5 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Return Visitors To Your Blog

Through this post, I’ve explained 5 causes for not getting return visitors to your blog.

Every blogger should realize that the growth of the blog depends upon the returning visitors. Their valuable opinions and suggestions would make your blog popular. Do you agree with me?

Truly speaking, I’m not regular to Neil Patel’s Quicksprout, Brian Dean’s Backlinko and Darren Rowse’s Problogger.net. I’ve committed many blogging mistakes and if any issue arises, I visit those splendid blogs as they contain optimal solutions for all blogging troubles.

Being a part-time blogger, I’m hardly getting time to generate viral content and market my blog. But I have been pulled towards a set of amazing blogs either for their design or content to show my regular presence.

I feel good that I’m getting return visitors to my blog and still working to convert my first-time visitor into a permanent reader.

It is good that you’ve targeted your audience with well-researched keywords and driving good organic traffic (new visitors from search engines) to your blog.

But, you should also think about the ways to get unstoppable returning visitors to your blog. If your analytic shows good no. of returning visitors, then I’d say that you’re passionate about blogging and do care for your readers a lot.

However, if you’re receiving only new readers, then it is the right time to take some needful measures.

Why Aren’t People Coming Back To Your Blog?

If you’re puzzling “Why visitors aren’t returning to my blog?” then, below might be the probable reasons. Do check the causes for not receiving back your readers and take necessary actions.


1. Not having trendy blog name

First-time visitors would often return to your blog if they remember your blog name. So, choose a fashionable name which is easy to memorize. Many people think that it is important to have the keyword in their domain name to rank top on search engines.

I don’t believe it! Because 90% of MyMagicFundas’s traffic is organic and it doesn’t have any keyword on its name or URL. So, try to use the brandable catchy domain name to establish your authority.

A blog name without keyword stuffing sounds less spam and more memorable which would let the visitors come back to your blog repeatedly.

2. Deprived sense of humor

Millions of blogs existing in the blogosphere and thus it is tricky to stand out from the crowd. I’m agreeing that it would be more tempting to write blog posts at the earlier stage of blogging.

But, if you feel hard to find your blogging voice and presenting your blog posts like college essays, then no one will come back to your blog.

To foster a natural following, write the blog posts like the way you talk. Don’t be fearful to tell your stories (blog failures and success records) and use your sense of humor to bring the people together. If you do so, readers would be more inclined to your blog and return back regularly.

3. Using “Grab & Write” method

You want to update your blog, but nothing comes to your mind. So, you look for ideas in your favorite/competitor blogs. Say, you got some title that interests you, grab it and start writing by modifying the same topic.

I’m sure that you can’t say anything new in that blog post. Then, how to keep readers coming back to your blog? It would be difficult, isn’t it?

Create the blog posts by showing your personality and write like yourself to make the connection with readers in an easy way. Don’t be self-indulgent through article spinning. Instead, let your personality shine through to shape a rapport with your readers.

4. More provoking actions

In some blogs, I have seen many pop-up reminders sign-up on their blog and flashing & scrolling ads & banners everywhere which forces the reader to click them. Moreover,

I came across frustrating actions that need to be taken to get the required information, annoying social bookmarking buttons which compels post sharing and subscribe links at several places. I cannot tolerate these kinds of irritating stuff and never return to such blogs.

Stop forcing membership on your readers. Do not push them to do this & that with unwanted pop-ups so as to decrease your bounce rate. Good quality content with a gentle call-to-action would help in getting return visitors to your blog. If you look at some popular blogs, there would be very less provoking actions with light ads.

5. Poor online presence

Creating strong online presence does not always bring return traffic to your blog. But it would build a better reputation to your blog.

Besides, expanding your digital presence is more important for outbound marketing to reinforce your brand which is essential for blog success. Also, a good web presence helps to portray your product/service. 

Online presence can be build by generating original content, social media promotion, blogging communities participation, guest blogging, commenting on well-established blogs and content curation. If you practice to discuss some useful stuff through these ways, then people would recognize your skills which would urge them to visit your blog frequently. 

Bonus Tips to convert new visitors into returning readers

1. Respond to blog comments and use Reply Me plugin. Avoid using Captcha verification in commenting section.  

2. Mention the names of your regular visitors on social media and thank them for supporting your blog.

3. Do not include unfamiliar/incorrect information in the blog post.  

4. Use distraction-free blog theme.


As a blogger, you need to guide, help and inspire your readers. Blog visitors always want to see who you are rather than what you’re selling. Don’t talk about your experiences which are not helpful to gain their knowledge/productivity.

If they get annoyed with unnecessary stuff, they will not visit your blog again. So, it is more important to contribute the blog posts, according to their interest.

To power your blog, it is more essential to get returning visitors. A good blog design with consistent blog posts would nudge your first-time visitor to become your permanent blog reader.

Easy navigation and encouraging engagement would also help you to get repeat traffic to your blog. If your visitors are happy, they would likely to refer your blog to other people and thus you would get loyal blog readers.

I’d suggest you to avoid the five above discussed mistakes to convenience your first-time readers to come back for more.

What do you think about my suggestions to bring back visitors to your blog? Did I miss to mention any essential strategy in getting return visitors to a blog? Share your thoughts in comment section.  

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