8 Different Types of Keyboards Available In The Market

The keyboard is essential for a computer whether it is personal or laptop, as it is used for navigation, process execution, and so on. It is the best interface device that allows us to input the data. I would say that no PC is complete without a keyboard. 

Some of my friends bought the external keyboard online with their laptops. Why because the inbuilt laptop keypad is delicate than a usual keyboard. So having the right keyboard is pretty essential for a computer user. 

Here, through this post, I am presenting before you “different types of keyboards.” Are you cramping your forehead? Yes, there is a classification among computer keyboards.

This post will also help you to choose an apt keyboard for your requirements. Read the entire post to figure it out.

8 Keyboard Types That You Should Know

Since people need keyboards for various purposes, manufacturers have started to produce different types of keyboards for their computing wants. Here are some of the top keyboard types for your view.


1. Multimedia Keyboard

This is one of the most popular types of keyboards. Maybe you already guessed what it is by reading the name. Yes. It is a type of keyboard which includes multimedia buttons that help you to control your media only by a single tap.

Usually, a multimedia keyboard includes additional buttons or keys like play, pause, stop, next, previous, volume up, volume down, mute, and a special button to launch the default music player in your PC. You can use these buttons for controlling video playback also.

What if you use the internet most of the time? Is there any dedicated key for this purpose? Of course, there is. A browser launching button (usually with a home sign), an email button (opens your default email client like outlook), refresh, back and forward keys.

It is not over. Everyone opens “My Computer” many times daily. You may also use a calculator. A standard Multimedia keyboard contains these buttons also.

2. Mechanical keyboard

This is somewhat a primitive type of keyboard but preferred by many. The mechanical keyboard uses real physical buttons below each key. When you press a key, the button pushes down. Then there occurs the completion of an electric circuit. Hence, an electrical signal is sent to the PC, and you see the desired result on the monitor.

That’s how a mechanical keyboard works. If you want to get the real feel of using a keyboard, grab one of this type now. Because it is louder and makes our fingers sense something rigid. Some mechanical keyboards come in an ergonomic design that is more comfortable to type for a long time. 

If you want your keyboard to be silent, skip this and see the next type. It may disappoint your expectations. Mechanical keyboards are usually more substantial than other types of keyboards. But it is proven to be long-lasting. The interesting fact is the cheapness of this type.

3. Wireless Keyboard

As the name suggests, it lacks a tail (I mean wire). It makes use of Radio Frequency, Bluetooth, or Infra-Red technology.

Portability is the vital feature of these computer keyboards. We can use it away from the parental device. If you have a secure Wi-Fi connection, you can type on your PC by sitting even 50 meters far from it.

You can use this keyboard type with any of your gadgets like PC, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop that supports wireless technology.

Among all, wireless keyboards are lightweight and small in size. Some wireless keyboards reduce the usage of a mouse by integrating a trackpad into it.

There must be two parts (apart from the keyboards) for this type of keyboard. A transmitter and a trans- receiver.

The transmitter is attached to the keyboard itself and the receiver, to the parent device.

Strokes from the keyboard are converted into radio waves and transmitted into the air using the transmitter. Trans- receiver attached to the PC or laptop senses these waves. Then, it gives the desired action.

4. Virtual Keyboard

It is not a physical keyboard but allows us to input keys. The virtual keyboard is not hardware but can be a software or parts of the software.

This is the era of smartphones. So you must be accustomed to the keypad of your full- touch phone, right? It is an example of a virtual keyboard. We use our fingers to make inputs. There is no need to carry a physical object.

If you are a Windows OS user, you might have seen On-Screen Keyboard. If you might not, then press Windows key+ R simultaneously to get Run box. After that, type “osk” on the field then hit enter. See, this is another example of a virtual keyboard.

Virtual keyboards appear for our needs and disappear after satisfying us. Or we can make it like that.

5. USB Keyboard

The invention of Universal Serial Bus, aka USB, was a massive leap in the history of computers. Today, we have USB keyboards, mouse, speakers, monitors, and headphones also.

This type of keyboard uses the USB interface as a way of connecting with the host. Means, we get a wire with a USB stick at the end with this keyboard. Just insert it into the USB port of your computer. That’s all.

