Free SERP Checker tools That Are Worth Using In 2019

Are you looking for the free SERP checker tools to find the Google rankings of your targeted keywords? If yes, then you’re in the right place to get the tools that you’re looking for! 

If you’re curious to get more search traffic, then all you have to do is measure your SERPs rankings correctly to find out where you’re lagging.

By checking and tracking the search engine ranking positions, you will be able to fix the SEO issues and rank better than your competitors.

SERP rank checker tools have been the savior for the savvy marketers because it takes the stress and efforts to measure SERP Rankings for SEOs.

In general, reaching the top of search results using marketing skills for your keyword takes a reasonable amount of time & efforts.

Similarly measuring your keyword rankings often consumes time for SEOs. So, in those cases, these SERP checker tools will help you out in measuring rankings of the keywords hassle-free.

As most of the newbies are on a tight budget and need to measure their Google keyword rankings, it would be better for them to use the free versions.

So, in this post, I will present you with the list of excellent free SERP Checker tools with which you can analyze the results of the content where you have done your best SEO optimization.

Now, for the one who doesn’t know what SERP Results is, let’s start from the necessary details for better understanding!

What is SERP?

SERP is nothing but the Search Engine Result Position. Whenever users search for a query on Google and other search engines, they get the pages with the list of sites relevant to the search phrase.

It would be a mix of Rich snippet, organic results, PPC ads, Paid results, knowledge graph, images, videos, and much more related matter for the people search.  

Now, you might think why SERP checking is essential.

Importance of SERP Analysis

After all the hard work you put for your SEO, you have to measure the rankings to find out whether you are getting proper results or not. Checking SERP Ranking for your focussed keywords

  • Helps you know what you are doing wrong and what’s working for you in SEO.
  • Let’s you evaluate your content according to the top sites which are ranking above you.
  • Nudges you plan perfectly for keyword research and optimize the site differently.
  • Encourages you to learn about the new things about your search engine traffic.
  • Gives you the ability to identify your competitors and their working strategy.

Excellent SERP Checker Sites Available For Free

free serp checker tools

#1. What’s My SERP

If you are striving to check your SERP Rankings quickly for free? Then you can make use of this best free SERP checker. By using this tool, you can check your top 100 google search results for different keywords.

Although you are limited to the ten keyword checks per day, you can create a free account to run this tool for unlimited times. All you have to do is a signup for this free tool.

Presently you can track Google keywords in this SERP check. You can’t check bing & yahoo yet, but it’s on their to-do so you will soon track those in this free tool as well.


  • Track your SERP Results for Free.
  • Signup for free to get unlimited SERP Searches.
  • Its tracking speed is reasonable when compared to the other free tracking tools.


SERP Robot is another free Google SERP Checker which gives accurate information for free. You can use this unique tool to find your website rankings on Google. You can check the rankings of your competitors and your site for free.

In this tool, you can even check your previous SERP Rankings to measure which keyword is improving and which keywords are not performing well.


  • The unlimited number of Keyword SERP Checks for free.
  • You can get accurate information on the SERP Results.

#3. SERP Surf

If you are striving to check your SERP rankings hasslefree? Then you have to check out this SERP Surf tool. This SERP Checker is a quick and reliable which checks your search engine ranking positions for your website and your competitor site for free.

To search your keyword rankings, all you have to do is select the region and input your domain name and click enter. Your results will be shown within 2 mins.


  • You can insert up to 5 keywords at once to check their SERP rankings.
  • In this tool, you can also check our your ranking and top 10 rankings as well.
  • SERP SURF is a free google ranking checker tool which helps you find accurate positions.

#4. Small SEO Tools

If you are searching for the best keyword rank checker for free? Then Small SEO Tools is the other best option for you. This is a unique tool which comes with lots of SEO stuff. You can quickly check the keywords which you are ranking for by its keyword position tool.

This is also having a plagiarism checker tool, grammar checker tool, reverse image search, and more free tools.


  • You can check your keyword ranking by keywords or by even URL in this tool.
  • In this tool, you can enter up to 10 keywords per search.

#5. SEO Review Tools

SEO Review tools is almost similar to the Small SEO Tools site. In this specific site, you can find out lots of special SEO tools. In that list, the bulk google rank checker tool can help you out to find out all your rankings.

You can select the search engine, or you can even enter the website URL or keywords to check their rankings. In this tool, you can use a maximum of 10 keywords.


  • Helps you find out accurate rankings for your keywords.
  • You are limited to the ten keywords for one search.
  • This tool supports 14 countries.

#6. Search Engine reports

Search engine reports is yet another free tool for finding your keyword ranks. This tool can get your keywords rankings for ten keywords at a time. Through this SERP check tool, you can get search results of different regions such as USA, India, Uk, NewZealand, and so on.

You can either check the keyword rankings by keywords or by URL as well in this tool. This SERP checker tool also gives you the option to select mobile and desktop device results as well.


  • Search your keyword rankings by URL or by Keywords.
  • You can enter up to 10 keywords at a time.
  • Keeps track of your website place quickly.

#7. Serps rank checker

Serps is one of the popular keyword rank checker tools when it comes to the free versions. You can get rapidly check your keyword ranking position with this free tool. Although it’s limited to the few results, it works like a pro account.

You can select the device, search engine, and location as well in this tool. The best part is you can search for an exact location by entering pin code as well.


  • Check your SERP rankings for free.
  • You can select the device and search engine on this tool.

#8. Daily Serp

Daily Serp is another tool which has a free version. In its free version, you can check ten keywords per day. But for that, you have to sign up for their free plan. If you want to try out the pro plan of this Free SERP checker, then you can switch to pro plans for lesser prices as well.


  • Can track ten keywords per day.
  • You have to sign up for daily SERP to get started.

Wrapping Up

Every blogger and digital marketer should perform keyword research before writing any content. It is essential to fix the targeted keyword for the article that you write so that you will be able to drive the search engine traffic. 

Analyzing the SERPs for your targeted keywords would let you work smart than your competitors. To get the job done, you may use any of these FREE SERP checker tools and know your Google keyword ranking. 

I should admit that the beginners can’t invest in the premium tools, and hence made this piece of content to improve their SEO.

Now, you tell! Which Free SERP rank checker tool would you like to use? Do you have any tool suggestion to add it to my list? Share your thoughts in the comment section; let ‘s discuss. 

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