How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral?

After the completion of my blogiversary recently, I took a quick look at some of my posts. Most of my posts got good social cues; some started to drive organic traffic and few of my helpful blog content attained internal Page Rank 1.

I have also been asked by novice bloggers on how to make the blog posts viral. Thus, I’ve decided to reveal some of my strategies to craft blog posts that easily get shared and boost their traffic.

Do you also want to make your every blog post go viral? If yes, then this post is for you!

Before disclosing my blogging tactics to make a viral blog post, I’d advise you to write from your heart in a distraction-free environment to create shareable blog posts.

Let me begin with the basics!

What is viral blog post?

“Like the biological virus, if your blog post spreads quickly, gets read & shared by many people, then we can say that it is a viral blog post.”

To make your every blog post go viral, it would be good to follow some policies while generating your blog content and promote them through authoritative ways.

9 Helpful Ways To Create Viral Blog Post

Below are some of the valuable ways to generate viral blog post with which you could drive massive traffic to your blog.

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 1. Write in a positive way

People are more drawn towards positive write ups. It’s a science! They like to share the energy they get from your active posts. It’s not limited for motivational or life blogs; you can write something positive stuff in any niche.

Don’t write content that puts down someone or a negative review. You can convert your negative topics to be active with just a little effort. Take an example:

Instead of writing a blog post about: “5 things your blog lacks” you can present your same ideas in a blog post titled “5 things I expect to look on your blog”.

Notice the difference here! The second one is filled with the positive thought.

2. Not only crafting useful post, factual too

When you write a post that helps someone, he/she is sure to feel indebted and will share it across their networks. The reason helpful posts get more shares is that they are shared out of gratitude, and also they might think that it will help their audience as well.

Don’t take my first tip (write positive stuff) in a wrong way and craft the blog post with fictional stuff. I’d suggest you to write exact information for your loyal audience as it will show the readers that you’re knowledgeable in your niche.

As soon as they grabbed the correct data from you, they never deny sharing your stuff on their network and thus your blog post will go viral for sure.

3. Avoid texting like legal documents

I came across many blogs where authors have written their posts like legal documents. Please understand that the blog is not a static website to include the stern points. You should speak to your readers, make them involve with your content, invoke them to give suggestions to improve your blog, ask questions and encourage them to leave their insights through comments.

Share your experience likeHow my Alexa get reduced?” to enlighten them. If you don’t have any experience, share some humorous things that attract your reader’s attention. Also, break down the paragraphs for better readability. These clarity effects would make your blog posts to go viral.

4. Create in-depth content with trendy topics

This is the simplest way to build viral blog posts. Yes, your content must contain in-depth data so that the readers would get enough details with it. If you’re my regular user, then you might be aware of my writing style with primary and essential information related to the title of the blog post.

Also, if you cover the trendy topics with good deepness, then no one would stop your blog posts to get spread virally. You can find what’s trending through many ways. I rely on free and powerful ways like Buzzsumo and Alltop to find the latest news in my niche. You may choose your well-known matter from there and create the comprehensive blog post for your audience.

5. Form a community

A forming community for your blog with influential and co-bloggers would increase the visibility of your blog posts. Visit some active blogs in your niche, read their content, add your worthy comment and share the posts on your network. If you get practiced to do so, you’ll get the return from them. The more involved you are in visiting dynamic blogs, the more bloggers will discover your blog and help you to share your content.

My first blog post shares come from my friends and fellow bloggers who are like a community for me. Some are even kind enough to add my RSS feeds to their share tools to automatically tweet a post from me without even reading it. This is something that comes with years of building credibility. I highly recommend you to be active in some blogging communities like Triberr and Bizsugar to get your blog posts shared by like-minded people. 

6. Perform basic optimization

I’m sure that the search engines will continue to offer the best search experience for us. I’ve read in a popular blog that the relation between the keywords and search visibility has become complex now. Yes, keyword-based SEO is somehow vanishing. I feel quite happy with this prediction! So, avoid wasting your time to find the keywords to stuff in your blog posts as it would lead your blog to get penalized. Just do the essential optimization techniques to make your blog post go viral through organic traffic.

