like to share the energy they get from your active posts. It’s not limited for motivational or life blogs; you can write something positive stuff in any niche.

Don’t write content that puts down someone or a negative review. You can convert your negative topics to be active with just a little effort. Take an example:

Instead of writing a blog post about: “5 things your blog lacks” you can present your same ideas in a blog post titled “5 things I expect to look on your blog”.

Notice the difference here! The second one is filled with the positive thought.

2. Not only crafting useful post, factual too

When you write a post that helps someone, he/she is sure to feel indebted and will share it across their networks. The reason helpful posts get more shares is that they are shared out of gratitude, and also they might think that it will help their audience as well.

Don’t take my first tip (write positive stuff) in a wrong way and craft the blog post with fictional stuff. I’d suggest you to write exact information for your loyal audience as it will show the readers that you’re knowledgeable in your niche.

As soon as they grabbed the correct data from you, they never deny sharing your stuff on their network and thus your blog post will go viral for sure.

3. Avoid texting like legal documents

I came across many blogs where authors have written their posts like legal documents. Please understand that the blog is not a static website to include the stern points. You should speak to your readers, make them involve with your content, invoke them to give suggestions to improve your blog, ask questions and encourage them to leave their insights through comments.

Share your experience likeHow my Alexa get reduced?” to enlighten them. If you don’t have any experience, share some humorous things that attract your reader’s attention. Also, break down the paragraphs for better readability. These clarity effects would make your blog posts to go viral.

4. Create in-depth content with trendy topics

This is the simplest way to build viral blog posts. Yes, your content must contain in-depth data so that the readers would get enough details with it. If you’re my regular user, then you might be aware of my writing style with primary and essential information related to the title of the blog post.

Also, if you cover the trendy topics with good deepness, then no one would stop your blog posts to get spread virally. You can find what’s trending through many ways. I rely on free and powerful ways like Buzzsumo and Alltop to find the latest news in my niche. You may choose your well-known matter from there and create the comprehensive blog post for your audience.

5. Form a community

A forming community for your blog with influential and co-bloggers would increase the visibility of your blog posts. Visit some active blogs in your niche, read their content, add your worthy comment and share the posts on your network. If you get practiced to do so, you’ll get the return from them. The more involved you are in visiting dynamic blogs, the more bloggers will discover your blog and help you to share your content.

My first blog post shares come from my friends and fellow bloggers who are like a community for me. Some are even kind enough to add my RSS feeds to their share tools to automatically tweet a post from me without even reading it. This is something that comes with years of building credibility. I highly recommend you to be active in some blogging communities like Triberr and Bizsugar to get your blog posts shared by like-minded people. 

6. Perform basic optimization

I’m sure that the search engines will continue to offer the best search experience for us. I’ve read in a popular blog that the relation between the keywords and search visibility has become complex now. Yes, keyword-based SEO is somehow vanishing. I feel quite happy with this prediction! So, avoid wasting your time to find the keywords to stuff in your blog posts as it would lead your blog to get penalized. Just do the essential optimization techniques to make your blog post go viral through organic traffic.

Optimize your posts for social shares too. Using a simple (yet powerful) plugin like WordPress SEOby Yoast you can optimize your posts for both search engines and social platforms too. Set a different featured image for sharing on Facebook and Google plus. This helps your post to get more social interaction. 

7. Make use of social media

Even though you’re good at creating the high-quality content, don’t think that it will go viral on its own. You need to build a memorable brand on social media by sharing your valuable blog posts so that your followers would find your commendable content and help you to make it viral.

If your post is worth it, I would advise you to try paid advertising also. Sometimes a small monetary boost can get the post reach the masses beyond your regular audience. This is a secret, many probloggers won’t tell you. The truth is that most of them get their posts reach an extra mile through paid promotion and I don’t see any harm in it.

8. Use intriguing headlines

Research says humans have shorter attention span than a goldfish. Yes, we have just 8 seconds of attention span. It’s within these 8 seconds that you have to showcase your posts to readers and impress them to read further. Do you think how to do it? You have to be creative, creative with your headlines and creative with your post body as well. I advise you to write intriguing titles that incites curiosity inside the readers. 

A common example is a post I recently came across on twitter titled “Marriage isn’t for you”. The post not only garnered 10K tweets and other thousands of shares but was also highly viral. It gathered 5070 comments till today. This is what an intriguing title does. It didn’t tell the anything about the post which aroused the interest of the readers and thus they dived into the post to read it.

9. Generate neat blog posts

I still do remember my college days where I got full marks for my imprecise answers at several times. Do you know the tactic behind it? It’s nothing but the neatness which I used to sustain with good hand writing and never rub out any written lines.

I keep up the same method here as I produce the blog posts with bullet points and enough sub-headings. But don’t think that I’m still inaccurate, I got matured than before. So, if your visitors feel relaxed while reading your blog posts, then it would stimulate them to shout your precise content on their network which would let you to get viral blog post.

Valuable ideas to write the blog posts go viral

Following are the few ideas to write the blog posts that easily get shared by others!

  • Lists posts have greater tendency to go viral easily. But make sure to add simple description for every point in the list. i.e Avoid blog post with plain list.
  • Readers want you to see you in action, so it would be good to write case studies.
  • Creating “How-to” guides is a good approach to make the blog posts viral.
  • Try to write the post which compares the popular things Tablet Vs iPad, Google Plus Vs Facebook and Chromebook Vs Ultrabook.
  • Use the words “Top/Best/Great/Proven/Sure-fire” in the title of the post and add relevant content to it. 


Thanks for reading my post till the end! I really appreciate your patience and passion in blogging.

Here is a bonus goodie for you!

Five ready-made blog post templates from Hubspot (FREE!) which would help you write viral blog posts.

My final words

Writing good blog articles is an art and making those viral is really a fabulous attempt by the bloggers. There are no proven ways to make your blog posts go viral. But you could increase the chances to do so with the help of the above-mentioned factors.

Don’t be lethargic while generating the content; include interesting stats and real experiences to add value to your blog posts. If you maintain your reputation with your good quality blog content, then it is more feasible to get more comments and social shares as well, together with the possibility of getting your blog posts that go viral.

I’ve finished explaining the things to make viral blog post. Do you have any undisclosed stuff related to this matter? Let me know your priceless views in comment section 🙂

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