Earlier, there were PS2 keyboards. PS2 was a particular type of port for mice and keyboards.

You may face a significant issue if you use a USB keyboard. Our computer may not support USB keyboards at the time of booting. That means you can’t access and change BIOS (Basic Input/ Output System) settings.

But after installing suitable drivers of the keyboard, the issue may be solved.

6. Ergonomic Keyboard

These computer keyboards are built with considering ergonomics. If you own one of these types, it will be a great addition to your computer peripherals.

Usually, an ergonomic keyboard seems like a typically disabled keyboard. It resembles the English alphabet “V” in shape. Companies do it to make the two-handed users comfortable with it.

The most significant advantage is the Ergonomic keyboard reduces muscle strain and the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You may find it difficult to type with speed at the first use. But after some days of usage, it will dramatically increase your typing speed.

But the truth is, this type of keyboards is a little bit expensive, making no room for people with a tight budget. There are many categories inside the Ergonomic keyboard also. The aim is to increase the comfort of users.

7. QWERTY Keyboard

I think this is the one you are most familiar with. This type of keyboard needs no explanation. It is accessible right from the age of typewriters.

QWERTY is a type of keyboard in which the keys are arranged in a specific order, not in the ABCD..order.

In the early days of typewriters, people find it hard to type with ABCD keyboards. It made use of strings underneath each key. Successive uses of serial keys made the strings entangle each other.

That was how QWERTY keyboards were born. Cristopher Latham Sholes found a solution for this. He placed nearly using letters as far as he could. So the problem was solved.

Even after finding the latest technologies, we follow Sholes’ model of keyboards as a convention.

8. Gaming Keyboard

Gaming is a great stress buster for dedicated workers and hard-working students. The gaming keyboard is one of the best types of keyboards for hardcore gamers. There are some specialties about this keyboard.

You find some special keys on a Gaming Keyboard. Because they are built with bearing gamers in mind. We use W, S, D, A, arrow keys, and space a lot while gaming. In a gaming keyboard, these keys are highlighted and easily distinguishable even by a not- so- usual- computer user.

The biggest plus of this type of keyboard is its physical appearance. Most of the gaming keyboards have a stunning look. You will fall in love with its design at the first look itself.

The manufacturers are very keen to insert graphics also. Mostly the graphic from any popular game. This one also is a bit expensive, like Ergonomic keyboards.

That’s all about different types of keyboards.

Now, let me tell you some tips to select the right keyboard for you.

Tips to Select the Right Keyboard

Here are some guidelines to choose an exact keyboard for your necessity. 

  • Know your purpose of having a keyboard. You may have many uses. But bear the primary need in mind. You may be a crazy gamer, writer, or music lover.
  • Choose a gaming keyboard if you are a gamer. Go for the multimedia keyboard if you are a music addict. If you want to be a better writer, don’t choose these two. Both of them distract you away from work.
  • Have an idea about your budget. This is very important. You can’t have a gaming keyboard with one dollar in hand. So make a range of money within what you are going to buy one like $50- 100.
  • Make a list of five of your favorite keyboard manufacturing companies.
  • Find four computer keyboards from them within your budget.
  • See it with your purpose in mind. At this stage, you can eliminate something from the list.
  • Compare the features of the keyboards. You can easily find 1- 2 is the best in terms of features and specifications.
  • Select that one that lasts on your list.
  • If you have 2 or 3 in the finalized list, ask your friends or relatives. This will inevitably end up in the right one.

Have You Selected Your Keyboard?

The keyboard is one of the essential PC accessories! Finding a keyboard that will be more comfortable for you to work would let you have a pleasurable PC experience. I have presented 8 types of keyboards before you. As a bonus, I also told you some tips to choose the right one from a lot of keyboard types.

Now it’s your turn to choose the best one based on your needs. If you are satisfied with the current one, don’t purchase in a hurry (why do you waste your money?). If you are not, understand the types of keyboards and follow my tips to choose an appropriate keyboard.

Let me know what you think about these different types of keyboards. Which type of keyboard are you using? Would you like to purchase some latest keyboards released in the market? If so, please wait for my next post, where I would like to display some new computer keyboards that recently hit the market. If you find this useful, share this post for your social media followers. 

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