Optimize your posts for social shares too. Using a simple (yet powerful) plugin like WordPress SEOby Yoast you can optimize your posts for both search engines and social platforms too. Set a different featured image for sharing on Facebook and Google plus. This helps your post to get more social interaction. 

7. Make use of social media

Even though you’re good at creating the high-quality content, don’t think that it will go viral on its own. You need to build a memorable brand on social media by sharing your valuable blog posts so that your followers would find your commendable content and help you to make it viral.

If your post is worth it, I would advise you to try paid advertising also. Sometimes a small monetary boost can get the post reach the masses beyond your regular audience. This is a secret, many probloggers won’t tell you. The truth is that most of them get their posts reach an extra mile through paid promotion and I don’t see any harm in it.

8. Use intriguing headlines

Research says humans have shorter attention span than a goldfish. Yes, we have just 8 seconds of attention span. It’s within these 8 seconds that you have to showcase your posts to readers and impress them to read further. Do you think how to do it? You have to be creative, creative with your headlines and creative with your post body as well. I advise you to write intriguing titles that incites curiosity inside the readers. 

A common example is a post I recently came across on twitter titled “Marriage isn’t for you”. The post not only garnered 10K tweets and other thousands of shares but was also highly viral. It gathered 5070 comments till today. This is what an intriguing title does. It didn’t tell the anything about the post which aroused the interest of the readers and thus they dived into the post to read it.

9. Generate neat blog posts

I still do remember my college days where I got full marks for my imprecise answers at several times. Do you know the tactic behind it? It’s nothing but the neatness which I used to sustain with good hand writing and never rub out any written lines.

I keep up the same method here as I produce the blog posts with bullet points and enough sub-headings. But don’t think that I’m still inaccurate, I got matured than before. So, if your visitors feel relaxed while reading your blog posts, then it would stimulate them to shout your precise content on their network which would let you to get viral blog post.

Valuable ideas to write the blog posts go viral

Following are the few ideas to write the blog posts that easily get shared by others!

  • Lists posts have greater tendency to go viral easily. But make sure to add simple description for every point in the list. i.e Avoid blog post with plain list.
  • Readers want you to see you in action, so it would be good to write case studies.
  • Creating “How-to” guides is a good approach to make the blog posts viral.
  • Try to write the post which compares the popular things Tablet Vs iPad, Google Plus Vs Facebook and Chromebook Vs Ultrabook.
  • Use the words “Top/Best/Great/Proven/Sure-fire” in the title of the post and add relevant content to it. 


Thanks for reading my post till the end! I really appreciate your patience and passion in blogging.

Here is a bonus goodie for you!

Five ready-made blog post templates from Hubspot (FREE!) which would help you write viral blog posts.

My final words

Writing good blog articles is an art and making those viral is really a fabulous attempt by the bloggers. There are no proven ways to make your blog posts go viral. But you could increase the chances to do so with the help of the above-mentioned factors.

Don’t be lethargic while generating the content; include interesting stats and real experiences to add value to your blog posts. If you maintain your reputation with your good quality blog content, then it is more feasible to get more comments and social shares as well, together with the possibility of getting your blog posts that go viral.

I’ve finished explaining the things to make viral blog post. Do you have any undisclosed stuff related to this matter? Let me know your priceless views in comment section 🙂

53 thoughts on “How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral?”

  1. Hi Nimala madam,

    Interestingly, blog posts about ‘going viral’ also goes viral. That’s truely educating article you have written out there. I agree with all those points and I hate writing in legal document jargon too, in specific.

    I wonder sometimes people aksing me ‘how to optimize an article to get indexed in search engines quickly’. The only way I believed is write an error-free article with quality informationand that works out for me very well, everytime. It seems like I need to do some basic optimization to make it go viral. Will do from my next article.

