9 Best Online Tools For Bloggers To Improve Writing

I love writing! I become a professional blogger because of my passion for writing!

I have already listed some helpful tool to focus the writing skills without any distraction, and now, I would like to mention some of the online tools for that are being used by professional bloggers/writers.

If you are a passionate blogger who loves to write a lot, then you may check these tools and websites that will help you improve your writing skills, and you can write in a better way for your beloved readers! 

You may also check the best Google fonts for your blog and present the content in an attractive way to boost the user experience. 

Helpful Blogging Tools That Will Make You Write Better

Online Writing Tools For Bloggers

1) Grammar Book

Grammar Book is one of the best online resources that help you to improve your scripting skills. It helps specifically the bloggers to write better and quality content on their blog; it will benefit in every matter from punctuation rules to grammar issues of blog posts. 

You can quickly write in its editor and apply various numbering and formatting to have better readability. Many bloggers and professionals are using this dynamic tool to craft quality content.

If you are not get convinced with this application, you may try GrammarLookup.com which is also one of the excellent tools to check grammar and correct your spelling mistakes

2) Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid available as a free version for web interfaces. It is made explicitly for professional authors, writers, and bloggers. It is one of the amazing tools to check for various errors like the misused word correction, contextual spelling correction, and many other things.

It also enhances your writing productivity, and it is available online as well as in software for your PC. This tool checks plagiarism, spell-checking, word analysis, and other grammar factors.

I have a specific option to improve your punctuation, and yes, it is nothing but the Punctuationcheck.com, ” This Website ” to find misplaced commas, dots, question marks and get suggestions.

3) Grammarly

Grammarly! It is the king of writing tool and I have already explained its features of Grammarly in an in-depth manner.

I can’t live without this product because it has better suggestions to encourage my writing skills. It is available in free and paid version and you may get its Chrome extension as well.

Getting its premium version is a wise choice to check your grammar on the go. You can easily proofread your document. Grammarly will fix your errors, as it has got a massive collection of synonyms to increase your vocabulary. 

4) Hemmingway App

Hemmingway is a free app that you can download or use the online site to enhance your writing skills. This app is even used by professional bloggers.

This writing app is so easy and comes in handy to use; it shows different color schemes on sentences where you can improve or should edit to make it more readable and lovable content.

As an example, if any sentences of your content are highlighted in Yellow, then you need to break it down into simple sentences and avoid being complex.

5) Zen Writer

Zen Writer is a paid app available for your PC costing $17.50. You can also download the trial version if you want to test it out before purchasing.

This app is mainly focused on increasing your productivity in writing by giving you peace and warm feeling.

To attain the peaceful state of mind, this application uses backdrops containing decent nature sceneries along with soothing music playing on the back.

6) EverNote

Everyone should have heard about this for at least once. Did you ever find it difficult to recall certain things while writing? That’s where Evernote comes in action. You can log in to Evernote for free and use it from any device around the world.

Keep noting down the blog post ideas and save media attachments that you should include in your next blog post or even make your daily To-Do list. Evernote is also available in the form of browser extension to make it easy for you to save quick notes.

7) Readable

As you know that the readability is most important to make the visitors stay longer on the blog posts. If you make the content with poor readability, then I would say that you’re leaving the money on the table. Try to maximize the readership so that you will get more conversions or leads and your audience would be loyal to your blog

Just use this excellent yet simple application to check the readability of your work and make our content easily accessible to your readers. Just fine-tune your writing and streamline your workflow. 

8. Ulyssesapp

If you want to lead a better writing life, then your choice should be Ulyssesapp tool. You can customize its simple and intuitive workspace to boost your focus and productivity. Distraction-free interface, Typewriter mode, Management tools, Automatic Backup, Several file format support, Markup based text editor are the exciting features of this splendid writing application.

It is available for iOS and Mac devices. Moreover, you can directly publish the written content on blogging platforms like WordPress and Medium. 

Bonus Tool


Let’s go back a few decades with this writing app. The writer is one of the coolest writing apps in this list, which is now used by over 808,000 writers from all over the world. That’s almost a vast writers.

It gives a touch of old-school black and green display (as shown in the fig. below). It is available in free as well as the paid version.

The paid version includes unique features like importing notes from Evernote or Google Docs directly to the Writer app which will help you efficiently write using your notes or existing docs.

BTW, Don’t feel bored with Green text, you can even customize the font color and style within the app.

The most important thing about this app is- there are no annoying ads on free as well as on a premium version of the app, so you won’t get distracted at all while creating masterpiece content.

Wrapping Up

Writing is an exploration that grows your creativity and keeps your mind fresh! Whenever I feel down, I used to write a lot that will change my mood and give the confidence to cheer up! 

Being a blogger, it’s really important to write better and create value for the community, thus use these online tools to write effectively.

Let me know which writing tool works best for you! Please use the comment section to leave your views and writing experience. 

9 thoughts on “9 Best Online Tools For Bloggers To Improve Writing”

  1. Hello Nirmala,

    Great list of tools here 🙂

    I am looking to get a grammar book for me, as I struggle a lot with my grammar since my school.

    Evernote is such a wonderful tool, to make quick notes and possibly from any where and from any device.

    Thanks for the share.


  2. Hello
    Glad to read your informative post. Writing skills are very important for every blogger and blogging can not be done without writing skills.
    In this post you share amazing online tools to improve writing skill.And this will prove to be beneficial for many new bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing with us ! Keep writing this type of informative post.
    Praveen verma

  3. Hi Nirmala,
    Thanks for sharing details of Online Tools for Bloggers , Content should cater to the need of Viewers ,Posting industry Updates can also be Fruitful as staying ahead from others helps.

  4. HI Nirmala,
    Great article. I was thinking about writing but me not being a native English speaker always scared me away. These tools should be able to correct most of the mistakes I make. So thanks for convincing me to finally make an account!

  5. Hi Nirmala,
    Nice list of writing tools. Quality writing is very important for every blogger. Your this post will definitely help us to check grammar mistakes in an article.

  6. Wonderful tools Nirmala,

    I have used Hemingway App since long time. I love the interface of it. Clean and minimalist, no distractions at all.

    If the purpose is only writing, on a day, don’t do it on your WordPress editor. Headover to Hemingway and write whole day without any distractions.

    Such apps can make a blogger so productive overall. Thanks for the awesome one.

  7. Mind-blowing I really like this post as I’m a New In Blogging Industry so my post was not very attractive but after reading this hopefully I Will be able to generate lovely content.

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