How Can Live Chat Software 10x Your Sales?

What are the benefits of using live chat software for your business website? You will get entire details through this blog post!

The math is clear – a single chat box run by an individual employee can do the work of other six live agents.

One operator can easily manage multiple conversations, thus proportionally increasing your conversion rates as well as revenue. A live chat software can add a personalized approach to lead different customers

With it, you can give proper guidance, make real-time ticket resolutions, and improve customers retention as it provides immense opportunities to its valuable clients. It is a potent sales tool that infallibly meets the number one trade request: “Always be closing.”

It is effortless to understand that a live chat software can do everything in your stead. If you want to see your sales skyrocket through the roof, you need to learn how to leverage its enormous benefits effectively. Just read on!

6 Tips To Boost Your Sales Through Live Chat Software

Follow the helpful strategies and improve your business revenue through live chat software tool! 

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1. Customer Convenience: Be Helpful, But Unpretentious

An online live chat tool is a convenient blend of two sales techniques – one is the brick-and-mortar approach, and the other is an entirely digital shopping route. The first implies the presence of an assistant, while the second offers automation without any human involvement.

Some customers prefer immediate guidance, others like doing everything by themselves. It’s certain that your client pool consists of both types, but it’s also certain that live chat caters to both of their needs. You can, therefore, choose to be proactive, or else you can train your chat agents to lay low.

The best live chat practice here is to track on-site behavior and be attentive. If you notice that a potential customer has been on a website page for a certain amount of time, then it is the work of the live agent to initiate a conversation. If the prospect has everything in their hands, leave the initiative up for them.

2. Personalization: Turn the Experience into Delight

Assuming a prospect does need some guidance, your best course of action is a personalized approach. The best sales representatives are not only proactively helpful but amicable as well. They manage to find a middle ground between providing a professional service and conversing in an informal manner.

Though, it is crucial for turning reluctant prospects into engaged customers. But, at times it’s pretty difficult for them to do so if a sales representative doesn’t know anything about the needs, interests, and habits of the website visitors they’re trying to convert into their customer.

So, in this case, live chat software system is a perfect savior as it allows data collection and gives a firm picture of customer background through reports and analytics.

That’s another reason to be patient and allow prospects to spend some time on site before you approach them. The more pages they open, the more information you have. Once you get to know their location and interests, you can resolve questions faster in a chat window, and custom-tailor the conversation according to the data you’ve gathered.

3. Lead Nurturing: Use the Data to Boost Retargeting Campaigns

add analytics in live chat

The same principle applies to your lead generation cycle. Even if the prospect chooses not to make the decision straight away, the information you’ve collected is still valuable. Not only it will help you to categorize your leads, but it will also enable you to personalize retargeting and nurturing campaigns.

You see, the best online live chat tools that can be integrated with Google Analytics and AdWords for central tracking and merged with CRMs as well as internal wikis and united with email marketing tools. Such is ProProfs live chat software, for instance, which therefore serves as both a sale as well as a lead generation tool.

The prospect’s browsing history collected by a tracking tool is automatically stored within a CRM’s database and synced with an email marketing automation tool so you can send highly personalized discounts and special deals, or any other retargeting incentives you use.

4. Cross-Selling and Upselling: Know What the Customer Needs

Of course, you’ll find this data precious when it comes to cross-selling and upselling. Neither of these techniques works if sales representatives don’t have a browsing history before them.

You can always use a live chat software system to collect the data, and then create email follow-ups and shopping cart suggestions. But, both cross-selling and upselling are way more efficient when done one-to-one.

5. Automation: Handle Multiple Conversions Simultaneously

A reliable online live chat tool is perfect for one-to-one customer communication. It is being able to address a single prospect in the real time and approach them in a personalized way. It can also do multiple opportunities at the same time.

Besides allowing agents to multitask, something that neither emails nor phones can do, live chat software automates a hefty amount of the process as well which can increase conversions and improve customer engagements.

Features like canned responses and template scripts promise both speed and accuracy. Live chat agents – be they salespeople or customer service executives, they all will receive a list of frequently asked questions and canned responses, so they can meet any request and solve any issue in only a few clicks.

6. Customer Service: Provide Expert Help without Making Them Wait

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Speaking of sales-boosting customer support solutions, nothing can convince prospects faster than expert answers. Vice versa, nothing can chase them away as quickly as incomplete solutions and long wait times.

If you take the risk and make them wait in a queue until a specialist picks up their phone, then in that case you’re gambling not only with their patience, but you are also losing the chance of a successful conversion.

Live chat software offers instant routing, thus eliminating wait times. The aforementioned live chat tool allows you to see the message while the prospect types, which means that virtually any question can be answered before it’s being asked.

Agents will receive an issue summary via a pre-chat window, so they can prepare a solution beforehand. It’s a customer service efficiency at its best.

7. Customer Retention: Build Long-Lasting Relationships

Savvy entrepreneurs understand that it’s always easier to retain satisfied customers than to acquire new ones, so they employ customer-centricity. After all, long-term relationships establish a firm wall of trust and build loyalty. And it is the key to both fruitful retentions as well as further conversions.

Online live chat tools are potent matchmakers. When you use them correctly, you take various benefits from it. You’re equipping your agents with a channel that removes all friction from an otherwise frustrating process.

The customers will be delighted, thankful, and loyal enough to become brand advocates and promote your business through word of mouth.

Bottom Line

The longer you hesitate, the more conversions you’ll miss. Live chat software has everything you need for optimizing every aspect of sales, from lead generation to up selling, so be proactive and get started.

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