    Thank you for sharing such useful tips 🙂

    Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Sasidhar,

      Thanks for being opening commenter for my post 🙂

      Haha.. I agree with you that post on making viral posts would go viral 🙂

      Yes, people never like to read blog content written like legal documents with general statements and without speaking to the readers, asking questions and stimulate them to leave their opinion. I never visit such blogs!

      Yes, you’re right! Blog post with quality and error-free data would get crawled quickly by search engines.

      Good to know that you’re gonna do some more optimization ways to make your blog posts to spread virally. Keep it up.

      Thanks for your visit, happy weekend.

  2. Hi Nirmala ma’am,

    You are back with an another amazing post! 🙂

    Haha, I loved the point about not writing blog posts like a legal document. You are so creative in choosing the sub points. I love it!

    Yes indeed! Bloggers need to write in a friendly tone. Forming and developing a community feeling at the blogs is a powerful way of making the blog grow huge. List posts are everyone’s favorite. Someone would hardly hate them but we need to be careful about not over writing such posts.

    Thank you Nirmala ma’am for sharing wonderful tips for making the blog post viral. Enjoyed reading it. Good day!

    – Rohan Chaubey.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Rohan

      I’m delighted to know your views on this post, thanks 🙂

      Glad you like my thought on writing the blog posts like legal documents. Yes, we should break the paragraphs and speak with the audience to nudge them to come back without fail.

      You’re absolute! With an encouraging community, a blog can grow immensely!

      I hope that we both have a same mindset. Yeah, I never publish consecutive lists posts as I know that some people dislike such kind of post.

      Thanks again for adding your viewpoints, have a fun Sunday 🙂

  3. Hello Nirmala Mam,

    Great suggestions about making blog post viral.

    I believe problem solving articles or humor related articles also do great. You can see sites like scoopwhoop get a lot of referral traffic only.

    Ofcourse, own blog community helps a lot to make blog posts go viral. If the readers have personal attachment with your blog, they will definitely share your content on his/her social networks. And this is how a blog post go viral.

    Keep sharing useful tips and suggestions like this, Nirmala mam 🙂


    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hai dear Ankit bro,

      Good to know your opinion and thanks for your kind words.

      Yes, I aware of ScoopWhoop drive referral traffic. I’m accepting your views that the solution giving and humorous
      blog posts would sound great.

      Community comes the first to make our blog posts viral before organic traffic. Thus, I’d like to connect with a lot of people to form an inspiring and supporting community for my blog.

      I’d like to present neat posts too as it would help me to get unstoppable returning visitors.

      Thanks again for finding time to leave your thoughts and sharing my post bro, have a great weekend 🙂

  4. Hello Nirmala,

    This post was really good where you showcased a great magic fundas for making blog posts viral. I never used those blogging communities like tribber and bizsugar, will try from now. You mention about “Set a different featured image for sharing on Facebook and Google plus. ” How to do that, because as far i know, we can set a featured image for whole post, which is reflected in other social sites while sharing. Liked your point on texting posts like documents, where engagement is very low.


    1. Ankit as far as I know , when you share any post on Facebook there is an option to upload image other than what you have features for you whole article in wp .

      1. Nirmala Santhakumar

        No, I wasn’t taking that option. I’ve specified the details of SEO by Yoast” WordPress plugin where we can fix the featured image for famous social networks.

    2. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Justin,

      Thanks for getting time to check my post and leave your thoughts. Triberr and Bizsugar are the awesome communities for the bloggers to gain great exposure. Spend some time to take part in those communities.

      I’ve specified the details of “SEO by Yoast” WordPress plugin where you can change its social settings for featured image. If you’ve installed this plugin, try to fix the featured image for social networks through its settings.

      Yes, of course! Texting the blog posts like legal documents never engage visitors and thus losing the ability of going viral.

      Stay tuned, have a great day 🙂

  5. Hi Nirmala

    First of all thanks a lot for the bonus tip as I love to collect such valuable resources to read them especially while travelling.

