The Best VPN For Windows 2021: iTop VPN Reviewed

If you are looking for a reliable VPN that you can use to securely and privately browse the internet and access any content without location and time limits, iTop VPN is among the best options I recommend. iTop VPN is one of the top-rated VPNs on several application platforms, including Google Play and the Apple App Store

In this guide, I shall take you through the basics of a VPN and how to install iTop VPN on any of your devices. Let’s dive in!

What Is A VPN?

A VPN refers to a service that enables you to securely and privately browse the web without being tracked by any third-party entities such as your government or internet service provider.

So, while using a VPN, no one on the web will know the websites you are accessing and where exactly you are located because all this information is encrypted.

Why Do You Need A VPN?

1. To Access Content That’s Limited To Specific Regions

If you have used Netflix or any other streaming platform, you should by now know that some of the content on these platforms is restricted to particular regions. However, with a VPN like iTop VPN, you can access this content by switching to a server located in any region that can access the content.

There are also some applications that have regional restrictions. You can also access these apps using the same procedure I have shared above.

2. To Access Restricted Websites

If you live in a country like Russia that restricts its population from accessing some websites, then you will surely need a VPN on your device. Since VPNs encrypt all the data from your device, the government and internet service providers will not get to know which websites you are trying to access.

3. To Block Ads And Malware

This doesn’t apply to all VPNs. But for VPNs like iTop VPN, blocking malware and disgusting ads is one of the features they offer. Ads and malware can ruin your browsing experience. They will bring your device security threats, especially if you visit a website that doesn’t correctly implement Google AdSense and other Ad platforms.

4. To Get Security While Using Public WiFi

Public WiFi is usually free, but it comes at the expense of your security and private information. Hackers usually take advantage of users using these networks to compromise their devices or track their browsing activities and even financial accounts.

However, when you use a VPN, these hackers will not easily get your IP address, location, etc. So they will not have any tangible information they can use to track you.

How To Use iTop VPN?

iTop VPN is an easy-to-use application, thanks to its straightforward installation procedure and friendly simplified UI. You can get the installation file for your Windows from their official website or download this app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

For Android and iOS, your app will be automatically installed as soon as you are done downloading it from the app store.

For Windows PCs, you will have to run the installation file for this app to be installed on your computer.

After the software is installed, you don’t need to create a user account to access the free version of iTop VPN. The free version allows you to browse up to 700MB of data and access over 16 servers located in different regions.

The paid version costs only $2.31 if you subscribe for one year or more. The good news is that iTop VPN allows you to connect to up to 5 devices simultaneously, so you can use it on the different devices you own without any limitations.

Try this free VPN now, as it is legal to use. You don’t need any signup or login here; use this fast-speed VPN directly. It is highly secure and suitable for all devices. If you want to share any other VPN services, leave your comment here.

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