10 Stimulating Social Media Gifts

If you wanna give a gift to social media lovers, you may find some stimulating awards in this post!

Ten years ago, the term “Social Media” hadn’t been originated yet but now our fascination towards social networks has enlarged a lot. We perform social activities to improve our business and for personal use as well.

I came across few social media enthusiasts who tweet on their mobile while walking and log in to the Facebook before brush their teeth in the morning.

With people becoming increasingly addicted to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. fashion designers and retailers show a keen interest to compose social media gifts for them.

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Let’s check some dazzling presents for the persons who would like to spend more time on social media. 

Awesome Gifts for Social Media Freaks

Presenting any of the following awesome gifts for social media addicts will make them feel happy!

1. Shotglasses with Facebook Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down

It’s a pretty likable party starter which would be adored by social media fans. Each set contains two heavy glass shot glasses with like and dislike Facebook symbols. This drinkable new dimension in social media stuff can be used during the get-together. 


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2. Thumps Up! # Mug

If you have a Twitter devotee friend, this would be a perfect social media present for him/her. It’s a beautiful mug with hashtag handle. This social media-inspired mug is made of Ceramic and Microwave safe.

You may gift this amazing Twitter mug to your closest Twitter friend to convey your affection. If your social media mate loves the Facebook, then consider gifting this coffee mug.



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3. Like Button Over Mitt

You would like to offer this great gift to your thickest Facebook friend. Yes, it’s a handmade kitchen mitt which resembles the Facebook like button. The filling material in this glove is natural (100% Cotton) and it can withstand the oven heat very well.

Instead of giving usual gifts, you may contribute this humor product to your friends on Facebook who would like to try to different food recipes.


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4. Facebook Like/Dislike Rubber stamp

A pair of Like/Dislike Facebook ideal self-inking rubber stamp is an amusing product that will exactly suitable for social media geeks especially Facebook fans.

It can be used to make thousands of impressions without re-inking. This ultimate product has been mechanically tested to meet your high volume stamping needs.


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5. Hashtag Symbol Pendant Necklace

Hashtag Pendant Necklace is an amazing gift for social media lovers. If you wanna honor your social media companion who loves to use hashtags, this striking pendant necklace would be an excellent choice.

It’s a 14K plated or 925 sterling Sliver made in Downtown Los Angeles. It would add personality to any outfit and thus your social media mate will get flattered with this overwhelming gift.




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6. The Art of Social Media

The art of Social Media is a short practical book on social media which encloses power tips for power users. Guy Kawasaki (Chief evangelist of Canva) and Peg Fitzpatrick (social media strategist) are the authors of this Best Seller of this book in Amazon.

If your friends/family members wish to learn the true art of using social media, you may recommend this inspiring book to them. This helps them to get most out of social media by offering great tips for their small business venture.


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7. Polaroid Socialmatic Digital Instant Print and Share Camera

I’d say that the instant print & share camera is one of the best social media gifts. This innovative camera has been specifically designed to empower the social media enthusiasts to instantly capture and share their life moments on all major social networks.

Having unique QR code feature and inbuilt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth GPS connectivity, stereo speakers, LED flash and much more stuff is a notable thing in this amazing social media gadget.

It uses ZINK Zero Ink printing technology and made up of high-quality life ready materials. So, if you’re wishing to present a memorable gift for your social media buddy, you may opt this ground-breaking product.



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8. Vector Social Media Concept Wall Decal

It’s a peel and stick removable social media graphic which is easy to install and available in the variety of sizes. This pleasant social media gift has the ability to stick  to any smooth surface as it is a paint-safe self-adhesive.

Social media addicts may use this remove and reapply stickers from WallMonkeys.


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Not only the above-listed products, you may get a range of social media pillows at Etsy and other stirring social media gifts at Cafepress.

Final Words

Nowadays, social media seems to be everywhere and has become a key factor in the world. Do you know when do the social media fanatics celebrate the Social Media Day? Mashable introduced the social media day in the year 2010 and it is celebrated on June 30th every year. 

Most of the businesses follow the latest social media trends to connect and engage with their audience. Even the normal people have started to use social networks to find the folks of the same wavelength to get new friendship and share the thoughts.

If you’re wondering what to gift for your social media pals, you may consider giving the above discussed exciting social media gifts for them and win their heart effortlessly. I hope that you’ve grabbed some fun gift ideas to the social media mavens in your life.

Did I miss one that should have made the social media gifts list? Would you like to add any other gifts for social media fans? Leave your viewpoints in the comment section.

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