    In the beginning of blogging creating a post was quite difficult and people were not familiar with the internet writing style.

    By and by very fabulous styles of creating contents were developed; so much so that content marketing has become an industry.

    Now the big challenge is not only to create but to make it go viral. For that there is no fixed rule and one has to be so adaptive to be the most fit in different situations.

    The tips you mentioned in this post are all inclusive and can serve best for all situations as they are the conceptual guidelines to create a post that spreads in blogosphere like a fire of jungle.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such valuable post.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hello Mi Sir,
      Thanks for including your thoughtful comment. Glad you liked the bonus stuff, I too wanna make use of it.

      Yeah, blog post crafting is an art and making it viral is essential to grab great blogging stats.

      Yes, we have to undergo a lot of expriments to find out the best rule to make our blog post go viral.

      Thanks for your constant support through comment and social shares, means a lot 🙂

  6. Hi Nirmala,
    What a Wonderful Treat for the Weekend!
    Great Going!
    Indeed you created a Viral post for your
    readers with lot of useful connected links.
    Though i have read most of the internal links
    i could not post comments. even to some of
    my fav writers there. As I said in my fb re-share
    let me repeat the words again.
    A Viral Post On How To Make Viral Posts!!!
    Great Work Nirmala Keep it up
    Have a Wonderful and Profitable Weekend
    Keep going!
    I just bookmarked it to read it again to follow
    some of the link posts mentioned in this post
    Thanks for revealing those unrevealed secrets! 🙂
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hello Philip,

      Thanks for your kind praising words. Making viral blog posts would help us to stand out from the crowd and thus I try my best to make my every post go viral.

      Glad you’ve read my blog posts and no issues for not leaving your comment. I need loyal readers to read my content than the people who do comment and sharing my post 🙂

      Yeah, I’ve already checked your reshare on Facebook with kind words, I felt happy with it.

      Show your presence when you get time 🙂

  7. Hello Nirmala maam,
    Finally MMF has a new post and that too a rockstar one. I loved your tips on making the posts go viral.
    I think you have mentioned all the posts one can imagine of for making a blog post go viral.

    I really like the tip about intriguing headlines. I mean thats so true. Most readers come to our articles reading the headlines.
    In other words our headlines are our mini ad copies. So we should write better headlines.

    Thanks for writing a informational one maam 🙂

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Swadhin,
      I was busy at home and thus unable to write for my blog. Thank you so much for your appreciation and glad you liked my tips to make popular blog posts.

      I agree with your view in writing headlines of the blog post as it would nudge the people to read the post to check and read till the end.

      Thanks for your non-stop support through comment and share 🙂

  8. Great one Nirmala!

    Viral posts are in demand because these get you a lot of traffic. The ideas you have mentioned are perfect but the most important is to have a great catchy post title because only this can get you a lot of shares and hits.

    Keep writing such posts.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thanks for getting time to check my post and adding your views Atish, I’m really happy 🙂

      I agree with you that the title of the post should be an attractive one to grab more eyeballs. But if we present the posts in neat manner with true information and better readability, we can convert the casual readers into permanent readers.

      Sure, I’d like to share my blogging and writing stratgies for my lovely readers. Keep visiting to add value to my post.

      Have a relaxed weekend, take good rest 🙂

  9. According to me; the best way to create viral posts is researching on what information people are mostly looking for in your field and then, create an awesome piece of content which all the details they might require. Now promote these posts actively to people who are in need and mostly likely would share with others. That’s all. Nothing else works best.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      I’m accepting your wonderful views Tamal to make the blog posts go viral.

      Yes, writing the blog posts based on the requirements of the audience would go viral. Also, spreading them in the exact places would help us to get good exposure.

      Thanks for writing your viewpoints, keep coming 🙂

  10. These are definite steps that will increase the chances that your articles will go viral and get you the recognition that you need. Bloggers need all the help they can get towards getting recognition to themselves and their articles.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Welcome to my blog Ricardo, well-said!

      I strongly agree with your views on making the blog posts viral, keep visiting to leave your comments.

  11. Well Mam, this is what I was looking for may be more than enough for my new viral blog which isn’t a viral blog though. But a reality blog that need to get viral.

    No doubt these tips are awesome as usual, will try to implement on my site for sure! Moreover there are tendencies to run short of stories which could be the major lag in viral blogs so there seems to be a need to create and for that needs ton of ideas !

    Many a times we lack making a post having good ideas just because we don’t follow the rules. But above all quality is the real king weather it is a tech blog or viral blog without quality in content no one gives a due heed!

    Thankyou ma’am have a great day! Mean while checking hubspot!

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Apoorv Agrawal,

      Good to read your viewpoints for my post and I’m agreeing with them. We should keep our creative eye open while writing the blog posts. Way of presentation is more important to attract more eyeballs and social shares.

      Thanks for adding your thoughtful comment, stay tuned 🙂

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Suryateja,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for accepting my concepts to make every blog post go viral. Not only sharing, we have to craft the helpful blog post with eye-catching headline to grab more visitors.

      Keep visiting, have a great weekend 🙂

  12. Hi Nirmala Mam
    Thanks for providing a viral post 😉
    As I am a beginner in this blogosphere, these tips are really valuable to me.
    Ya, you are right that we must concentrate on the positive aspect. Instead of making someone feel low, we must write a positive content to charge them with positiveness.

    The heading of the post captures a lot of attention. But, we must concentrate on the heading part only. After making a tempting heading, we must make a sharable content. I am also working on this aspect. As a blogger, I always try to provide a motivational content with a different twist.

    Ya, the blog should not like a legal copy where the readers are not able to share their ideas in an open manner. Some of the names like Bizsugar are completely new to me and thanks for providing HubSpot’s templates for blog post

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Yatin,

      Thanks for showing interest to read my blog posts. Glad you’re agreeing my tactics to make viral blog posts.

      Yes, understanding the need of audience and approach them in a positive manner would take our blog to next level.

      Crafting the blog posts in a precise way with grasping title help us to get loyal readers.

      Good to know your thoughts, keep coming 🙂

  13. Hi Nirmala,
    Wonderful post and tips for making blog post viral, this is definitely a helpful and informative post, I am trying to make my posts viral with Facebook shares and that’s showing positive sign in bring in visitors however I am more interested in bringing in organic traffic to our blog.


    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Mukesh,

      I’m delighted with your continuous support through comment, thanks for reading my post. Good to hear that you’re aggressively working to make your blog posts go viral and yes, getting organic traffic is more essential. This can be done by doing keyword research and on-page SEO.

      Keep visiting to leave your opinion, have a great day 🙂

  14. In blogging, there are hundreds of such tips and tricks available most of the newbies are eagerly waiting to follow. OF course, there are some basic tips and tricks you should try out while writing anything on your blog. When it comes to writing a new title for your blog, you should keep a few things on your mind and focus on the same. You can not get more unique hits if you are out of focus on what you are currently writing and that could be the reason behind your failure. I too have tried out many things and got bad results a couple of time, but as they say, without proper practice you can not get along with anything.

    In addition to your blog post, you’ve brilliantly described every single thing which could help an individual to focus more on the unique hits and ultimately it helps them to focus on what they are writing about.

    Thanks for such a wonderful share!

  15. Hello Nirmala Mam,
    Creating a viral blog post that engage readers and drive huge traffic is really not easy especially for newbie bloggers. It takes time, practice and patience. You mention here some great and wonderful tips that will really help newbie as well as advance bloggers.
    Thanks for the nice sharing.

  16. Hello Nirmala Mam,

    First of all, I would like to thanks to craft such fantastic post. All tips are very useful.If a blogger follow all tips, his/her post will surely go viral. If we craft content that our audience found useful, post goes viral automatically. It is love of our blog’s reader.


  17. Already Subscribed MAM, I found this article via UBT. I think i gone missed if i didn’t clicked your article link. What a detailed information here? Hope this article will help most newbies blogger who struggle with their blog continuously.

    Thanks for sharing this article.
    Waiting for your updates.
    Best of luck 🙂
    Happy Blogging Journey

  18. Hi Nirmala,
    Your points are quite glaring and I couldn’t agree with you more on how to get blog posts go viral.

    It all begins with sharing valuable contents that meet with the needs of the readers. If a blog post is interesting and provides solution then it becomes easy for it to go viral!
    This comment was left in where this post was found!

  19. Hello mam,
    You are right, if we maintain good quality contents then it is more feasible to get comments. I like your tips on making the post go viral. You share valuable ideas to write the post.
    This article will help us.

  20. Hi Nirmala,
    It’s an awesome post about viral blog post. Am blogging for just 2 months. By reading this post i got tons of idea about blog posting. Thanks for sharing. Keep updating.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Welcome to my blog and Blogosphere Mani.

      Keep blogging with passion by following some good strategies. Glad you’ve grabbed helpful information through my post and thanks for your visit, stay tuned 🙂

  21. Very True – I just blog for myself, but if people enjoy it, share and comment that is a bonus. But I think that is what makes content more real, than trying to do anything to get shares etc. Which I have done I am ashamed to say !!

  22. Hi Nirmala,

    You have covered very important points which every blogger must follow while creating any blog post. This is really going to be very much helpful to me as well.

  23. Hey Nirmala Ma’m,

    Thanks for this superb post! We all want out posts to get viral, to get massive number of shares on social media and visitors and audience. It can turn into the rock post of the blog, drive in massive amounts of traffic and perhaps can increase the conversion rate.

    Thanks, again.

  24. Hello Nirmala Mam,
    Creating a viral blog post could be effective way to drive huge traffic but it is really not easy especially for newbie bloggers. It takes time, practice and patience. You mention here some great and wonderful tips that will really help newbie as well as advance bloggers.
    Thanks for this awesome sharing.

  25. Nice post and quite detailed one. However, one point I would like to disagree with here is about writing about positives only. This no longer holds true in todays age. If you look at the most viral news content, you will see most of these are quite negative in nature i.e. related to some controversy, or some controversial statements etc.

  26. HI Niramala,

    Writing positive titles, interactive conversation through articles, forming a community, all these are important to make our post go viral.
    I agree with your all points, but I want to add one more point to this article that is adding and triggering human emotions will make a post go viral.

    When people connect to this post emotionally, humorously, empathically then it will go viral, thank you for sharing the article.

  27. Hello Nirmala Maam,

    This is my first comment on your blog. Again a great post by you. I just love reading your blog posts. According to me writing in a positive and making attractive will be the best way for making blog posts viral. Thanks for awesome content maam. 🙂

    Regards Naved.

  28. Blogging is a passion, it’s not a job. Very nice article. I would like to add one thing.

    While writing any blog I make sure I am not explaining my DNA structure. I always keep it simple and easy to understand
    for readers.

    So if you want to make content viral, keep the English simple and standard high.

  29. Excellent post about how to write impressive content. It is useful for new blogger and experienced too. Thanks to share such topic. Keep it up !!!

  30. Hello Nirmala Maam,

    Only you can give such a detailed and helpful tips to improve blog ranking.

    didn’t know that writing review article for Blog Post Go Viral and review on their site will help improving Blogging ranking.

    It is love of our blog’s reader. I am a aslo regular reader of your blog and glad to say that after following your blog now I receive a good amount of traffic to my website.

    I am doing it right away! Thanks for Sharing this article with us !

    Keep it up !!! Happy Blogging 🙂 Nirmala 🙂 🙂

  31. Hey Nirmal,

    Yes, I know this is an old blog post but, I couldn’t leave without commenting here. As a beginner, I learned a lot of things about blogging and how to organize the content for better exposure.

    Am I late for the game? The blogosphere is almost saturated with great blogs. As a newbie, would love to know what do you think?

    However, thank you very much for sharing this informative article with us.
    – Nirodha –

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